Discussion why ganking is good for the game and how its fun

hello pvpers and miners, this thread is for appreciating ganking and how its beneficial for the game
we in safety provide content and honorable pvp to hisec, where both of those things are sparce.

picture of Aiko Danuja after successfully pulling over a hauler and seizing his contraband

reasons ganking is good

  • provides miners the pvp they direly need (they never pvp)
  • help the economy by reducing inflation
  • protect miners with valid mining permits from criminals and ore thieves
  • help retain new players (as shown by the link at the top of the thread)
  • also helps miners stay awake on their long commutes in the mining belts, preventing accidents

Thank you and discuss.


next AT I except safety to field a catalyst fleet

Rise never showed any data or statistics in his presentation that prove his talking points. He just threw out this statement during fanfest and did not go into more detail.

However, thanks for bringing up this old forum post. It has more gems of CCP incompetence in it that made me chuckle and groan in agony. And I haven’t seen Sabriz in a loooong time. Man, this dev post evokes some fond memories. :slight_smile:


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CODE won the alliance tournament, there is no need to repeat it. We are alltime AT champions


Well, I hope he was right. I’ve dedicated my entire EVE ganking career to serving the ideals of CCP Rise, who assured me that ganking newbro Ventures is the best way to ensure their longterm success.


I’d be happy to demolish your premise with logic and the fact that high-sec ganking is the weakest of weaksauce in the PvP world, and drives away more players than it retains.

However, I still have hope that obvious troll threads will get shut down in short order, so won’t bother to waste the time here.

Closed for redundancy. We don’t need yet another thread on this.

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