Multiple Accounts the good and bad for eve


What do you think about Multiple accounts ?

They’re CCP’s prime moneymaker. Accounts > warm bodies.

They are necessary since EVE has never enforced or introduced mechanics that only allow one account. Because of that procedures have developed that necessitate alt accounts.


Eve is a game of alts. And since you only get three alts per account, multiple accounts is good for the game, especially when CCP makes money from those extra accounts.

Multiboxing on the other hand is not something I personally like. But I guess it’s part of the game and won’t change any time soon.

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One player, one account.


Which will cost everyone 75 dollars a month to cover the subscriptions of all the alt accounts that are lost from that rule.


Required as an alternative for players who insist on playing solo.


I’d wager that many are forced to play solo.



As far as the topic goes the end result is the same.

It’s good.

Players who want to play more, can play more. In the case of mining, it’s not exactly… um… strenuous. Until you have 40 miners at the same time.

In my case, TiDi is a fairly common thing for me. 3 accounts is dreadfully easy to run during TiDi… could probably pvp with 30 without much difficulty.

Yes it is but it would be even better if they all were different people.


Breaks the immersion and devalue accomplishments. Unfortunately multiple accounts are required for owning capitals and certain play styles.


IMHO There are 3 very major downsides to multiboxing in this game. And while the extra accounts do get CCP some funds and keep the PLEX debt moving forward, they also keep a lot of players away from the game. Many people have quit either because of this, or because it gets so bad for them that is a major factor when they make the decision to leave Eve Online.

Note that other MMOs, at least the decent ones that do not struggle for resources (manpower, funds) just outright ban multiboxers on the spot. No ifs, no buts, no excuses, no waiting for some stupid ban waves, just flat out immediate perma bans on the spot, and it is for very, very good reasons.

So this is what I see based on my experiences over the years, of course other peoples experiences vary, but these are mine:

  1. Multiboxing trivializes very high ISK or resource generating PvE content which enables a single person to generate as much ISK / resources as a small corp would. This in turn affects in game economy greatly in very negative ways and increases the gap between starting and veteran players to unprecedented proportions not found in other MMOs. It is true that some of this content can be completed solo or duo by very skilled / advanced players anyways, but it is also true that it can not be completed in a serial fashion at the same average rates as multiboxing.

  2. Multiboxing to large extent enables botting and automated gameplay. Makes it economical to do so. If you could run only a single client per machine it would be a huge dent into botting. Bots would be much more rare if they required an entire computer farm vs 1-2 or 3 PCs in order to be able to make good profit.

  3. Trivializes PvP. Too many times multiboxing is used as a flat out “legal” cheat in PvP in what often is a competetive PvP environment. Again, any decent MMO slams this with immediate perma banhammers, no excuses, and again for a wide range of very good reasons.

Those are the large reasons how multiboxing affects the game and playerbase, now my personal small ones:

  1. Certain areas of space, corps / alliances, practically have a soft requirement for multiboxing and multi accounts. Back in my NS days I had to multibox for hauling / freighters, it was not a choice. Needed a scout and cyno at bare minimum. Corp / alliance mates are not always available and there is no way to bug people all the time for it. Sooner or later you multibox or quit that aspect of the game. Having a basic “requirement” to upkeep extra accounts in order to function left a very bad taste in me, kinda like when you almost throw up sometimes and it goes back down your throat.

  2. Mining. Mining in itself is so horribly craptastic and idiotically boring I had no choice but to multibox and AFK it and jsut factor in the gank losses and forget about them. Again I can’t even believe there are people and devs that actually call this bullshiht “playing” a game. It isn’t. And again it kinda makes you throw up and has made me develop an extreme dislike or in some cases even hatred for mining in general in this game. And I am not alone in this, there are quite a number of people that feel likewise. I do understand this is my personal feeling, I have met people in the game who actually do enjoy the super laid back style of gameplay that mining requires, but I just can’t bring myself to do it again after the negatives I experienced.

  3. Widens the powercreep gap between vet and new players. This is largely self explanatory. Its negative effects are too numerous to get into in a single thread.

So these are my thoughts on it. These days I still sometimes multibox, but its mostly limited to transport / market activities, rarely combat either PvE or PvP though sometimes still happens, and mostly from convenience standpoint then anything else and I really wish the game provided enough systems / mechanics so that I could do away with it entirely, unfortunately it doesn’t.


It’s bad when the alts of others makes one envious. It’s good when one doesn’t mind it.

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It would be even better if they all were different women.


What are these other decent mmos that don’t allow playing multiple accounts? Virtually all MMO’s i’ve ever played allow multiple accounts.

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I like multiple accounts, let’s you try all aspects of eve, however if you could only have one account and one character and NO skill extractors then I’d be for it, keep people responsible for their actions… however it’s only game.

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Give me a list of the MMO’s you speak of.
There is no such thing as a legal cheat. It is either legal or its cheating.
On multiboxing and multiple accounts effects on the economy: If the people that have multiple accounts just saved the money they payed for all their accounts and bought plex I’m sure the economy would be much better.

I don’t think that having more than one account affects the game positively or negatively its a personal preference if that’s what people want to do good for them.

What in EVE requires the use of multiple accounts? You can with enough time or money, have enough skill points to have skills in EVERYTHING in EVE.

Would never work, I have seen it attempted in other games. People just ran programs like sandboxie, or some other spoofing program to multibox on one PC, or just had several PCs running the game.

I never like bringing an alt with in any game

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