Bots or Multiboxing?


Just wanted to make sure of something.
Is this a botter or multiboxing player and should I report it?

There are only three players in the system and one if them isn’t it because it’s me, that leaves the two others… and Spod Brainlet is it.

Thank you for any info on that.

I got out of my ship and podded toward that cluster of ships and then all of the ships warped off at the same time.

How do you get that many accounts to warp off at the same time without something like ISBoxer?

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I don’t know, I’ve never multiboxed nor have I ever used bots. I know nothing on this topic that’s why I’m posting it before I report or not to be sure.

report it and let CCP sort it out.

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I don’t know if I should. I don’t want a strike on my account for frivolous reporting. Maybe what this player is doing is perfectly legit.

Someone obviously blew up this guys Rorqual and now all his hulk miners are out of a job.

They’re a bunch of Slashers. Don’t think it had anything to do with mining.

Fair, but how would you expect us to know if that is a bot when it is CCP that have the tools to determine that

Fair question. I think I’m just going to send an e-mail and let the recipient decide :woman_shrugging:

This just in…
Fraternity 17,747 members.
Actually controlled by 5 real people.


:rofl: incredible.

Damn it… this forum Quote system is whacky.

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Fleet warp


And did all 40 people accept fleet invite at the same time, or one by one?

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Just report to CCP let them sort it out . As other have said


have you ever been in a fleet or used more than one account ? he likely formed a fleet when logging in and invited all his alts to fleet before undocking, then its the FC that warps everyone about.


I thought you had to be in space to do that.
As far as I know a FC can’t undock 40 players.

you can join a fleet anywhere , just dont click accept just before jumping a gate while -10 though :slight_smile:

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With fleet warp you can warp an entire fleet at the same time.


But how do you get the whole fleet to undock at the same time?
And how do you get everyone to press F1 at the same time?

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