Why I Multibox

Can’t connect to Eve (DDoS) today so hey, lets hang with the forum droolers. Heard a lot of negative comments about multiboxing, I’m a multiboxer, the other threads are up in the hundreds of comments so I’ll just make my own.

Back in 2013 I began playing Eve, running into all the situations all noobs run into, getting blown to pieces on a regular basis. Figured I’d do better with two ships, so 2nd account was created. Short version is I eventually wound up with three accounts with three fairly high end gaming computers I built just for Eve and that’s the way it’s been ever since.

I don’t really know anything about botting or advanced game play, I play for fun and relaxation and have never cared a whole lot about ISK per hour, I’ve got a RL job for all that.

Like any form of gameplay multiboxing has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I spend a lot of time doing hi-sec mining, usually to replace shot up units lost in the badlands. I like mining, especially the way I do it, with a couple miners and a can chaser.

But i’m still working on PvP tactics, as in a pitched firefight it’s hard, with my little brain, to manage multiple ships against multiple attackers. But I’m working on it and maybe one of these days I’ll get it cracked.

One minor advantage is in market monitoring. I live in a confluence of three regions, and when I’m refitting a new ship then I can place a ship in each of the three regions and the variance in module and ship prices can be huge.

So all in all running three accounts ( all Omega, by the way) works for me. Your mileage may differ. And yes, I have five characters, all with well defined jobs. This character, for now, is the forum alt, but I have long range plans for him in other directions as well.

And I’ve never understood why anyone would want to run fifty accounts, I can’t really work it out what the advantages would be.

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I multibox and have had in Eve pretty much from th beginning. Its the first for me, and likely the last. Not sure of how many games are designed where I can do the same thing… then again, I dont play many “video games”

But tbh paying full price for a set of multi accounts is getting a bit old for me, thankfully Ive been playing long enough I can actually start plexing my accounts, and soon all my accounts will be free, every month.

50 accounts. There’s one guy who uses dozens of accounts to place a cloaky camper in every hostile system. One guy who (used to) mine on 50 Rorquals. There are a few freighter ganks who use dozen of accounts. And people who run massive PI farms, or who manufacture vast quantities of T2 module and ammo, usually combined with skill goo farming.

With regard PI, manufacturing and reactions, multiple accounts (and characters) work well but I would not consider that would likely involve multiboxing.
I have occasionally dual-boxed to test things, and if I was only on F1 duty, I’d probably dual-box in fights.

the problem isn’t with having multiple accounts, although it makes spying quite easy and doing other things with 0 consequence, it was people using automated broadcast systems. having problems with multibox isn’t a problem in a game where its allowed. where as another game I just played gave choices to everyone for 1 account or have all their accounts banned.

come in here calling forums users droolers like you know everything. a drooler is one who would just not engage in actual conversation, unlike you drooler who is only hear because you can not connect.

I run three.
Ralph and two ACC’s with three characters that can be pressed into cloaked probers.

I uses to only bother with one scout and rotate the characters but that was before the buddy list happened.
Now I usually run two scouts because there’s about an 80% chance the lads I’m looking for aren’t logged in and I have to verify each one.
This sucks.

CCP Quant published a chart a couple of years ago showing the number of accounts per player. Most have 1 account and many of those with more will use them for industrial activities - rarely undocking more than 1 at a time.

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