Multibox restrictions


Consider restricting multiboxing only in different maps, it’s too bad to play against people with 5 dessies warping around, and it only adds insult to injury the fact we are not sure if they are using automation.

Also, best security is the one made by design.

Consider it a nice first step against this madness the game is and a bonus against all these people complaining all the time about their agenda, they are not entirely to blame, they spent too much effort and time feeling like EVE owners.

Consider is a step 1 of 3 in bringing EVE gameplay back to legit players without only resorting to report / GM action.

Apply capital punishment to the ones caught and it will soon stop and your efforts against cheaters will drop considerably.


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You mention multiboxing Destroyers, so it seems likely you were ganked? If so, they probably were not using automation as it is not very difficult to manually coordinate 5 clients for ganking. Some can manage many more than five. More likely than the person using multiple computers is them using multiple clients on one computer.

:hushed: That seems a bit harsh for video game things.

  • Multiboxing isn’t fair.
  • Players having played longer than me isn’t fair.
  • Players who have more free time to play than me isn’t fair.
  • Ganking isn’t fair.
  • Gatecamps aren’t fair.
  • n+1 isn’t fair.
  • Any nerfs to me aren’t fair.
  • Any buffs to my enemy aren’t fair.

Make Eve fair.

I am a legit player. They are cheaters. Cater to my play style and values.



It’s simply not an option for CCP to change their stance on multi-boxing after all these years.

EVE relies on multi-boxing now. Most subscribing players now dual-box or multi-box. Many corporation even demand it for membership, even some surprisingly boring ones, like the space truckers.

Multi-boxing was and is the player’s P2W solution for efficiently dealing with extremely boring activities and very lob-sided arrangements.

Nobody would volunteer to be a 23/7 cloaky alt on their one and only account, even if some big alliance paid their subscription. Web alts are also the ideal candidate for dual-boxing.

Mining is the topical example. It’s very boring and active miners cannot even hope to meet the market demand anyway, mining just for a few more hours on the weekends. That’s where semi-AFK high sec Orca miners came in. They leave the game on, while multi-tasking on the PC. Messing with mining caused a lot of consternation already and that would be nothing compared to deleting all the P2W progress many of the subscribers have made over time.

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Seems a bit extreme, but would be a funny email to receive

Dear Eve Player,

Congratualtions. You are the winner of a one-way, all expenses paid ticket to Iceland. Please be here by friday and in preparation, indicate your preference:

☐ Lethal injection
☐ Hanging
☐ Firing squad

Don’t forget to say goodbye to family and friends.

All the best,

CCP We take crowd control to the next level


5 alts lol?

Each of that alliance’s corporations consist of one player and his alts.

While Customs Enforcement Agency with his 32 alts hardly can be called a hard-core multiboxer for eve relations, he manages to perform a lot more deeds with them then most of the 100+ account players in null can do, he recently even got multiple cloaky streamer eye alts placed on grid at each of the gates of his system, so you can watch him dissect whales and freighters when there’s nothing on netflix to watch while you’re mining

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What? No death by Snu-Snu?1


I dont like this playstyle and dont use it so it should be removed.

I mean, thats how I feel about caps, so lets remove them too, ok?

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and I don’t like mining… let’s remove all miners!

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Theres already folk on that task

death by fedo

oh hi CCP gods, thx for moving my post to the most frequented section.

It’s not like I posted in suggestion to be like “low profile”.

I guess this means I’m all by myself and you did not care for what I said, okay, sadge.

I still don’t understand how people handle so many simultaneous characters at once. They must be vastly smarter and more coordinated than I.

Preparation, simplification, repetition.


Look, I don’t like multi-boxing either personally. I feel it goes against MMOing and discourages real player interaction. That being said, it isn’t going away sadly.

If you choose to fly solo, as I do for now, you just gotta accept it comes with more risk. I’m naturally paranoid as is, so I haven’t fallen for bait since I’ve come back, but yea you gotta check everyone out in system before pulling the trigger.

Smarter - not necessarily.
More coordinated - possibly.

I mostly agree, actually. I do think it’s worthwhile to mention the technical difference in multi-character ganking teams controlled by one player on one computer and multiboxing on several different computers…

Ill multibox my minmatar alt as a repair frig so i can fit another heatsink on my paladin in missions. It will be my slave

Not yet though XD

Guys, guys, you’re completely misunderstanding the OP here. He’s not arguing against multiboxing; he’s arguing against specific multiboxing. You know, the one that relies on Catalysts? That’s the kind that needs to result in capital punishment. Please don’t misconstrue the OP’s words. All of the other types of multiboxing that are nice and good for the game and its players can stay. Of course the OP understands that you can’t play the game with just one mining character. Let’s not all get into a frenzy here.


ah so if we are multiboxing talos or thrashers then we are fine , excellent.