Ban Multi Boxing PVP for 3 months

We need to BAN multi boxing in pvp for a 3 month test. Its killing small time pvpers when they have 15 players who all log on to pvp and say, f it, lets pull the dreads out, then some man child with 5 super accounts log on and just kill the 15 man pvpers because he can.

This should be bannable. Its unfair and it hurts pvpers. We should all be set to 1 account when pvping. This 1 player ruined like 20 players day. This is what kills EvE, a 1 sided unfair fight that should never be able to happen. We already saw the effects of alt rorquals and alt afking ratters. Its time to limit the EvE accounts to 2 max per Computer.


Do your PvP in the designated arenas.


As much as I enjoy the :salt: , I miss the counter :salt: in the forums…

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it didnt happen to me. i dont pvp because i know there are players who kill others with 6 nyx alts just cuz. ill pvp when its limited to 1 or 2 accounts by force. i refuse to allow 1 player to cyno 6 supers in and wreck my isk because hes a credit card warrior.


pvp salt and you don’t even pvp, that’s good.


How would you even enforce it?

It’s even worse when a bunch of players group together and start bullying smaller groups. Something must be done.


We need to ban people wanting to ban things because they just suffered a butthurt…

Not sure why someone flagged this,but as it has 9 likes I’ll try resurrecting it…


Banning multiboxing would help nobody but the big blocs. If you don’t like that people are able to control multiple characters, HTFU and fight someone else.


I’ve read some pretty insane suggestions on these forums before, but I think this one is on a whole new level of downright uninformed.
The only beneficiaries of this would be the major null blocs who can muster more beating hearts.
CCP has already banned input-broadcasting (with very good reason and a measure I support), banning multiboxing would be both impractical to enforce, and a huge slap in the face to smaller entities who like to fly “the few against the many”.


Did we see the same video?
Cause i only saw 1 guy flying one super.
Where is the guy boxxing 5 supers at the same time without input broadcast? Cause that is dope and i wanna see it.

To the rest, small gang pvp is impossible, if you cant multibox. If i would have to invest a full pilot into 2 tackle inties and a Sabre, then my gang of 4 would have no punchingpower left and every blob with 10 players would just stomp us. No, thank you.

Btw, how do you field dreads, if you cant multibox yourself?

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Fly the dread with your main, perhaps?

Who does that?
You dont know for sure, that you will escalate. So you let those dudes sit at home in the station and they sit on standby for 3 hours in the hope to drop? While also loosing the subcap fight, caise you have less people in the active fleet? Who does that?

People without alts, I suppose.

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I don’t multibox and I do small gang PvP.

Hey, that makes me bad ass as I’m doing the impossible!!!


So not a single guy in your group brings a tackle or scout alt?

What kind of setup do you guys fly and how many active people are you normally?

Do you actually know people, that sit around station every fleet and wait to join an escalation with their dread main? Cause i dont. How many afk people are there normally, that miss all the action?

Meh. What you are describing doesn’t sound fun at all. Carry on though, it sounds like you have a successful method.

I can’t say that every time we fly that someone isn’t mult-boxing; however, I do know there have been times where we’ve flown without people multi-boxing. and I never multibox…

Sorry, that sort of answer falls under operational security.

EVE is all about unfair fights. Instead of whining about how life isn’t fair maybe you should try to figure out how to make the fights unfair in your favor?