First PVP


I just wanted to say thank you to the developers of this game for making such an engaging one! I tried PVP for the first time today and I’m buzzing. What a rush. I’ve spent the last month exploring which is fun, but none of that makes up for the fun you have shooting another player :smiley:

I felt a little bad as the guy was just ratting like me, but I’d fitted a scrambler and decided to have a go. Ok so it’s not strictly pvp, more like ganking I guess as he didn’t want to, but whatever, I’ll be doing it more from now on! I did pay him for his ship though and he was really cool about it.

I still have the shakes lol.


Welcome to the dark side.

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Helm for combat.
Be the reason New Eden is dangerous.

This is when one started liking the game more and the other less.

Making a kill is an achievement.

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