Multiple Accounts the good and bad for eve

(Spice Weasle) #21

who subs multiple accounts with real money?

multiple accounts sub themselves if you know what you’re doing.

if you think one account is enough for eve, you’ve never pvp’d !

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #22

I sub 3 accounts with real money, because i can, because i want. CCP have to make money to maintain the game that entertains me so much therefore i pay. I’m mainly a trader, i can plex my 3 accounts in 4 or 5 days so it’s no an isk issue. And i solo PVP with one account, because you know… testicles.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #23

You know ccp makes more money from plexed accts than from subscribed ones right? So while it’s all well and good to pay with cash for your accts, it doesn’t give you any brownie points for “wanting ccp to make money”

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #24

I say again, i have enough iskies to do what i want, explain to me why the hell would i buy PLEX?

(Bjorn Tyrson) #25

Ccp makes more money from you using plex than you subbing your acct. Your stated reason for subbing is because you want ccp to make money.

There is nothing wrong with subs. I sub 3 of my 13 accts even though I could plex them. But I would rather have the isk.

Just pointing out the flaw in your logic is all.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #26

There’s no flaw, there’s a difference between buying something you really need, time in the present case, and something you don’t need, PLEX, and given i trade some of those i absolutely don’t need to buy them, to sustain CCP. I don’t mind to pay for something i enjoy, but i’m not a cash cow. Do you understand the difference?

You know? like taxes irl, you’re glad to do your part but not more than necessary…

(Rivr Luzade) #27

Cynos and capitals, logistics, scouting, industry, ratting, courier contract sniping, item exchange contract grabbing, wars, freighter piloting and securing, being in an alliance if you want to do a lot of things at once.

Naturally, you can do these things with other actual people, too, but it is utterly inconvenient for you and them, it is not as reliable and you have to depend on them and their integrity. Almost anything actual other users can do, alts can do better, more efficiently and with less hassle.

(Tipa Riot) #28

IMO there are only two hard dependencies to multiple accounts:

  1. Freedom of movement when in a player corp -> maybe about to be fixed with wardecs
  2. Capital operations with cynos.

For cynos the fix would be easy, just make capitals being able to jump to citadels without the need of a second pilot. The cyno beacons are not what I mean here because they anchor outside of tether range.

(Fluffy Moe) #29

Just off the top off my head:

Elder Scrolls Online

BTW Google is your friend and it doesn’t exactly take much effort to do a bit of searching and get a nice large and comprehensive list for yourself if you aren’t aware of them instead of having other people post basic info for you.

There is are also upcoming MMOS that will not allow multiboxing outright, for starters the one I will be playing in not too distant future is Camelot Unchained. It will be small, at least for starters, possibly forever, it may shut down a little bit down the line but am OK with that. I have people that will be playing it some of whom are currently in the beta, so I’ll be in it too.

(Xioden Acap) #30

DAOC - Similar to EVE, 1 keystroke = one action on one character, on one account. Multiple accounts were allowed, and were used very frequently.
GW2 - Can’t find anything that seems to indicated you can’t.
WoW - You can’t have two WoW accounts on the same account, and both can be opened and logged into at the same time (and from a quick look around, apparently they will act as the same account as far as bound items go). You aren’t allowed to multibox in battlegrounds or arenas apparently as of a few days ago however.
Lotro - Couldn’t find anything specific saying it isn’t banned now, but it was allowed as of about a year ago per some discussion posts that came up.
Warframe - You can, they just can’t trade with each other.
Elder Scrolls Online - Still allowed as of August, similar rules to EVE in regards to input broadcasting.
SWTOR - Seems to be similar again to EVE, you can have/run multiples, just one keystroke = one input on one character.

BTW Google is your friend and it didn’t take much effort to do a bit of searching and get a nice breakdown of what some other games actually allow.

(Ellison Onizuka) #31

Really I use to tank and heal in WOW at the same time (which was proof that the WotLK was too easy) and there’s a video of a guy that raided with 10 characters using keyclone and it was perfectly legal. In fact the first place I saw the video was on the official WoW site. Swtor also allows multiboxing I wouldn’t say it was a good mmo good however.

(Isabella Loja) #32

I am pretty fine with players who have 10 or more alts and I am fines with people who don’t wanna have alts and prefere to play with one account.
For me, playing with alts makes a lot of things easier and faster, so i use some on my own.

(zluq zabaa) #33

Your first account is great, let’s you play the game.

Your second account is great, let’s you do things previously not possible.

Your third account is great, let’s you do even more such things.

Your fourth account …

Your 20th account and you start feeling like you’re playing Char manager.

(Lena Crews) #34

If you buy time with real money by the month… CCP makes 15 dollars a month per account.
If you buy time with PLEX that you purchase with in game currency… CCP makes 20 dollars a month per account. Not from you… but from SOMEBODY. Plex only get generated when someone uses real world dollars. If you want to “support CCP for their work”… it can be argued using PLEX purchased from the market helps them more.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #35

I’m a customer, not a charity. I buy what i “need” even if that’s not really the case. That’s the support part.

(radkid10) #36

when people start using more than 10 Accounts at once they have to be using some third-party program

I think there should be a cap of five accounts anymore than that requires more effort than a it’s humanly possible for most people to keep up with without really ■■■■■■■ up a lot

also I think players having that many accounts are pretty damn ■■■■■■■ greedy if you live in 00 and you see somebody with 15 Capital industrial ship mining out all the or and one solar system for their self

and there also is no proof there benefit in your coalition or your alliance for that matter

(Khergit Deserters) #37

As was said, bad for immersion. A big strongpoint for Eve is its sandbox game design, which encourages and supports formation of actual human bands, clans, tribes and nations, and ways for them to work together to try to thrive. Also (sort of), there are reasons for them to compete and become rivals/enemies. Could organically create plotlines and intrigue, and strong reasons to log on and see what’s the latest going on. But people being able to have multiple anonymous and unaccountable chars in any spot in the online society seriously dilutes the “continuing drama/today’s news of the world” aspect of the game. Instead of it being an online world, it’s just an online game.

And was also said, multi-chars is a big discouragement to casual or solo gameplay. Which is what most people first do while seeing if they want to play Eve. Examples: a) Solo PVP try, and getting killed by an alt scout/DPS main combo. Especially dissatisfying if the scout was in your alliance or militia, but the DPS main wasn’t. b) Need to light a cyno for a trans-sec-status hauler jump.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #38

Maybe when done on combat purpose, but i don’t see how when it come to scout for haulers, cynos for JF, industrial slots, market orders and PI planet number.

(Gravekeepr) #39

ESO doesnt allow multiboxing -

(Xioden Acap) #40

Ah fair enough, I was going off of this thread, it seems like it’s something of a hot topic of discussion over there as the EULA/ToS apparently don’t have language preventing it but they do apparently enforce it.