Having trouble finding a corp

Just finished all of the agent missions at Malukker, I started looking for a corp, found one, joined that particular corp, then left because they were too inactive. I’m a minmatar player with less than 500k SP. i prefer PVP, PVE and mining.

Any good corps recommended to me will be appreciated.

I don’t have any specific recommendations, but there is another subforum just for this topic:


You may have better luck asking in there.

*I would check recruitment forums.
*Make sure u looking corporations active in your timezone!
*Check their killboard for activity.
*Join their public channel and have a chat.

The first corp I joined was one of those invite mail spamming ones, I figured that if they had so many members they surely must have been doing something right. I was wrong and it was a very negative experience.

Not saying all will be like that simply because I don’t know and it’s anecdotal evidence at best, just saying that it pays to put in above average effort into finding a good group to be with. Do your homework, ask questions, question motives.


i wrote you ingame
hope to see you soon


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