Ganking is a mechanism that gankers have used to try and elevate their status in Eve Online

Continuing the discussion from The 2023 ganking is good (or Ebil) megathread:

Nothing else?


What? It’s Dyson, he’s incurred their ire ages ago.

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@Dyver_Phycad pay attention to how you spell that name, it is a total disgrace to a famous scientist to be confused with the forum person you’re trying to refer to. :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

Gankers gank those opposing their ganking, this is why making RR criminal is such a dozy…

Eh, that money grabbing freak shouldn’t have an issue being mistaken for Dryson. :stuck_out_tongue:


Its The Never Ending Ganking Whine. All about the universe being rescued from ‘The Nothing’…i.e staring at a mining laser for 4 hours…and the evil dark forces that want to turn everyone into Netflix watching AFK zombies.

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Since when was ganking just about shooting at people mining? There is a ton in people in T1 haulers dying with billions in their cargo who disagree.


That’s because they want to be the helpless victim. And all the SJW’s come crawling out of the woodwork to feed into that. They don’t want personal accountability. It’s always everyone else’s fault.

It’s the unintended consequence of today’s participation trophy society where everyone else is the problem.



You really shouldn’t be mining with those ships. It’s a grievous misuse of their intended capabilities.


That’s his entire existence, to misunderstand the intentions and capabilities of this entire game. It’s been ongoing for over a decade. :grinning:


Didn’t you get the memo? Everybody’s perfect. Everybody is a literal God. Anyone and everyone who disagrees with that is a troll and sociopath and evil. :stuck_out_tongue:



Don’t forget bigot.

They call you a bigot for pointing out they don’t know what they’re ranting about.


I must be the embodiment of evil then.

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Except my crimes are far worse than arson.

Blowing up pixilated fictional spaceships in an MMORPG is a very serious offence.

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You know if you stay “under the radar” you usually don’t get put on ganking lists and whatnot.

(aka salt mining lists)

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The continuation of the old mega thread is fine under this new thread.

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Can’t blame them. If there was a Hulk with faction miners and next to it Dryson, I would probably gank Dryson.

There are some things that are more important than profit.


Probably? :thinking:

Let’s look at the pros of ganking the Hulk.

  1. Angry miner.
  2. One less Hulk
  3. Possible profit.

Now the pros of ganking Dryson.

  1. Satisfaction.

Yeah, there’s no probably there. :rofl:


Well, I am a troll, sociopath, evil and also a GODDESS.

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