The fleet of gankers suspected of using input broadcasting

i would like to kow why CCP has taken no action against the fleets of people suspected of using input broadcasting, also i would like to hear from people that have been on the recieving end and can provide their explanations as to how they come to this conclusion, be it rfom chats that were made, observation of how all accounts locked on and warped through gates or docked at the exact same time and also if after the initial attack they didnt move for a set time or if they did. then comes the question what are CCP doing about it and where are the people you voted for in the CCM and what is their stance on this given that some of them do multibox but they do it properly the right way where it is skilled whereas these people are not

What makes you think they didn’t?

Some players are just very good at multiboxing. If you really think you have irrefutable proof that CCP is ignoring someone cheating, best to take it public on Reddit or something. Otherwise, even if it is unsatisfying, all you can do is report them again without even knowing the outcome of any past investigations.

But really, odds are CCP looked, found nothing irregular, but cannot or will not comment on it as that is a matter between the accused cheater and CCP.


I can see how someone could perfect Multiboxing Synchronisation. I have been multiboxing a Loki and Stratios for a little while, and my formation and timing is really good now after just a short while. I can see how someone could expand on that. It really isn’t that hard to Dock at the same time as you say.

1> Warp Fleet to Station
2>while in Warp select Dock at Station on each Account

Same with staying for a set time after an Attack, getting drones back and reloading on Multiple accounts and deactivating modules and aligning everything before next warp takes a little bit of time. And after doing this over and over again you end up having a bracket of timing that becomes almost systematic and mechanical.


If this is true, then I envy you for your coordination. There come times when all my fingers decide they have the dexterity of broken thumbs, and I hate it.

There’s just no way this is possible, any normal person can not possibly operate a fleet of 35 gankers and have them all warp/lock/shoot/dock at the same time - there are no in-game mechanics that could possibly allow for this sort of behavior to be feasible without the use of input broadcasters.

I for once stand with the gankee’s on this matter - multiboxing and input broadcasting has become an unstoppable scourge and yet CCP does nothing. We need a dedicated CCP’er or two to be hired who’s entire job is to monitor these bot fleets that are reported and quickly research to affirm that they are using input broadcasters (they are) and subsequently IP ban them. That’s just my take on this in any case.


I know the Kusion team, rather individual streams his ganks on twitch. It is just multi boxing not input broadcasting but he is damn fast at it witj the 20 or so guys.

Can we get a look at the kill info to actually see these 35 gankers? I would want confirmation that the OP is actually being honest here…


If only there were an ingame alliance coalition dedicated to locating and destroying bots…


You just have to looks at the bot/broadcasters alliance killboard:

This is the alleged bot fleet, Orca and Hulk working together.

Thanks for the links all…

I only see 14 ships controlled by 1 person all tagged with “AGB…”
I think it’s safe to assume that those are all one person. The rest are fleet members, other corps/alliances and clearly not the same person. This, it seems, is also NOT a gank but rather a legit attack as there is no Concorde response.

6 ships is nothing…Heck even an idiot like myself used 5 very effectively. This, it seems, is also NOT a gank but rather a legit attack as there is no Concorde response.

Again, 14 ships by one person. Again, not a gank…

These all look baited…no (I could be wrong here)? If so then there is no real rush…

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Our independent analyst has concluded that these were all clean kills.

Case dismissed!


I accept payment in either S&V Chips or 2L Bottles of Fresca.


I am just very wary of people making these types of claims yet under scrutiny, the stories fall apart and end-up being more tears than real abuse…not saying this is the case here.

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I think you answered your own question.

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I use one mouse and one keyboard, I also only use my two hands and so my two feet stay off the desk.
It sometimes is way too slow to show up with 16 characters for another other than a screenshot or actual mining on a moon.

I feel that I would like to setup another 3 monitors but I think the click on each slightly overlapped windows is good enough to target and use the overview menu.

I don’t use any software and invite anyone to come watch one day of my stream where I could setup webcams on the keyboard / desktop layout.


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My guess is Siri wrote that…

what actually multiboxing manually not using exploits like majority of your fleets do, just look at the differences on the z killboards, AGB with the numbers and one or two actal named toons on it

oh really? then how was concord there after the failed gank and dissapeared within 2 minutes then conveniently the very same fleet logged back in with different ships and lo and behold all lock on at the same time yet again

Oh no, are we doomed? What about our schedules? Hide the strawberries!!!

Because the ganker fleet pulled them away:

Pro tip: don’t get all worked up about the title and instead try to understand the content of the article ok?

Why do you even think they logged out? You know that characters vanish from local when they change system, for example to reship in a nearby system?

You invest all this energy to look for hints about how this whole thing could even remotely be the fault of someone other than you while having absolutely no understanding of the game mechanics you try to argue about. Meanwhile you could just have accepted that it was all your fault and just get a mining permit for only 10mil ISK per year (a very good deal if you ask me).