Was I killed in High-Sec by a player using propagation software?

Genuine question - not a debate / an escalation. Are players allowed to use key press/mouse clicks propagating software for multiple accounts in Eve Online? Is this a common thing in Eve Online now? Is it not against Eve Online’s policies?

I was going to a location with my Bowhead (Safe route) and got ganked at Ohide (the system is not lawless). I was ganked by 21 Oracles.

I feel like Hawk seems to be using an application of that sort to be able to use 21 accounts (could be guys all named the same way in his corp or it could be most likely him). If I am wrong I am wrong.

Actions taken:
I raised a support ticket for reimbursement (not to report the player) and I was requested to not escalate / debate / raise another ticket by the Game Moderator (GM). I respect the GM’s decision but I find it hard to wrap my head around the kill and it has nothing to do with the GM’s decision. I seem to have no issues with their decision. I know that the GM knows better than I do and there is no doubt about it.

Lessons Revisited:
Have a character scout 1j ahead.
Make more trips even if its too hard.

I’d appreciate anything to make me understand the kill better. I am not here to debate/escalate any decision made by the GM. So lets not make any sort of attacks against any GM.

Kill mail in question - zkill link

Edit - Thanks @Aisha_Katalen for calling out the changes to Actions Taken and @Syzygium adding points to Lessons

If he used software to give all his clients the same command at the same time then pretty much all of his ships would have done the same damage, especially since he’s using Oracles with 20km optimal so there is little chance of damage variance due to falloff rng. It’s unlikely he uses input broadcasting. Note that the slower the rate of fire of the weapons used the more “samey” damage numbers you’re going to get.

He could use said software but somehow “bake in” a delay per client to try and throw off the scent but that’s is highly unlikely. Assuming it’s even just one person which I don’t know.

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You have the pleasure of at least knowing that their 21 Oracles cost a lot more than the 287m ISK worth they could have looted. Their gank lost money. In fact just looking at the Oracle cost for one of the gankers who lost an Oracle elsewhere…147m ISK…21 times that is almost 3bn ISK…so the gank lost them 2.75bn ISK.


Could also very well be the known “multiple overlapping windows with pre-heated guns” thingy where he only needs to strg+click on each of the windows where you can barely see the overview to release the full firepower of the fleet. Given that an Oracle needs a few seconds to lock, he can surely activate 10+ clients before the first shots fire (automatically) all at the same tick then.


From the timestamp of the gun cycles at the top of your logs (which cuts off too much, and the CONCORD stuff is useless data) it looks like he’s only able to cycle through about 7 characters in one second, as the guns for the other characters are offset by a game server tick or more.

This is within the realm of human feasability. I believe there is a video of Jason Kusion that he self-published going “alt-tab, click” rapidly through a large amount of clients. One click is all that is needed when you have preheated and preselected modules to use, as the click will lock the target and apply the preselected modules as soon as lock is acquired.

The rest is making sure your overviews are all the exact same and that your multiple clients are arranged to facilitate no-mouse-movement as you alt-tab cycle through them.



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ebil alpha account oracles roam the space while controlled by AI bots, why CCP, why are you not solving this problem!

I looked at that perspective regardless my loss is bothering me. I am not worried about his losses because this was not a PvP interaction. Again, if I had lost 2b and he had lost more than me, I would have felt the same way. Any loss for me is still bad for me. Dont you agree?

I understand, I still could not make heads or tails out of this thing yet. I am not losing my mind over it but it still has set my back by a lot.

Ill take your perspective into account based on your experiences. Well I guess it sucks to be me today if this is a legit kill!

Your comments are similar to what @Syzygium has mentioned. Like I mentioned earlier, my stuff are good as gone. I was hoping to learn more and I have. Thanks for your time! o7

I do not believe the player who killed me was using any kind of bots. I am confident about it.

It seems to be both from reading Zkill as what Syz explained about the “cascading” of the initial attacks from the ingame logs. Again, technically he could use software with an built in delay but that seems far fetched.

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Indeed…I’m just pointing out that whatever tactics he used, his gank ultimately failed to deliver. No amount of tactics can defeat the loot fairy.

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I understand. I have no experience / knowledge on broadcasting software. So Im going to settle to this is a legit kill.

Haha, yeah I was wondering if the loot fairy had dropped my kronos. I would have loved that, I was quick enough to check if the kronos dropped. I would have swiped my own Kronos and ran like a mare. Sucks overall.

Worth noting that your Bowhead fit is somewhere around 745k EHP against laser beams with high-grade Nirvanas and with your hardener overheated the entire time.

You were hauling somewhere around 9B worth of stuff. This vastly exceeds every variant of the “ISK-per-EHP rules-of-thumb” number you see floating around. Doesn’t matter if it is 1,000 or 1,500 or 2,000 ISK per EHP. You’re at a whopping 12,000 ISK per EHP.

So a lesson not mentioned is: multiple trips, less stuff per trip.


Thanks, Ill remember them as well.

No you don’t, you are whining about it.

But, but…She lost her bowhead

@Tiara_Nalelmir Seriosuly though, you should not have to pay for a second omega acount for a scout, that costs money. Do not listen to the GM, the ganker and his 20 alts should be banned for popping your Bowhead, you shoud be able to fly in safety.

Fly you Bowhead somehere nice and safe like Uedema. Dont worry if you see lots of red flashys, they are there to welcome you.

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Alas for the OP, the Bowhead is an attractive prospect, both for the hauler and for the ganker.

No Bowhead moves very far in Highsec without coming to the attention of those who would arrest its progress and relieve it of its burdens.

I do know that some gankers use the Bowhead to move their stuff, but of course, they’re not in much danger of themselves being ganked.

A sobering lesson, OP.