Looking for help

hi im looking to get in to eve have tried in the past but never found ppl to help or play with so if there is corp out there that doesn’t mind showing me the ropes and having a mess around at the same time it would be great.

I am GMT 0 time zone (uk)

This actually belongs in the recruitment thread.

Anyway, newbro friendly organizations include Eve University, Pandemic Horde, and Brave Newbies. There are, of course, a billion smaller entities that are newbro friendly. Unfortunately, I’m unfamiliar with the vast majority of them. You can also peruse through the corp ads here on the forums, and through the corp tool in game, to see if anything peaks your interests.

Welcome to Eve

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Greetings mate . Feel free to mail me ingame , so we chat more. I will be glad to point you on game activities and stuff

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Chiming in on the above link: don’t rush it and don’t just join “any” corp, you’ll get lots of spam mail and spam invites and I’m not saying ALL are bad but from personal experience I can tell you that they can be very bad.

Do your research, take your time to figure out if a specific corp would be good for you.

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