New to EVE Online!

Hey, what’s up everyone? My name in game is Richard Benoite. However, my real name is Richard as well but that’s not my last name lol. I am pretty new to Eve and have absolutely fallen in love with it to be completely honest and have already joined a great corporation with a strong member base of veterans that have taught me so much and caused me to learn way faster than I ever could have on my own and I couldn’t be more thankful for that considering how daunting it is when you first start to figure everything out. So, now thanks to them, even though I still have a whole lot to learn…I have a very very good grasp on the game and have them to talk to whenever I need to learn something more.

Why I Am Here!!

Honestly, I am here to meet all or at least a lot of you other newbies that are out there! I would like to meet and talk with you guys to get to know you and build a little community together so that we can learn, grow and become friends while at the same time learning from each other on how to be better at Eve and most importantly have fun together. So, if any of you other new guys are interested in getting together, creating friendships and a community that grows and learns together…then pls feel free to hit me up on here or in game. I look forward to meeting and hearing from you.

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Is this a corp advert?

feels like a recruitment thing :confused:

Probably it’s naive to think he’s just kinda naive…
Let’s wait what he says after some gatecamps.

I think it’s important new players aren’t tricked into joining this guy’s corp via his offer of “community that grows and learns together” because that sounds exactly like all the tax reaping newbro corps in the recruitment section.

“Come learn together with us, we’ll give you 2 Million ISK worth of skillbooks before taxing you a hundred times that back once you’re committed to our terribad group.”

Any new players reading this, don’t drink the koolaid. Join a reputable corp that is run by people with experience, not a “we learn together hurray new players” corp, they are almost all just tax operations.

lol give Richard the benefit of the doubt. It’s not WoW but he may not know that

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Really?? I have had nothing but positivity from this community in game but I come to the forums and instantly it turns sour and I get accused of trying to scam people?? I don’t want them to join any damn thing. I am in a reputable corporation myself and have no plans of running one. I just want to add them as contacts in-game so that we all have each other to message/talk to and help each other through our journey in eve. As far as joining goes, I don’t want them to join anything. Just looking for friends to add as contacts and talk/learn/grow with. So, yes, I am well aware this isn’t WoW and I am well aware of the many people that try to scam others but don’t just come on to my post and accuse me of ■■■■ when you don’t have a clue. Now, for anyone new who would like to add contacts with me and make friends…as I said above, feel free to message me here or in-game.

You really didn’t meet any “bad” people in EvE yet? Ever been to Jita?
It might be interesting to determine how much suspicousness you need in that game to avoid disappointment. For some it might be more suiting to just stay that open minded and don’t care about scams which eventually will come.
But to clarify: We’re not used to chatting or socializing over here in the newbro forum as far as I can see, are we? :wink:

BTW: I was told “EvE” stands for Everybody vs. Everyone.

Lmao if you are that paranoid and can’t use your own instincts to weed out the problem people without having to come and talk ■■■■ about them…then find your way off this post. There is a way to go about things and the way some of you are going about it just isn’t the right way.

Hi Richard :purple_heart:

Hello Lulu lol. See guys, no immediate paranoia or bad mouthing from her. She spoke and now her and I can talk and she can use her own personal instinct to determine whether she wants to socialize or not. It’s nice to meet you Lulu!

I haven’t really read anything in the thread, just noticed it went sideways fast :relieved:

Nice to meet you too

Completely understandable Lulu, but you didn’t come in with paranoia and hysteria broadcasting loudly and running someone down without asking any questions or getting answers lol. I am just saying before you begin putting people down and such, you should ask questions and learn things before just instantly jumping to a conclusion…ya know what I mean?

I’m a wormholer. Paranoia and hysteria are my only friends.

Then ignore my ramblings. Best of luck to you :blush:

Hey, I am newbie also. Since there is nowhere regular “hello” thread, I will say Hello here.

Good luck with your corporation !

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Here we go, our nice guy can be sour/huffy, too :slight_smile:
Welcome to EvE!

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Hey now…

Friendly words of advice:

  • No one can know if you’re really a new player. It’s important to consider.
  • badmouthing can make you and your corp a target, because people who lack good manners usually get taught to have good mannery. So i suggest toning it doen a bit. You’re new and don’t know how society works yet.
  • people usually are very helpful, even after they’ve blown you to pieces. Those who ask their attackers for friendly advice will be helped, those who do it like you in that post usually attract lots of problems.

EVE is a jungle, and not making enemies is an important part of the social experience… unless you love making enemies, then go ahead. :grin:

Good Luck, Have Fun!

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