Multi-boxing going nuts

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It isn’t a feeling, it’s a fact. But multiboxing is part of EvE and there is little that CCP can do about the cheaters. Every online game has cheaters.
Welcome to EvE :smiley:

The words EvE and immersion shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

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Does it, though? Empty decoys and dummies are part of warfare for a long time. Just drive them out of the plexes.

Why not? Make more people hunt these characters. Sounds like a good thing.

Just report the griefers, helps to do it here on the forums and on Reddit. Call them out for multiboxing and put them to shame.

Nobody likes a cheater.


@Zaera_Keena Are you saying Omega is allowed? Because the official Eve site states this;


October 22, 2023 21:35

Botting is the use of any third-party software or any macros, stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns that give you any in-game advantage. Any in-game data may not be modified, manipulated, or changed in any way.

The penalties for botting follow a two-strike policy:

  • 1st offense: 3-day ban and certain limitations for the account.
  • 2nd offense: permanent ban.

Macro usage is very obvious, even if the process is being concealed. The logs do in fact show a lot, and with thorough investigation it is always possible to determine whether the player patterns are unusual. Ultimately, any suspicious behavior will be visible to our tools.

Basically my take on this last paragraph is; they look for people playing for an over abundance of hours. I mean unless you are having the family work your account in shifts, it would be pretty obvious. What I am not seeing here is the part about omega players being exempt.

That’s what Kusions do, they’ve got the whole basement turned into a giant permaLAN party.


For every one, 3 will take its place.

Some are in real corps and alliances. One could go John Wick on frat members. John Wick is dying in that new version though. A lot.

Empire FW has shown several time they have better things than to pop angels. Oh no the incursion is in a rearguard! Oh wait, we know where pirates are. that system has no structures cared about.

Min mil will go well then, how about some front lines and amarr kills. I didn’t blame them either.

Hell even Fl33t’s recent CVA road trips are looking more entertaining than killing algos’ lol. I don’t fault them for taking that route. Once real life settles down again, hell, I may try to join the fun lol.

Video Game ‘Gold Farming’ and Chinese Prison Labor

A former prisoner at China’s Jixi labor camp, who was jailed for “illegally petitioning” the government about corruption, tells the British paper that he and hundreds of other prisoners were forced to play online games like EVE Online for 12-hour shifts, We kept playing until we could barely see things."

There you go, these are your so called BOTS.

Well…yet another person with no killboard record in 2 years, and zero in the 7 years before that, complaining about some PvP issue in Eve. So predictable !

Real PVP also includes blowing up mobile depots…


Y123 I was in the top 6% for the entire New Eden…

Am I a soon to becoming Warlord of Eve? Yes?


"You got into some fights this year, and proved your mettle with a total of 363 PvP kills. That places you in the top 8 % of all PvP players! "

Another, rarely used, char of mine got just 9 kills and ended up in the ‘top 50% of all players’. Which means that half of all Eve players get less than 9 PvP kills a year.

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Multi-boxers are miners?

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Characters without kills are probably not counted in that statistic, so the percentage is skewed. Just CCP trying to show that way more players engage in PvP than actually do (and even then the statistics are abysmal).

Yes, I have encountered the Zemara statistical math logic before on other games. Everyone on a PvP game must be out for the most kills, ergo we take the total number of players ( is that including the ones who quit playing the first week? ) and divide by kills recorded at 3rd party website. Why are my kills being ignored zkillboard?

Oh yeah, maybe because John here is a miner?

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I’d give it to you. I return from a game whose pvp if you ahve the irl money, want to roll the dice on quarterly purges…you too could be pro at pvp. By just one pretty number. MMR rating.

As you watch that dude pilot your game via remote desktop connection. some people jsut have to get wow pvp mounts and mogs that much I guess lol.

Now if you paid a dude to pilot depot kills…I’d not judge. I’d just ask…why? lol

If that is the case then what is the title of someone who blows up your Mobile Depot? “Soon to becoming Waroverlord”? :thinking:


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Sorry for your loss :face_with_diagonal_mouth: The Venture looks to have missed a low slot or rigs and that Malediction most likely had just 3 points so you might had gotten away there.

Were you multi boxing in different systems?
@Uriel_the_Flame How about the Time Overlord ? As that frigate would had taken a minute to break the structure.

//@Hyrja could not imagine having a reset on the entire New Eden . Though if a specific realm was created such as Jove Space where purges are performed inside.

So the overlord of Time Lords? Sure. As since the crossover event the lore of the two universes are merged it is even lore friendly. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I am an alpha, I don’t multi-box and wouldn’t bother with it, even if I were omega.

My ventures are all built cheap and disposable for gas mining. I was AFK going to the bathroom and grabbing a coffee, otherwise I might have got away. They must have been watching for my gas scoops to run out because Lady Gar got away with blowing it at the tail end. Funny thing was they didn’t bother looting or salvaging? Maybe the cargo hold was full or just too damn small? I came back and picked up the whole load of gas and gear with my Miasmos from the wreck.

Looking at Lady Gar’s record, not much of a PvPer there. Lady Gar’s kills are all miners and other small unarmed vessels. I hope they get better and decide to try PvP in the future or maybe mining.


Mining is considered PvP to some extent as with the same as convincing gankers are miners.

Kind of how going afk could be also a form of PvP by making the other player wait in a fleet scenario.

This all gets back to why multiboxing in Eve Online is just as important to the game the same as a pilot who decides to alpha. The reason is time and what is value to the Capsuleer.

Looting takes time or teamwork if no time available.

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They call him Frosty, the most feared Mobile Depot ganker in all of New Eden.