Ganking was a good thing!

just thought id share a few thoughts and experiences on the subject of being ganked…
so im a relatively new player in eve, only been omega since Christmas , slowly building the isk bank up and trying (and failing ) to get better at the game overall.
bounced around a little bit , spent a month in Tash-Murkon , lost my first “proper” mining barge to a gank who basically laughed in my face when i tried to speak to them. ran out of Haatomo for another month in February , avoided and suffered a few losses , again to people who seem to think its funny to bully the new players .
Then an epiphany. Thought I’d try to run out of Hek for a month . Mooched about to get the lie of the land for a while , ran a few missions that i struggled with and the bam…ganked again. lost my second big ship and as usual tried to contact the “evil person” that bullied me , only to find that actually they were a cracking human being.
Spent the time to talk to me , told me how i was going wrong , why i made myself a victim(which i hadn’t considered), even bought me a new ship!.
Since then , every time i bounce into system(and i watch how i do it now , removing the likelihood of becoming the victim) I’m greeted with a hello , a discussion of the good and bad points of my current fit.

My impressions of all this? well i clearly wasn’t getting any better , making the same mistakes and becoming a little fed up with the lack of progression. Its been a learning exercise to be sure and a hard one when you’ve ground the isk for a few months only for 30 seconds and its gone(and i suspect they are abusing my corpse as well). do it think this has been a positive thing? yes a very positive one , finally , once i met a human being , a genuinely nice person that took the time to try and make the game a better thing. i think it add an element of color , yes it can sometimes feel like a kick in the nuts, and on brand new players is probably very off putting(i’ve spoken to a few and that’s the general opinion) but overall i think its a good thing

in short when i started i viewed the gankers as a bunch of bullies and miscreants that echoed real life , in a game i was playing to escape it. one positive individual , with a security rating of -10 and a hell of a kill tally has changed my view . solstice projekt i take my hat off to you.
whats everyone else’s impression of the positive(or negative) of being Ganked?
post some impressions , discuss further and give me your impressions either good or bad…


Nice post and congrats on taking the opportunity to get better at managing your safety.


My impression of the positive or negative of being ganked is that :thinking: hmmm, I haven’t been ganked yet but I think it’s working as intended. When I do eventually get ganked I would’ve flown something I could lose. I don’t yet have a ship I can easily lose without tears so I’m staying docked until I do.
To be clear, to me flying something I can lose means I own several iteration of it, maybe 4 or 5 of the same ship. It takes a while to build up such an assortment of different ships. Don’t know when I’ll undock but when I do I’ll be the one looking for the fight.

so whats making you scared to undock?
cause you can board a corvette , free in station , do some mining and make more isk to buy another ship.
if you spend all your time in station how are you learning for when you do undock?
“always fly only what you can afford to loose” is the correct maxim , however how do you replace the time?
personally i build all my own ships ,mine the ore and everything, otherwise your just buying a thing(and that makes it disposable), but that’s only my way of playing…
we each play our own way and if people want to gank that’s OK…now if we had some form of anti ganking weapon available to make people think twice…that’d even the field…
i play this game in a benign way , if i want to kill people all the time i play COD, however each to their own.
this thread was more to give some of the positives from a gank and spread the word that not every Ganker in hi - sec is a bad person or leaves a negative impression , far from it , my new buddy has been fantastic and id probably never have spoke to them if they hadn’t killed me…

Like, in two years, lol

I’m not learning. I’ll be learning when I do undock, when I have ships to lose. I don’t yet have enough ships that I can afford to lose.

Time is irreplaceable. But I can mitigate that by not paying for Omega and playing something else while I wait.

LOL! In our dreams. That’s why I think the only viable playstyle in EVE is to be the ganker.

No one is bad person in a game, not even those who get into a corporation and then takes everything and split. If the game mechanics and the game EULA allow it I figure I can do it.

They are.

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In more ways than you can imagine :sweat_smile:

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You’re playing EVE with the right mindset my friend.

You’ll go far.

Now try to venture into LowSec a bit with a… Venture. :slight_smile:

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Good story, and a great attitude to have! This game seems perfect for you.

Hope to see you on the battlefield one day!


Oh, please… Nobody loses all, your wallet will stay secure.
There’s several ways to restart: 1 m ISK for a fitted Venture and 1 m ISK for a ratting fitted Merlin/Incursus/Rifter/Punisher, that’s enough to make 10 M in 2 hours in highsec. So do you really need 2 m ISK, because you’ve spent all? Have you really lost all newb ships from the start? Actually it is still possible to restart in a Velator at any Career Agent you haven’t visited yet. After finishing the set of 5 Agents, you’ll have earned about 10 m ISK and received several Ventures, Frigates, and even a Destroyer.
Or you just ask a friend for a fitted Venture - if he doesn’t have one, she/he will help you when you’re broke. It’s an MMO, make friends!
If you dislike other people and like the easy way, buy a cheap starter pack online containing a few ships and PLEX - problem also solved.

Restarting EVE is very easy.


I have yet to be ganked, as I left high sec as newbie before I could make big mistakes there. I’ve been killed often since then, but never suicide ganks. Now that I’m in high sec more often (on an alt) I expect to be ganked one day. I’ll just make sure it isn’t profitable for them. :yum:

Also, @Solstice_Projekt it seems you made a nice impression ganking this guy! :wink:


i have , and it wasn’t far…

keep looking out for me …one day…

Oh yes, ill see you soon. Hehehe…

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He’s actually hopping around in in a red blinking egg in Hek, I think being killed or podded is not a problem for him at all.
That trait is very handy for that game, btw. Losing a ship is not a terrible defeat but just part of the game. Just don’t fly what you can’t afford to replace (as long as you don’t enjoy exploding your own stuff). This also means don’t put all your belongings in one hauler and fly to Jita :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know. I didn’t experienced it. Sorry My ego.🙆

Positive: Sharpen your senses and break routines. It’s not just dull mining and howling, but some danger. And it would be even easier to set up huge bot armies if ganking was forbidden, which you don’t like either, do you?

yeah , its made me pay more attention to the system and its daily ecology.
dont want ganking to be forbidden(though i would like some way to make it less one sided…for shits and giggles!)

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I would make a list of the gankers; one day revenge would be mine !!!

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