The Issue with Multiboxer

i would´ve asked this in the PvP section but for some reason am i not able to create a new topic in the PvP center O.o … ANYWAYS to the point.

we all know that about 80% of eve players do multiboxing. we know aswell that many of those do that in PvP aswell.

here is the question, is this a Banable offense if done too often?
i heard that for example, bjornbee got kind of trouble with CCP for streaming PvP multiboxing and with that encouraging it/addvertising it. (i only heard that from friends which watch bjornbee frequently, since then does he that multibox stuff not much at all in streams)

i heard aswell from friends that CCP takes action if a player does in PvP a lot of multiboxing.
like suspending their accounts temporarly.
i have aswell a corpmate which got multiboxed from a corparation named “youlikeit” for anyone which is interested in it, this is the kill mail
he got his rattlesnake afterwards reinbursed from CCP because arran reported it.

so, how is it now with multiboxer in PvP? is it really possible to get a player which does it a lot banned? that is, if you can proof it.

does CCP really cares and punishes unfair players like that?
as far as i seen get PvE multiboxers (aka mining etc.) not that much attention. i mean for example. markedeedragon streams often and multiboxes a lot but its only orcas mining in the other clients and so on, no PvP involved and he got so far not poked from CCP.

AFAIK there is nothing against the rules multiboxing. There are rules against using software that broadcasts commands that have been used to help someone multiboxing.


ah, so only if they use third party tools. well, i had some peoples in pvp where i am very sure that was a multiboxer. like 6 trashers, all kind of the same name, locking all at the same time and shooted at the same time. i was in local just like … dude … multiboxing is lame … all i got back was =P.

tho, i dont know if that guy or others used tools like that. how would CCP find out anyways? i mean i say its not possible to give 6 clients the command to lockon and fire at the same time =w=. but ok, thanks for the reply derath =3

A user can pre-activate a weapon module then click through cascaded client windows to lock a target with very little time between clicks.

So this is really another “I was ganked and now I want to complain” thread…



I’m surprised that you don’t see more multiboxers using Drone ships assisting a ship with points as their main source for killing. It’s a popular thing where I live to see a huge group of Algos’ assisting a ship like a Hyena or Keres who is instalocking in gate camps (The Algos all have remote sebos). Fun way to camp and is effective.

I think you are confusing multi-boxing with input broadcasting.

CCP encourages multi-boxing and if you find yourself with dozens of accounts in this game overtime your probably doing it the right way.

However, Input broadcasting is against the rules. If someone gets caught, CCP will take action.


you´re wrong mister troll. if you would read (which you obsiviously didnt) am i more interested to know how CCP handles the multibox thing which got already answered. but ohwell. trolls gonna troll. atleast you had your can of popcorn while being not able to understand the sense of the topic.

Yet he did manage to use capitalization :man_shrugging:

If you had spent 5 minutes Googling you would have had a “sense of the topic” right away…but no, you are here instead…

So those 6 thrashers…do you have the KM for that?


There is always a reason behind people getting banned, beyond simply multiboxing.

Problem is, we also read your second post, too.

When you combine those two statements, it does seem as though you are just angry at being bested in PVP and are trying to find ways to see if you can get someone banned because you are angry that your a-hole is red.

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Multiboxing has it’s pros and cons, on the one hand you can field more firepower and do tasks that are virtually impossible solo but on the other each ship is dividing that player’s attention and makes them and easy target for an equally matched force. There are limitations, as soon as tasks get too complicated the player is just unable to control all the ships and they are sitting ducks. Someone mentioned use of drones which is one way to make controlling the ships less complicated but as a rule a ship is better if it has a designated pilot. Thus you often see multiboxing is done in more expendable ships/characters that can be dropped like ballast if the player needs to get their main character out of trouble.

You also get people with a stack of carrier Alts flying them at the same time

There was no sense to the topic to start with.

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and this shows again how toxic the eve community can be. you ask a question and a troll comes and putts words into your mouth, this topic here is a good example how peoples jump onto a troll wagon to troll someone. if you idiots would ever look onto my KB got i not bested in any possible way at the time where i made this post.

furthermore should everyone know here that multiboxers are the noobs in PvP and are those peoples which cant handle it to lose in PvP.

all i wanted to know if it is against the ToS or not cause i seen other players getting banned/suspended because of it … but ofcourse, the troll came into this topic and catched some wagons on the way.

You had a month to think-up a reply yet all you come back with is more of the same: blame trolls…blame the community…play the victim…call people names…

Here is your answer:

Multi-boxing is not against the rules…what you saw was probably something else like multi-boxing WITH input broadcasting which is illegal.

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hello Runa yamaguchi, do you want to tell me how i have to reply to a troll with his wagons behind him? sorry, that wont work. + the same answer gave already someone in between all of these troll messages but thank you that you mentitioned it “again”.

i call them trolls because they putt words into my mouth and assuming something which never happened. i mean i barely do PvP like everyone can see on my KB -_- if those trolls would “inform” themselfs before they accuse someone of something could they have more success with “trying to get a reaction and not owning themselfs in the process” but trolls are trolls … dumb peoples on the internet, just there to provoke, harass and trying to get a reaction out of peoples.

oh yes, edit; sorry that i was on vacation … thats why the reply came so late to this …

I suspect that it’s you who’s the troll…

The best way to prevent that is to keep your mouth shut.

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