Suicide gankers and input broadcasting

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if you really think he’s input broadcasting, submit a bot report…
i’ve seen images and videos however, that Pilot A is claiming that Pilot B is cheating when in fact, they can switch windows that quick

I’ve seen his vods, they are public on twitch. Believe me when he does it by hand for a video it’s not even remotely as fast.

Honestly, forget tabbing and locking target. In you can press one button 16 times in one second I’m already your fan.


Report and let ccp investigate. But as you’ve seen yourself, the guy doesn’t input broadcast.

Other players use the exact same techniques to mine and rat. A CSM member uses similar techniques to steal drones from rorquals. So it would suggest the same opportunities are available to all players.

So this thread is saying that using input broadcasting software, that one would assume is a bannable offense, but clearly is NOT… because this guy is getting away with it.

He can NOT tab that many times, target & fire within that time frame.

If CCP doesn’t do something about this, it’s clear input broadcasting is allowed.

Good to know.


I bet a Lock is coming for Name Shame…

In before Lock

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What I’ve seen is what he recorded and uploaded on twitch. What I’ve also seen is 16 catalysts shooting me at the same instant. (Visually too)

There are also players who have been banned for using input broadcast software. What about their opportunities? Are you implying that I can use it too?


Are you gonna finally report him or just continue being salty?


Must be. So why do you still think he “cheats” in any way ? The player has been so graceful as to explain in public how he does it, years ago. He’s probably the best player out there to do this kind of ganking. Imagine how many tickets that must have been for ccp to go through and come up negative every single time.

Anyway, those logs don’t show the exact moment in time the events occur. Rather the time stamp is when YOU get the information. And don’t generalize. You are talking about one ganker with multiple characters.

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I have advised people to check their logs when they get ganked by such multi-boxing gankers, in fact you can only do realistically five per second without input broadcasting. So you should go and petition that and include your logs.

It is possible that he could do more, but seven would be the absolute maximum in my view based on checking this with a HTFU player a couple of years ago.


Your logs mean nothing. Those are numbers your client receive from server. Not commands that ganker sends to server.

@Alice_Blacktail zkill link?

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Yes, it has been forever. It was even worse back in the day when miners especially, would go to great lengths to use input broadcasting and UI modification to parallelize clients. At least now, it takes some skill, practice and active effort to run this many accounts simultaneously.

Report him. CCP I am sure has the drill down by now. But last time I timed a video, 8 clients per second was possible from his methods. Factor in some latency and server load, and 16 notifications appearing in your log at the same second isn’t out of the question.

At least, you are going to achieve nothing here by crying that he can run more accounts than you or asking for someone here to explain CCP’s logging tech to you.

If I have anything constructive to add, it would that yes, you are right that CCP should take a pass at highsec crime at some point and make it so that being a pirate is more accessible to those unable or unwilling to massively multi-box accounts, while at the same time making it harder to multi-box suicide gank alts. And while they have made some progress, they should continue to do the same for massively multi-boxed mining. But until then, how do you expect a player to reasonably overcome a decade worth of buffs to freighters in highesec?

Desperate reply on your part. The OP should just go and petition it, and leave CCP to work out whether he is cheating or not.

I have seen him cheating myself, doing a gate jump after warping to the gate from a 350 km perch, they all jumped together, 27 plus clients. He was using input broadcasting when he knew that people were not able to check.

To me he is a cheat, enuff said…

By cheating? Wow!

I will remind you of CCP Falcon’s quote, he effectively said that Eve has very few restrictions in terms of gameplay, but those that cheat on the few that exist are just bad.


No. It’s just how logs work.

I already said that OP is salty and nothing more. Bringing things like this to forum instead of reporting. Is just to whine and create fuss. Not to resolve any issue. Also, considering that OP didn’t even provided zkill link, killmail or even character name, lights up enough warning lights, suggesting this nothing more than poor attempt to cause another pointless fight around ganking.

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I know how logs work.

You people are so fixated on salt, the thing is that I played competitive games to test myself, but when I found that the other people were cheating I stopped playing. That was why I gave up on FPS because people were using aiming bots and cheats that shot through walls and stuff like that.

With Eve it was only a certain part of the game was affected by cheating, I could avoid the ganker cheaters by using DST’s and the MWD cloak trick, but as I had time to play I could counter the multi-boxer cheaters very easily, I moved stuff into place and moved it through when they had already killed enough to plex their accounts.

So I ask you, would you think that my decision to stop playing FPS because of rampant cheating is salt? I still enjoy FPS but I never bother with the multi-player arena’s and the like.

Let me take that gate jumping example I detailed, was that cheating to you, it was to me.

Cheating is an odd thing. I never do it unless it is specifically to own a cheater (never cheated on EVE and never used modded code in anything). I just cannot feel like “I won” if I cheated to win.

But for cheaters, winning is defined differently. For cheaters, it can be the feeling that others adore him. Or it can be that others are sad or angry they lost, and he loves the salt. Neither of those do anything for me. The only time I enjoy salt is when its fairly extracted from those who extracted it unfairly. And I don’t care how others feel about me. They can cheer or they can boo. Its how I feel about me that matters. Its my own view of myself that lets me sleep at night.

For me, winning means I had better direct skills, because I always had them or I improved. I say direct skills because cheating requires indirect skills, and yeah, some people are good at it. But they are never honest about their cheating skills and guess what? Dishonesty, unless its for the sake of legitimate privacy, is for people made of garbage.

Once you start cheating full on, you also start lying. You become a fetid dumpster and its just a question of how long you can keep the lid on.


What a lie

Multiboxing isn’t cheating. Given the cavalcade of nerfs to highsec ganking, especially exploding freighters, mult-plexing accounts is the obvious choice to continue in that activity, just like it is to all sorts of other game activities.

I think we all know at this point that Kusion isn’t cheating. If he is, it can only be through the extreme negligence or complicity of CCP given how much attention he receives, and the number of times he is reported.

Give it a rest.

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