Lonely Noob seeks partner with expertise

Yeah, im completely new to eve and i feel like ive just jumped in a diving pool with cinder-blocks and drastically overestimated my ability to hold my breath. Was wondering if any kind soul would be willing to take me under their dope as f**k spaceship wing and help a brother out.

look into joining EvE university

edit: and don’t be too concerned about feeling overwhelmed, it will soon pass

edit 2: Resources for the New Citizen!

As Aetrid suggested EvE university is a good place to learn the ropes so join their in-game channel (called EVE University) and hangout there as it can take a while to be recruited. Even if you don’t decide to join them it’s still a useful channel to idle in for newer players.
I’d also join the English Help channel.
Feel free to ask questions or just shoot the breeze.
It will help until you find a decent corp.

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Over all, try to find some active groups\corporations “in your timezone“ and join them, you will find your buddies!

In your timezone is very important! Otherwise u will hear from discord or some other text chat, how awesome things happened when you were sleeping.

Also, some corporations “say“ that they are active…
Check their kill board or any sign of their activity, otherwise u might play alone again n find out eve as very lonely game.

Appreciate the tip dude, cheers.

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