22 Accounts. 1 Cheater?

(Rocket Hellfire) #1

I’m SURE this player Alt-Tabbed to each and every account individually and targeted and fired individually…

or this person was using banned automation?

Time to sack-up CCP.

(Ima Wreckyou) #2

Nice kill. Elite PvP in action.


(Rocket Hellfire) #3

Given your pestilent origin, I don’t expect you to understand honor or fair-play.

(Ima Wreckyou) #4

I understand that if you think it is a good idea to ship 82bil in a single freighter then you are literally fair play yes.

(Nana Skalski) #5

I think you mean something like input broadcasting.

I think if you see anyone who you suspect of doing this, you can report them.

(Rocket Hellfire) #6

I’m not sure you understand the issue… loading a freighter with any amount is perfectly allowed.

Using automated software, however, is not.

(Omnathious Deninard) #7

Quoted for hilarity, eve is not safe or fair.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #8

He’s talking about the input broadcast not the suicide gank. I agree and if you don’t then you’re siding against the EULA.

Off topic though it is ridiculously stupid to fly with that much cargo in a jf.

(Ima Wreckyou) #9

Sure, it’s just a really bad idea to load it with 82bil ISK

Yes it isn’t. But as @Australian_Excellence will surely tell you it is perfectly possible to gank with that amount of characters without input automation. The fact that you think it is impossibly for a human and was cheating is simply a testament to his extraordinary skills and once again demonstrates the superiority of the Agents of the New Order and is a clear demonstration of the power the Code grants us.

In other words: get gud lol

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

I don’t think you quite understand how multibox gank ships work. It is very possible to cycle through the accounts and press f1 on each in a matter of seconds if you have it set up right. No input broadcasting required.

(Pix Severus) #11

I’m SURE no one would be stupid enough to fly through Jita with a freighter worth 82b ISK…

(Fluffy Moe) #12

Report and investigate. 22 accounts and alt-tab to each seems a bit much to say the least. However if it turns out it was legit, nothing happens, if it turns out it was automated / botted, then good riddance.

(Ima Wreckyou) #13


(Luigi mon-de-sound) #14

I’m more concerned about the amount of BPO and BPC that this guy had in there. You could of put that in a bomber or t1 frigate and no one would of been the wiser.

(Fluffy Moe) #15

Hey, just out of curiosity, you didn’t happen to save the combat logs from that did you ? that way you can check how much actual delay there was between when 1st ship started firing at you and last one, because if there is only like 1 or 2 or even 3 seconds delay between ship #1 and ship #22 then its obviously botted, but if there is like 1.5-2 seconds between each one then thats actually some that has practiced and has it all set up.

(Omnathious Deninard) #16

But there isn’t hard proof of input broadcasting, the damage ranges from 5.7 to 3.3 which suggests that there is a delay in activation weapons.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #17

I have no opinion or evidence on the matter. The only thing I’m saying is this thread is about an accusation of input broadcasting not the loss of a foolish jump freighter.

(Australian Excellence) #18

22 accounts 1 player? nah impossible

It’s actually 30 players, me and my 29 siblings all play an account, greg and johnson are our loot team, tim and asuka are our scouts, I play as a talos pilot, among others

My family/team is a very dynamic one


That much worth of anything is too tempting… I always break things up into crumbs, if I ante feeling it I ship it via contract.

(Noragen Neirfallas) #20

Is nobody going to put this poor guy out of his misery? No? Fine. You don’t need to alt tab at all if you set your screen/s up right. o.O