Not brand new but definitely newbro

If I could even be called newbro, :thinking::laughing:

Anyway, bit of history… I trialed Eve so many times in the last eight years it is not even funny. I only subbed once or twice because of the incredibly huge learning curve and the time needed to invest in learning and understanding. I’m probably not alone in this, because of the massive appeal, in the mmo universe Eve always sat as a prized jewel with a myriad of intricacies

I never gave up, tho. I wanted to play, I tried to play, but life kept getting in the way. Nowadays it’s a little different, a lot of my school is online, I get to spend a lot of time at the computer, I get to freaking play Eve, no one can stop me.

I mean seriously, when you’re new, and you learn enough to realize that “Oh wow, I can’t actually do this thing I want to do until X amount of days/weeks/months from now” time gets vast. Instant gratification grabs you.

Regardless, the reason I’m making this post is because over the years, all mostly solo, but sometimes with a little conversation with veterans, I’ve been able to piece together a pretty basic understanding of game mechanics. I’m looking for some interesting or helpful people who may want to mail me in-game and start a convo where some questions can get asked and answered.

I’m just not a terribly social person. I really end up doing most MMOs solo, which is why I’m just trying to get some correspondence started.


BTW I know a lot of people would probably be like “Join a Corp where vets can show you the ropes, bro.” I get that. I’m in a Corp and I like it. I’m just trying to get some correspondence in-game started. Take time to send messages, spend a little time trying to figure stuff out. Have different types of conversations with different types of people. I like a lot of different perspectives, because everyone’s got an interesting take on things.

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You can mail me if you like. I mostly do exploration and light PVP. I dabble in industry (very light!) as well as Planetary Interaction.

Glad to see you stick with the game. Eve is so big that if you stick with it long enough you’ll find a way to play that will fit with the rest of your life. Congrats! Have fun, fly it like you stole it!


untill ccp nerfs the crap out of it,
then you get your BitterVet™ status and can start taking it out on your neighbours (ingame)

Man, I’m one of those people that hates not understanding things. I know everybody starts out somewhere, but I’m having a tough time gaining traction but I guess that’s why they call it a steep curve.

Bumping. Def looking for more people who might want to get some evemails going… helps me gain a lot of perspective and is just fun in general… Ty! Always looking for just anything…

Def would like to get an evemail going on ships, too!

There are no “bros” in Eve :imp:

No bros, fam? How are me and my boys supposed to stay lit on some backwoods my guy… the dawgs will be salty about this, u feel me???

I don’t put my main on the forums much, this is just a forum character. Next time I’m on, I’ll try to send you a eve mail. Mostly mining, PvE, light T1 manufacturing, salvaging, gas mining and exploring.

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