What's up with input broadcasting and the like?

I recently started playing again after being afk for a few years and I moved to NPC null with some friends. I daily see at least 3-4 fleet of 5-6 toons usually with almost identical names, flying the same ships (shuttles of course for accepting missions), running missions. They warp, dock, undock exactly at the same time, which is not possible multiboxing manually with 6 toons, so they must use some kind of a 3rd party software.

I guess this is still against the EULA, right? I mean, obviously they are the paying customers with 5-6 accounts per person, not me with my shitty two accounts, but this ruins the gameplay for me specifically. You can’t really catch them, and they fu*k the ISK/LP rate up.

Does CCP do anything if I report these as bots, or they still don’t give a f*ck about old players, and just after the money?

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It’s not?

Can you click at 6 different places at the same exact moment?

Yes, I use GankPro2.0a.

Imagine: a smattering of players somehow being grouped together and are able to warp together at the same time.

Must be botting!


I listen to everyone mate, even to the ones using stuff that is illegal, even trolls.

But I just can’t get it. OGBs were nerfed because everyone - who could have trained one back in the day - cried because it was OP. CCP nerfed it. But they let sh*t like this happen. Money makes the world go round.

I would love someone’s opinion from CCP on this though.

Yea ofc… and by accident they have the same name. But of course just because they atr twins IRL. All 6.

This looks promising :popcorn:


Mate you ever heard of the “warp fleet” button by chance


They all have the same name, that’s proof of botting.



Just report them and let CCP sort it out. Maybe even submit a support ticket about it.

But don’t expect much, CCP is slow to action, especially if it doesn’t make them any money.

Oh and by the way, that poster you’ve been talking to uses TrollPro4.0 for forum posting…

Yep, and you of the dock fleet, undock fleet, and shoot at the same time buttons?

Yep! Alt+tab and F-keys work wonders. There’s even videos of skilled people showing how they do it.

Glad we are on the same page. What were you saying, again?

Seems like you are one of those guys using such things I guess?

Already resorting to personal attacks I see. Not a good look, man.


Obviously you are a troll, so this is my last reply to you.

Doing six alt-tabs takes at least 4-5 seconds, right? And you didn’t click on anything in the clients. That means that your 6 toons can’t do everything at the same time, right? Because these do that.

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Send me a video of you alt tabbing between 6 clients and doing a mission, where all your toons do everything exactly the same time.

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I’ll send you a video for 1 billion isk.

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Doubling down, very quaint.

I think everyone realizes you’re the kind of kid who learned by bursting into the classroom shouting diatribes and conspiracy accusations, and then when the teacher tried to get you to calm down and explain the subject matter you put on your tinfoil hat and accused the teacher of being „one of them“ and „a troll“.

Because that’s exactly how this thread started and how you’ve behaved since.