My experience as a new Citizen

Hey there ! I got introduced to the game 3 days ago and since, I’ve roughly played around 18/20 hours. So I started out how everyone starts out ; by doing the Career agent missions (Okay so I did the basic ones and got bored). So i thought to myself : “I need money for bigger ships !” YOU know as you do, so obviously I went looking for things to earn cash ! First I started mining with my Venture, but as my cargo only holds around 700000 worth of mineral, It was a little boring having to go back and forth. THEN I discovered Prove scanning and through that: wormholes ! Long story short I did a quick mining run and then foolishly orbited the wormhole whilst I went to get some tea. I got killed… So that was a Fully equipped venture gone. Poof. I was lucky though, I received a message saying basically that this guy had avenged me. So we got talking he gave me some tips and then sent me 8 million ISK… safe to say I went and got myself a fully-equiped Algos. So with this I started the Blood-stained Stars Arc, and I discovered the joys of destroying criminals and salvaging (Always salvage guys, it is a chore but it pays well)
I now have a net worth of 24 million, which is pretty good I guess, I’m saving up, because somebody told me to always have enough money to cover the costs of what you take into space (in case you get killed). So yeah all in all I am really enjoying this game, I’ve met some awesome people, I have died a couple of times but I don’t care, it’s fun and serious at the same time. I’m probably going to stick to mining/exploration until I know how to properly play, then I’ll find a big corporation and rise to the top. I hope this helped you in some way, maybe some inspiration i dunno haha.
Anyway, peace out guys ! And as always, fly safe


You are solidly on the path, with the right attitude.
Don’t procrastinate too long finding a Corp, sometimes it takes a bit to find the right fit and you’ll learn a ton from your Corp mates.
Eve is wide and deep, enjoy the swim!

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@Chakura_Linderbrock Welcome to New Eden!
It’s always good to hear of people on their first steps down the rabbit hole - you’re learning, you’re trying different things and progressing. The advice of “fly what you can afford to loose” - i.e. have enough to replace a ship when it is (inevitably) shot out from beneath you is the most important.
And you’ve learnt that Looting and Salvage from your missions is a good way of earning additional income - there’s a few others; manufacturing basic ammunition, modules and drones can be a good little earner in the background. Focus the mission running on one or two NPC corporations, watch the standings and use the LP to obtain faction ammunition or similar goodies you can sell. Fuzzworks is a good place to look this side of Eve up in. But then, the rabbit hole is really deep (the diagram is getting a little old, there’s things like Abyssal Space running missing from it).

@Scarlett_LaBlanc’s advice is good (I’ll disagree sometimes with her, but that’s opinions for you - she normally has good points and it’s never personal) - you aren’t stuck with the first Corp you join, you can always leave - but be aware that if you’ve stored ships and items in their stations or space controlled by them you may not easily get it back. Corps often have useful services - hauling to and from Jita, Citadels and moon mining stations, regular activities. Try a few - there are many with different focuses: some are more industrially minded, some combat focused, some a mix. Some are in high security space, some in wormholes, some in null-sec space, some scattered around. Some are role playing (RP) corps, some are social, some have commitment levels required, some have high taxes (some are exploitative), some provide standard ships, some don’t. You’ll not find something right first time, or you may be lucky.
Possibly the most wide ranging corp for new players is Eve University. Don’t be surprised if the process for joining a corp is a little long winded (famous cartoon) and intrusive. In Eve all actions have permanent consequences, and skull-duggery is quite common - Corps need to ensure that anyone they trust is trustworthy.

For three days in - and you’ve clocked a fair few hours in that time (addictive isn’t it) - 24m ISK is pretty good for someone with no previous experience and starting from cold. Don’t grind for ISK - Eve will stop being fun: you should play the game, not let it play you (ha!!). There is no right and wrong way of doing things, some ways are more efficient, some are cheaper, some are more enjoyable to you. Where that balance lies is a personal choice and will differ from someone else’s personal opinion.
Remember: bigger and more expensive ships aren’t always more appropriate or better for a job - they are tools in the end, the right tool may just be a nice cheap spanner you can hit things with!

The old man’s rambled enough: feel free to reach out in game,

Fly safe, or as safely as you wish.


Welcome man :slight_smile: thanks for the report.

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I’m pretty new too, and this is very interesting advice. I have started the Blood Stained Stars arc and there seems to be some very good isk doing these missions.

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Remembers the Blood Stained Stars with affection.

It’s about fifty missions, each giving a reward of about 100k ISK plus a bonus. So just in rewards it’s 5-10m ISK. It’s a tidy sum if you are starting out, more with loot. You can run it in a high damage Destroyer - a Coercer or similar; one of the ships with 7 or 8 turrets. One or two of the missions are a little tough, but don’t be afraid of warping out, repairing and if needs be refitting to something more tuned for the task.
The Sisters’ll send you all over the cluster, but that’s the Sisters for you: Pick your sides carefully.

I ran it over a couple of days in a Confessor, one of the advanced mode-switching tactical destroyers. The ISK was less important to me than the standings gain I needed - I’d just come back home after a year or so in Minmatar space and needed to sort out my negative standing to the Empire.
It may sound odd “5m ISK wasn’t important” but that’s the perspective of an older pilot with specialisation and experience. I remember when that was a significant amount to me; as much as hundred of millions are now. We are Capsuleers, not Baseliners: we buy starships.

You can repeat the Arc every few months (three if I recall) but I never have. I’m a slow soul that likes a comfortable life in the middle of the Empire; building things, running errands, researching the other factions in New Eden for my employer. A good retirement.

The Arc gives a good background in some of the politics and relationships in New Eden - there’s more to life here than the empty purposeless killing of others. I’ve done my time in service, and now I can use my old age and knowledge to help others.


Nice post! It’s good for other players and CCP to get feedback from new players, good and bad. I started about two months ago and remember when my wallet only held a few million. Generating ISK is hard until it suddenly isn’t! I had a goal to have a 1bil ISK wallet and that happened far quicker than I imagined.

After you get some ISK losses aren’t so hard to replace.


Welcome to Eve dude!

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Thanks so much to all of you for your sound advice and welcomes ! :smiley:
I don’t have time to answer you all but I have taken notes and taken what you all said in ! A great community like this only makes this great game greater I find haha.

Fly safe as always, add me in game if you like, it would be fun to fly together of course !


Get in touch via EvE-Mail if there’s anything I can do to help out mate.

Thank you very much for the kind offer. I will take you up on it if there is anything that stumps me.

Well make sure that you gain enough experience before diving into low sec and nullsec (I mean corps) just take your time and train your skills.

Also dont just aim for big ships. In many cases I saw fleets using small ships in roams but with T2 modules on it so MAKE SURE THAT YOU those below.

  • Damage Controller II
  • invulnerability II
  • Afterburner II
  • Warp Drive II
  • Ward Disruptor II
  • Warp Scrambler II
  • Gyrostabilizer II
  • Tracking Enhancer II

When you feel ready it will be good for you to join a newbro type of corp cause they mostly make kitchen sink fleets (mixed ships) why I say this cause many corps in low and null have their scrict doctrines which will require you to train for months before joining a fight with them unless you become tackle in every fleet (which is kinda hard for you at start) so be careful when choosing.

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