Looking for a corporation that can help me find a purpose (US West Coast)

I’ve been playing EVE Online for three weeks now and I love it. Unfortunately, unlike other games i couldn’t convince my friends to play with me. So i figured the next best thing would be to make new friends and partners in a corporation who can guide me a bit and point me in the direction of a career like Exploration, Business, or even PvP. Normally i would dive right into a good sounding corp, but I’m not gonna lie, the complexity and large amount player interaction scared me away. But now I feel like I’ve done enough basic research and learning of EVE to join one. I cant promise ill be super active, but if i cant be in the game itself ill try to be active on the Corp Website/discord/forum/etc.

Best thing to do is to either go over to the Recruitment section of the forums and browse the corps there.

Alternatively, you can also join the English Recruitment Channel in-game, and talk to people.

Just remember, you are always free to join and leave a corp whenever you wish. If a corp seems crappy, dont worry about leaving it. Id rather you get into a good corp after 10 tries, than stay in a crappy corp for 10 years.

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Thanks for the advice, ill try thinking about it that way

No probs. Also, there are already quite a few good topics here about finding new corps. But ill give you the quick rundown.

Checking Zkillboard and Evewho are great resources to see how active and liked a corp is. https://zkillboard.com/ will show you the kills and losses of the corp/alliance, and https://evewho.com/ gives a good detail on the size, activity and more importantly, joining/leaving history of the corp. You will be able to check how good or bad a corp is by knowing how many losses they suffer, how many kills they have, and how frequent the turnover rate of players seems to be, is.

Thats not everything to a corp, however, and seeing how active they are and how friendly and knowledgable they are is only something attained through interaction and joining the corp, so I dont discourage joining, even if their killboard sucks. Just dont stay long if you feel as though youre not welcomed or you dont like it there.

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Hey Man

I seen your post in the eve forums, my corp Is recruiting guys who want to find a place to call home and arent sure what they want to do in eve yet.

We have guys that are into mining and industry and incursions for making isk, and we have guys like myself who run Planetary Interaction and do PvP.

We are lowsec based on the borders of highsec (1 jump) so if you wanna live in our highsec system til you feel confortable moving to our lowsec system its all cool with us.

Also, just a quick note. Our guys are laid bad, no obligations, real life first kinda group that are always willing to offer support and help in discord or in comms to help you through anything whether eve related or personal life related.

You seem like you want to find a purpose in the game to keep on enjoying it and I think you’d fit right in with us man.

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