Omega Multiple Client Access Control

EVE will crack down on multi-character connections from multiple client connections and multiple accounts.
Are you taking steps to block your account?

EVE는 다중 클라이언트 접속자 및 다중 계정의 다중 캐릭터 접속자를 단속하고
계정을 차단하는 조치를 하고 있습니까?

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pardon me but i dont get what you try to say …

i am sorry


I think he wants CCP to make people stop using multiple accounts.

ahhhh … ok …

thank you


Multiboxing, at least dualboxing, is a core part of EVE, the game is basically built around it.

By that I don’t mean a guy mining with 20 Rorquals. I mean using one account to scout while you fly a combat ship with your main and a smaller utility ship like an interdictor with your support char. Some of the roles in EVE are fun but either too small to keep a player occupied on their own, or just very prone to getting killed. When you bring a Sabre to a fight and it’s the only pilot you have, many fights will be over for you very quickly. That would be very frustrating if everyone had just one pilot, but doesn’t matter much when every Sabre pilot also has his main char in the fight in a sturdier ship.


If someone is bugging you cos they are spinning 12 plates, put a pea on three of those plates and watch what they do.


LOL What ???

Google translate has failed you.

But I think we understand what you’re saying: Multiboxing is core to the EVE experience. It is not to be discouraged but rather embraced.

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don’t be mean

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If you want to talk about spiders, take it to OOPE.




This is actually a bad thing. EVE would be better if there wasn’t the expectation to always have a scout alt and a tackle alt.

its not obligatory but there guys who like to pay 3 plexes so much …

No it’s not, but there is always the expectation.
If you do something without a scout alt and something happens, the response is always going to be “Well you should have had a scout alt”

ill never judge you like that

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“If you’d brought a couple of dread alts, you would have easily won that fight.”