Mutibox Gank

Figured I’d toss this up here to gauge people’s thoughts. So a friend of mine got ganked by a pack of 20+ catalysts that were clearly flow by the same person. Not complaining about ganking per-say, this is Eve and he was in a clearly vulnerable situation to one. However, I’m having a hard time coming to grasps of someone legit multiboxing that many ships at that speed.

Any multibox pvp experianced players, how the hell would you pull that off legitly?

Undock, Warp To, nearly instalock, and fire on 20+ ships with the delay level of someone flying a single ship.

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DId he report it? You can multibox but would have to click thru each frame to fire one at a time. Can’t use any broadcast command scripts.
Could it have been a fleet of different pilots?

We didn’t. I didn’t want to come off as a salty player and he’s perfectly ok with it since he’s killed billions of that alliance’s ships in NPSI fleets. i have no issue with ganking, but I have the same feeling that there is no way to orchestrate that level of precision with that many ships without software assistance.

It was 20+ catalysts with nearly the same character name and character portrait, with all their previous kills being all together too. The chances of it being different people is extremely slim, or creepy as hell.

Can you explain what you mean by “at that speed”?

This is pretty easy, just hit undock on each account and alt tab through the clients.

This is also easy since you can use a Fleet Warp command to take everyone in a single warp together.

Catalysts have a fairly high locking speed due to their Scan Resolution. Depending on what your “friend” was flying, (example, an unprotected mining barge), it takes very little time to lock a ship.

Once the target is locked, all the player needs to do is alt tab (or just click through) each client and press F1 with grouped guns.

None of what you said is impossible or impracticable to do as a single player controlling multiple accounts. I get the feeling you’re trying to imply there was some input broadcasting here, but don’t actually provide any information (for example, the damage logs of when each of the shots were fired, nor a killmail or any proof that your “friend” actually died).

Try again with some actual evidence, maybe people will care.

I was under the impression that calling out people on kills was against forum rules, therefor did not. Even in your alt tab scenario, without software assistance, it’s still goign to take you a 2 seconds or so per ship for each event. Though I didn’t think of fleet warp. Again, not salty about the gank itself, just the execution efficiency while clearly multiboxing was rather suspect.

We were doing a trig conduit duo. I had just taken too much damage and (luckily for me) had to dock otherwise I prob would have lost my ship too.


You can tell which Catalyst started firing first as he was alt tabbing through his clients.
This is INCREDIBLY easy to do, just takes a bit more time to set up than most people have patience for.

You can literally look at the very same kill report and see that the Catalysts that fired first as he alt-tabbed through his clients did the most damage. I don’t see anything that’s suspect about this.

Now, if they all had the exact same amounts (or very similar) of damage, that would be suspect, because that would suggest they all started firing at the same time. But that’s clearly not the case here.


Good point, the slope in damage does show there was at least a 1 second delay in firing. Depending on the rig it’s plausible there was a 1.1-1.9 second delay between the alt-tab fires.

These big fleets are not using input broadcasting. You don’t alt-tab between clients - they are kept in window mode and you can click between the windows very quickly - with the proper layout and overview settings, you can even click directly into the overview in the next window. It absolutely does not take 2 seconds to switch windows. It is less than a second per window. The weapons can all be activated prior to acquiring the lock so the only thing you need to do is ctl-click the target in each window.

Try to imagine doing this with three different accounts - that is all most people can handle. The guys with 10+ windows to go through have worked up to that with years of practice.


o/ - Well since this moment is now immortalized on the forum…

I’m a PvP oriented pilot, both solo and gangs, and frankly I forgot the highsec HVT multibox gank was a thing. There were many warning signs. My ignorance, thus my loss. Not at all salty.

I reviewed my logs and it looks like the ramp up took 15 seconds for 21 toons to engage me. Impressive actions per second, but not automated.

I took a single Catalyst out later that night and suicide ganked an HS AFK miner, just to gain an understanding of the HS gank minded play style. It’s not much fun IMHO. I’d rather BLOPS, or fleet with other real players for whaling.

I hadn’t done PvE in many months and was drawn to the new trig content. Baited by the Trig skin for the cormorant found in minor conduits. It was Drago’s 1y eve birthday, so i indulged some Trig PvE with him. Again oblivious to my proximity to known gankerville and the numerous warning signs,

Bummed to have lost iskes and the golem in such a boring and sad fashion. I hope the pilot enjoyed the kill, but he doesn’t earn any real respect from me. The kill was only 1 point loss on zkill and the loot fairy wasn’t kind to him.

My respect is for the brave newbros in fleets, talented FC’s of Spectre Fleet, and the pilots/corps/alliances that bring fun fights. They are the real reason I play Eve.


Here’s how it’s done. Fleet warp at Zero to the Target, Q-click each Client with pre-started Weapons and Modules. That will approach, lock and fire at the Target with just one Click per Client.

No Scripts, No Macros just plain Windows and Eve Client mechanics


Ok, any minor amount of disrespect I had for this is now gone. That’s friggin impressive. Thanks for sharing!


Yeah, Kusion goes through keyboards like underwear and his power bill is enormous cause his video card + processor fans are running hot; rumor has it he had to bolt his computer to the ground after it almost took off like a helicopter. He was considering water cooling, he could make coffee at the same time from it boiling but he isn’t a heavy drinker of the morning brew.


Ooor, counterpoint: Learn from the loss, and either come up with a counter to the gank tactic or avoid common hot zones.

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This has nothing to do with that he was ganked. If you fail to see this don’t reply.

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Believe it or not the Kusion team player live streams his ganks on twitch.

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I support this kind of game play, much better than afk mining with 20 orcas.


or which ones also got better hits as not every ship will also hit the same amount. ive shot that guy a number of times

He was probably in CODE and they have a lot of cheaters using broadcast input.

Hopefully CCP will ban them soon.

Do you have proof of this or are you just saying this because your feelings are hurt?