New Uncertain Player

Hey guys. Until now, I never really felt particularly interested in playing Eve, but I suddenly got the hankering, and thought I’d give it a try.

However, from what I’ve read on forums, this game is extremely unfriendly to new players, and I feel that is even more a statement to be wary of since I’m so late to the party. So I’m not really sure what to do.

As such, I’m hoping to find friends to play with that will help me get my bearings and the run down on things - maybe even find an active, friendly, and social guild - or whatever they’re called in this game - to join.

Any tips you could give me? I’m still in the middle of the tutorial and feel uncertain about continuing, but I do want to give it a proper try.

Stick with and try RvB, EvE Uni or Brave, they help new players get their bearings. Then move to a WH corp and experience real Eve :slight_smile:

It’s extremely unfriendly to people that expect EVE to be a themepark MMO alâ World of Warcraft. Most everyone else will be fine.


I’d add that the NPE may be noob unfriendly, but good corps aren’t, and this really should be emphasized.

If you have thick skin and aren’t dumb, then you should be fine! Welcome aboard! :stuck_out_tongue:

There are large number of overpowered old players which create so hard competition that solo/new player have no chance of any achievement.

Only exit is to join some big corporation and start to learn and accumulate SP.

And that is complete BS I’m afraid.


There are some corps and people that help new players find what they are interested in doing and helping to get accustomed to the evils this game is. Joining a large alliance you’ll just become a cog. Start small then grow.

… Admittedly, these replies have only served to confuse me more. I’ll just look around the corp threads.

What do you fancy doing, there are many paths, and you dont have to stick with just one

It’d be fun to build up a nice community and just have a blast going around doing missions, incursions and other PvE stuff. Trade a bit. Kill pirates - I don’t care so much about the PvP, but since it seems to be integrated into everything, I want to build myself up as someone who doesn’t pirate, but is capable of defending against such.

Ignore everything you’ve heard so far. New players are more powerful than ever before these days and the vast majority of the toxicity can be avoided by remaining polite and humble :wink: Don’t complain when EvE isn’t like other games, just rty to understand why and strive to learn from your mistakes.

I tend to focus on piracy / hunting other players, though I have a bit of experience with pretty much everything EvE has to offer. If you ever feel stuck, feel free to get in touch via EvE-Mail and I’ll be happy to assist any way I can.

Don’t listen to this guy. Solo is extremely viable and very rewarding. Some people just can’t hack it cus it’s harder than flying in a 50 man blob.

You can be a pacifist in EvE or a bloodthirsty pirate, don’t let anyone tell you what to be. Get in touch for assistance :slight_smile:


predvodnica hates eve and doesn’t play it, just flames forums.

▲ ▲ ▲ yep…case in point

Rule number one, don‘t feed the trolls. :wink:

Keep in mind, EvE is a PvP game and the PvE is rather dull, mostly there to facilitate PvP and give people an income option. PvP not only happens in fights but also on the market, and the competition about resources. If you can’t defend or secure your claim (mission site, loot, etc.) you don‘t own it or lose it.

You have to earn your success against other players. This is what makes playing EvE fun and unique.


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Interms of starter corps check the ones I mentioned, though EvE Uni is probably best given you are less interested in PvP. Also have a chat with my corp recruiters, we may have something to interest you. Mailme in game if you like for advice and/or to discuss further.

Greetings and welcome to EVE! Very happy that you decided to give it a go and, we are here to help!

OK, a couple of things before we dive in. EVE is often considered unfriendly to new players for two main reasons.

FIrst, the community can be a little prickly at times (I see that there is a bit of that in this thread), but there are a ton of us who are supportive of new players and like to help them learn and find their way. You will do well as long as you are willing to learn, accept the challenges (and losses) of the game with good spirits, and do not shy away from that.

Second, the learning curve of EVE is incredibly steep. It is a very deep and complex game and that can be intimidating to some new players. However, with the right resources and the willingness to ask questions and learn from the answers you get, that very complexity is what makes EVE so wonderful and why we love it.

Now, as to where you are now and where you go from here- what I typically recommend to new players is to go through this sequence:

  1. Finish the tutorial
  2. Do the Career Agent missions to get some ISK, learn more about the game, and get some ships. Info on that is here:
    Career Agents - EVE University Wiki
  3. Do a special mission called an Epic Arc for a group called Sisters of EVE. This will get you more experience, more ISK, and let you see more of New Eden. Info on that is here:
    The Blood-Stained Stars - EVE University Wiki
  4. Decide what’s next- that may be joining a corp where you can learn more and work with people, or stay solo. It’s up to you at that point- but we are here to help out.

Now, while you’re doing all that, poke around on E-Uni (the site where I have posted those links) as this is the best documentation on EVE out there. If you have a question, it is probably answered on that site.

Also, here is another thread from another new player where several of us have been working on answering his questions as he gets started. Lots more info and links are in that thread that will help you out.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t hesitate to ask questions as they come up.


A game cannot be friendly or unfriendly. That’s projecting a personality onto something that doesn’t have one. The player community on the other hand…

A game can be easy or difficult to learn.
It can be forgiving or unforgiving when you screw up.
EvE is certainly the latter in both cases but as a result it is particularly rewarding when you accomplish something.

A game can have gameplay which is structured or open.
EvE is about as close to a sandbox as you can get. If you’re someone who constantly needs/wants direction EvE isn’t for you. If you want to be walked through a pre-scripted narrative it’s not the game for you. However, if you want to write your own story then it offers a plethora of choices. It takes years to try everything so most players never do, instead preferring to stick to what they enjoy most.

Yes, you’re late to the game, but it’s never been easier to start (as a new player) and while there are already many established empires, both industrial and military, (especially in nullsec) you can still make your mark on the galaxy as an explorer, pvper, pirate, scammer, trader, ganker (or even by trying the new PvE content). Why?
Because individual achievements are celebrated just as much as the on-going, never ending empire building.

More than other games EvE is a true MMO (the RPG is optional), in that it’s difficult to achieve much alone, so they key to enjoying the game is finding a good corp - something which can take a while (just like finding the right job in real life) but once you find a group of like minded individuals to fly with EvE really comes into its own and you’ll be able to make the most of what New Eden has to offer.

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