Suicide gankers and input broadcasting

Input broadcasting is cheating, and because it is defined as such by CCP, no one will give it a rest, would you say give it a rest in terms of people reporting botters, well input broadcasting is botting as defined by CCP. The OP is going to petition this I hope, which is good.

I have seen him cheat, but you know that he does not, :slight_smile: I guess you watch him all the time then.

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Aaaand you’ve reported him …
… and nothing happened?

If CCP don’t do anything about it it’s probably because they took a look and found that he isn’t input broadcasting.

That’s why everyone is suggesting reporting him. For the hundredth time.

You saw what your client decided to load.

Press fleet warp.
Press jump on all clients whilst aligning or in warp.

All your clients will jump on contact.

I can do this. Kusion certainly can.

No I did not report him at the time, as I have said previously. The reason was that I wanted to observe him to see if he did it again to be certain, because petitioning people should be after you have proof, like the OP has.

As for what happened I already detailed what happened in a post on the forum, because he aligned away as a group then aligned back and then warped to the gate and jumped all together. As he was -10 the fac pol were arriving. In any case, it was highly suspicious…

You never read and understand what was written, read what I said again and then kick yourself. Based on his actions there was no way he had time to tab through all 27 clients to jump the gate in time.


You’re accusing him of cheating and spreading it around the forums.
That’s not okay.

You should have reported him.

That’s the only way of knowing if he was cheating or not.

Instead you run around saying you’ve seen him cheating …
… which is for the most part equivalent enough to claiming he is cheating …
… while at the same time refused to report him, to have actual evidence. (by him getting banned and you getting the confirmation mail)

That’s not okay!?

Yeah, the right thing to do if you have concerns, is to report him. He get’s it all the time and CCP have investigated him multiple times.

If you look at his kills, the profile of damage done by each ganker isn’t the same. It declines from top damage to about only half that by the later characters in his fleet, even when they all fly the same fit.

If he was input broadcasting, with all of his ships landing at a very similar place and his characters having similar skills, you’d expect the damage dealt to be a lot less variable. This is a typical profile if you plot the damage done per character for any of his ganks:

But just report him if you think he is breaking the rules.


I have stated a number of times that I saw him do this, and I also said I was going to watch him when I can. As far as I am concerned he was cheating. I hope he does not cheat because he is impacting other players by doing so. The OP will submit a petition and CCP will look into it. I am merely saying that I have seen him cheat based on the circumstances I saw.

Take that as you want. I am OK with it.

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People have already explained what you saw. It wasn’t cheating. It wasn’t input broadcasting. You just ignored these explanations in favor of spreading space-libel.

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To the underlined. A well proven propensity of the company over the years. Maybe find a better hill to die on.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Negligence to complicity ratio is 90:10 or higher

I could. I know exactly how my good buddy Jason does it. I will tell you, if you pay me one billion isk. No free tips or hints.

Why every time I see you, you either yell insults at someone or offer your ‘services’ for money? That reminds me of… hmmm.

Calm down minerette.

That’s just how gamer boys that have never met a real women think they should act when roleplaying as one.

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I’m afraid to assume where this experience comes from… Every boy has to have at least one woman in their lives, right?

Did you submit a ticket?

Yes I did.

Then the matter is done and there’s nothing else to do but wait for CCP to make a determination. Making a thread on the forum will not solve anything and the CCP devs who would actually do something about it don’t bother looking here.

Actually that’s exactly what forum is for.

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Ok, so you just wanted to stir up someshit instead of actually get an issue addressed. Good to know.