Hello, NewBro here how do you play this game? I chose Mimitar or whatever spelled hopefully its good for PVP. Not sure what’s the best ships and such for fitting etc.

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  1. man we cannot explain to you a detailed post on “how do we play the game” ok? For me it would take probably 10 pages. And it is different for every other player because it is a sandbox.
    so you can try to join a newbie frendly corp, or read, or join eve-uni and have lessons, or ask precise questions and we will try to answer

There is no best ship in eve. it depends on what you wanna do and everythg is situational


Keep rookie help chat open, do the tutorial and then career missions, keep an eye out for groups to join (we call them corporations)

Be willing to lose, learn and move on.



Okay, that’s a pretty broad question, but here’s some advice.

  • Start by doing the beginning tutorial, the career agents, and the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc. They’ll help you learn a lot of basic skills, and get you started with some ships and spending cash.
  • From there, you should start looking at career options. Eve offers a quite a few options, but isn’t always the best about telling you how to get into them, or providing clear progression paths. Anyway, a lot of people tend to get funneled into missioning or mining. If you like it, then by all means stick with it. However, some other newbro friendly options include Abyss diving, exploration, nullsec ratting (join a NS group), and (to some extent) incursions. Incursions are pretty cool. It’s a social activity, and you can make some damn good money for a newbro. However, you do have to be able to fly one of the accepted ships before you can join. So, it will probably take you 3-6 months of training and saving before you can join. Regardless, if you do ever decide to give them a go, check out Warp To Me.
  • Finally, look at joining a newbro friendly corp such as Eve University, Pandemic Horde, or Brave Newbies. They offer various benefits (i.e. free ships, free skillbooks, SRP), PvE and PvP opportunities, and provide a lot of information through various means (i.e. formal classes, written guides, help channels). Naturally, they make surviving and thriving in New Eden a whole lot easier. Oh, and in case your an introvert, it’s really easy to get lost in the crowd of a big newbie friendly corp. So don’t let that stop you.

WTM Resource
Skill Guide
Rookie Guide


wow Shipwreck you are more patient than i am…

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Well, this game is quite easy to explain:

Grab a bucket, grab a shovel. Now, have fun in the sandbox

Seriously OP, do the tutorials and after that the world (or space in this case) is all yours to cut your own path through.

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I think the best part of EvE Online was learning how to play the game!
Once u have mastered the interface with all the tips and tricks the game comes much more boring…
Next step would be finding finding activities that you find interesting or people to play with!
Other than that… Will see another “quit eve” post very soon.

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except that after several years i am still learning new tricks. Not every day but probably every week

Some advice, either get funded by an existing corp or don’t play. You will just be an NPC and farm for veteran players. I’m basically locked out of all content but highsec being a new player.

This is such false information.

Hell, I have seen new players galore in null-sec with Horde and Brave being there.
If you are stuck in high-sec, it’s because of yourself.


Nothing I said was false. If you try to do anything in wormholes or lowsec, you are just farming for the guy that will take it from you.

Or it’s how you learn!

Don’t be afraid to dive into this game OP. Good killboards come from bad ones

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I might be literally ‘newborn’ when it comes to this game but even I realize this is complete BS. Yes areas outside of High-Sec are ‘dangerous’ but by staying in ‘safe space’ a new player is restricting himself severely both when it comes to fun/hour and ISK/hour.


I think the retention numbers speak for themselves. I quit in 2014 and apparently have a 6 year memory because basically people are just looking to grief you 24/7. Even if they have nothing to gain they will just pod you because they can.

If you quit in 2014 i find it curious that you remain on this forum complaining about the players. Might I ask how you define this grief that you speak of ?

I came back in 2020 for about a week. I just unsubbed again today. Basically, wormholes are owned by corporations and they will just pod you even though you are driving a t1 frigate with t1 outfit and maybe 100 mil in loot which is 3x your current wallet, but maybe .01% off theirs. New players are the product in this game, and you are sold to the veteran players so they keep having fun.

Aww poor baby!

Good luck!

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Well, it is their wormhole, how would it look to their rivals if they would let any outsider just walz in and start looting ?

I’d say chasing outsiders in areas a corp or alliance claims is more a show of strength or control then an atttempt to grief the outsider in question.


Yeah, and you are stealing basically that 100 mil from them. They claimed the WH and what is in it.

Also, you go to PvP heavy areas, and complain that PvP happens in a PvP spaceship game😂