No more multiboxing

Hey guys,

I’ve been having a dream sometimes.
It’s a beautiful dream about eve without multiboxing.

But honestly, that would solve a lot of problems with eve and also prove more welcoming to new players.
Ever since i started to play eve, i had a strong allergy towards multiboxing.
However sad truth is that everyone recommends multiboxing, otherwise you play eve wrong.
And it’s devs sin to even allow it.

I’m aware that for the game as it is now, it’s simply impossible to make eve a single account only.
But eve will only benefit from single account gameplay.

Multi rorquals gone, bombing rock havens gone, having multiple scouts around you for safety? gone

Post your ideas here, please.
What do you think would eve be beautiful without multiboxing?

If so, how about making a move and let know the CCP that we want a change.
They are doing a wonderful job with eve, but it’s impossible to make eve a true sandbox without getting rid of multiboxing.

Ohh and having multiple accounts I think is totally fine, just no multiboxing (playing several accounts at the same time)
That would certainly increase communications and teamplay between players.


CCP can’t force people into making friends. While there are a significant portion of people who have absolutely no trouble with that, even those guys tend to use alts for support. Many poeple also can’t be arsed to simply “help someone out”, which further pushes people into creating alts. Then there is of course the huge amount of anti-social people who just farm all day, but we’ll be getting rid of at least those guys eventually.

CCP would be pretty darn stupid simply forbidding multiboxing outright. The smarter move is to slowly, over time, disincentivize multiboxing for everything that actually impacts the economy. We’re already seeing baby steps made into this direction.


(In before Nikolai) No. Go away.


Nice, thank you for your opinion.

I think it would be interesting to see drifters invading the “capsuleers” technology to control multiple clones in a single time, which would result in being able to log in only a single character at the same time for week or two.
That would provide an enormous amount of data into CCP hamsters.



What “problems” would this solve?
In what way would this be “welcoming” to new players?

That’s your problem. Please don’t put that problem on other people who know how to play the game better than you.

Objectively wrong, but you are entitled to your opinion (no matter how wrong, I guess).

Like I said at the beginning.
Trash posting trash ideas.


It’s really only interesting for you specifically. For everyone else, including CCP, the outcome of such an experiment is already known. I’m pretty sure people already told you the outcome of such a scenario and you simply refuse to accept it, because you refuse to accept that multiboxing can not and will not ever go. The only data it will provide is the literally obvious everyone knew already, being that people will be quitting the game. In massive waves.


Multiboxing isn’t as big a deal as many people seem to think. CCP Quant gave us the statistics a while back:

There is really no way to restrict accounts. CCP tries to restrict concurrent logins for Alpha accounts but if you pay you can and should be able to play.


What’s your logic here? New players can multi-box as much as vets. I started with two accounts on my first day.

Like the old drake, this isn’t an issue with multi-boxing. It’s an issue with the parts mentioned.

  • Rorquals mining was a bad idea, multi-boxed or not.
  • Intel in null is currently fubar. Multi-boxing or not.

Using a second account means that you aren’t asking friends to do extremely tedious jobs like hauling, escort webbing/scouting, trading etc. And if used for ratting or mining, they can be clunky to control which makes you vulnerable.

I think this betrays the crux of it. Whilst some people didn’t like multi-boxing pre-alpha, it’s really come into the foreground now that we have lots of whiny entitled alphas that can’t multi-box.

That and now that eve is a lot more ‘farmville in space’ multi-boxing is felt a lot more.


There are games, where one person manages more in game creatures at once. Like in strategy games or games like a starcraft. But Eve is not like this. Multiboxing, from my point of view, is not appropriate way of playing the game with lore based on your very character. Thats why I never multibox and I also see it as a very unfair when I use one ship in combat and other person use 2+. It is still one vs one but I am in a big disadvantage. And please do not give me crap about using friends, it is not one vs one any more, it is a different story.

So 96.8% of all players having at least 4 accounts they can use to multibox is “no big problem”?

Learn to read statistics :slight_smile:

And yes…i know that’s wrong…


Some people have so much money they can compensate for lack of additional corp members, or skill of them. Can also expand their money by making empire with “entities” that are essentially clones of their own that are slaving for one entity. Thats all there is to it I am afraid.



You are beyond stupid.


You said that so many times now…one day you will understand that i don’t care about it or what others think about me and at this day you will see the light and act like me…

I’m pretty sure that a large number of us would rather gouge our eyes out with rusty spoons than act like a complete bellend such as yourself.

@Nicolai_Serkanner is right, you give stupid people a bad name.


It is a dream that will never happen because it is the best $$$ for CCP.

Also, if that ever happened the online player count would drop by thousands…

But yeah I dream as well.

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And really him only.

Would you be willing to join a corp and follow its rules and its CEO’s expectations explicitly?
Do you like/want to go mining?
Do you like/want to do research, invention, copying?
Would you like to do extensive manufacturing?
Would you be willing to defend corp assets under the premise of Mandatory CTA’s?

Ill leave that short list there for now…(im sure the vets are going to understand where im going with this)

Multiboxing isn’t really a problem. Nowhere near as many people do it as some people think. It’s more a symptom of poor game design in other areas than it is an actual problem in itself.

  1. You can’t really prevent multiboxing, there are way too many workarounds.
  2. CCP needs the money from the multiboxers anyway, so it isn’t going anywhere.

If 80% of EVE content wasn’t simplistic, boring, repetitive; and if EVE had more players doing more different things, multiboxing would hardly be an issue at all.

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It depends on what kind of expectations.

I bought rorq for fun, so once a week, I mine.
I would mine more often but it’s not very isk/h worth the time for single acc.
So usually ratting and mining from time to time.

I don’t have skills for inventions yet, I’m also a bit too stupid to learn all the aspects of it.


It’s already in every big null alliance :sweat_smile:

Like i said before when it comes to copying/researching/having diff alts for various purposes i see totally acceptable.
I just would prefer not being able to log more than 1 character at the same time because it makes unfair if you use 3 chars in pvp and you try to “solo”.
Some will say solo doesn’t exist in eve, i know.
But I’m just giving clear example that multi-boxing is atm solution to every problem in eve.
You don’t have isk? get more chars. Whatever you do, will bring more profit anyway.
You can’t solo? bring a few alts so you will have more firepower or scouts or own logi or whatever.

Multi boxing only gives advantages to rich people even further, whether your rich in RL or IG, in both cases you can afford multiple accounts and take advantage of average player even further.

I know that some people will say “but having alt is not so expensive”. The truth is not everyone can run 5 clients at the same time, not everyone has time to plex their accounts and most certainly not everyone can spend 75$ a month to play just one game.

My PC can run 5 clients but with single monitor it’s a big hassle and take away whole joy from playing eve. So far my record was using 5 clients. Main for pvp/pve + 2 semi afk vni + 2 miners.
And after that, I nearly quit the eve, because it started to feel like a job rather than a game.

There are pros and cons for multi-boxing, but personally I think that for average eve player there is definitely more cons than pros.

Also, BOTs are one of those who use multiboxing on a big scale, same with RMT dudes.

I personally believe that removing multiboxing will help to decrease wealth inequality.

well personally (and imho) your mining very casually, would come to grinding halt…
Especially in Highsec and for other Highsec players(especially newbies)

Without Boxing…
You would be expected to mine almost every day ice or ores.
You would be expected to rat almost every day (salvage fro rigs and stuff)

AND you would absolutely have to join every defense fleet and participate in wardecs whether you wanted to or not no matter where or who you are…if part of a group.

I think that alone would Kill EvE online…not immediately, but like a sucking chest wound.