Multi-boxing going nuts

Hey all,

i wanted to speak up for the first time, because I have the feeling that multi-boxing is getting out of control.
I’m in FW and i think the incentive to play in FW is solo and small-scale PVP, sometimes also bigger, with some nice fights in the plexes.

However, this is my local from Nennamaila right now:

edit: i deleted the list because i don’t want to blame anybody personally.

~40 in local, of which ~20 multiboxers of which 1 guy has already 10 accounts.

Most of them are empty ships which are just botting the plexes and are not taking any fights. This totally kills the immersion.

Quo vadis, CCP?



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CCP: Pecunia non olet, Capsuleer.



This has been an issue, and multi-box botting, for well over a decade in EVE.

24-page thread from 2013: EVE Search - Petition - Full ban of multi boxing programs which duplicate clicks.

CCP doesn’t have a magic wand that can wipe them away. Either kill them, report them using the game bot reporting tools, or find ways to work around them. Also be aware that not everything that looks like a bot to you is one, and multi-account/multi-boxing is the cornerstone of CCP’s financial model.

As for immersion, I’m pretty sure any future that has drones and AIs and spaceships is going to have automated space ships…

I am pretty sure that every BOT in low sec is Destiny - go get her tiger.

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CCP should formally allow botting (they already do informally).

Solves the problem, as everyone can do it equally.

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Some better than others

Incompetents can buy botscripts in Jita.

According to the rules multi-boxing is allowed for each omega account. Proving an alpha account is multi-boxing or running a bot script is impossible to do from a player’s perspective. When they open a can of worms by saying, paid players can use this cheat system but alphas cannot, it is up to CCP to monitor and police the activity.

How do they detect bots?
This is a good question, I don’t see EAC or any of the other anti-cheat software loading. Maybe CCP monitors IP addresses, however many people these days use VPN services. EAC would at least scan the system for known cheat scripts.

Player should report suspected cheaters
I know it took 4 to 5 days from support to get the answer “We don’t know the answer.” from the help desk. Kind of like a very poorly written “Your princess is in another castle.” meme. It is fairly obvious they outsource the help desk to the lowest bidder. I wouldn’t expect immediate results.

ALL online PvP has bots and cheaters
I have read this one before, it is a poor attempt to say you cannot make the game security any better. It is just as bad, if I went to my bank over missing funds and they told me, “Banks get robbed all the time. You will have to cope with the loss.”.

While we can do our best as honest players, there will always be those who desire to overtake the system. We don’t have a magic crystal ball to know who is cheating and who is just AFK on the toilet. I just shake it off and try to have fun.

You mean another system.

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Another Fortizar.

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Yah, wallhacks are a real problem in EvE…


lol I think you know EAC doesn’t just cover wall hacks and aim bots.

For those who really don’t understand EAC
EAC (Easy Anit-cheat) is loaded prior to the game and scans your RAM for any known scripting fingerprints. Operating much like a virus scanner, the engine has a database of known scripts. EAC also looks for know tools; such as AutoIT and Auto Hotkey. Finding these tools can also find new unknown scripts. EAC is not flawless, but I never had issue using it, and it doesn’t automatically ban you from the game. When something suspicious is found, it can be set to alert the player before they enter the game. Otherwise it writes suspected cheaters to a log on the server for review by the game company.

Maybe CCP has some unknown security measure within their client. I doubt it. Only CCP knows for certain.

EAC won’t fully solve this as a main multibox setup is game supported.

Fleet warps and streamlined drone management. Drone assist and such.

Hence the algos swarms.

and since drone based for content like FW plexes they get options. Like the option to dangle on the edge of the ring. Assist for drone swarm not many buttons and a nice oh crap distance buffer if hostiles land in the site.

Fast tackle might get 1 or 2 of the 10 algos’ run. 8 got the fleet warp off to live another day. I know from my time in sites…most times they got me first lol.

Sometimes a more SR brawler fit more in the center of the ring.

Closer to landing, sometimes I took the gamble and these algo’s won’t run away so I even worked up approach for engagement to be proactive.

They ran away and I said well that sucks. Plan b…lets try to get one of them to 50% armour at least to die with some dignity.

You probably missed this my prior posting;

I assume we are talking about alpha multi-boxers not omega, since the omega is allowed this cheat. And botting is everyone, unless I missed where omega accounts are allowed to bot?

Instead of wasting time trying to catch bots, why don’t you just focus on accepting reality. The bots are here to stay, so you should embrace them – all players should bot, and that would level the playing field for everyone.

If I were King…


I don’t go there. Low-sec is where the REAL PvPers are, so I avoid it.