Having trouble finding a corp

Hi everyone!
This is my first forum post, so firstly thank you all for massive help so far.
I apologise in advance for somethings that have been repeatedly asked or said. I also ask forgiveness, as to be honest I haven’t played online games regularly since Runescape classic (Back in the dinosaur ages, when it was mostly 2D)

Im a new player, casual and generally courteous but slow on how the online world has progressed.

Ive been searching for a new corp in minmatar space the last few days. Im based in Vaere and Arnon, been mostly running T3s and salvaging, but when that gets a little repetitive Ive been drone hunting. Very hit and miss, but occasionally exciting. Ive since come to the point that I should find a likeminded corp to join/help.

Alternating sattelite/phone hotspot my connections fairly delayed, so Id like to ease my way into PvP to see whether or not its possible for me to be helpful or profitable. So Im genereally looking to learn to operate in a fleet and run PvE/salvage with more experienced players who can also share hints on how to better fit and fly my minmatar ships.

Im currently flying a hurricane for missions, which Id like to be able to afford spares before I take bigger risks. Im loving this ship, but Im certain Im not doing it justice as a pilot just yet. Other players claim to breeze through T3/4 with the hurricane, I still rely on hit and run with the tougher missions. F* serpentis.

Throughout my corp search here, through google, reddit, evewho and evecorp most seemingly suitable corps Ive found have <5 members, are low/null sec only and/or have mic requirements, which I cant fulfill at the moment.

Given that most questions Ive had so far have been a 1min google search or a quick Q in Rookie/SEADC chat Im a little spun out that finding a corp has been a few days event so far. Ive searched hard, but W/O a mic and the immediate drive to be given a frigate/destroyer in null PvP it seems Im quite limited. Although, free ships to get blown up in would certainly provide experience.

If you’ve read this far, thank you and feel free to ask any questions. Like I said, Im pretty new to online in general.

Bottom line up front: If you can’t find something you like, build it.

Easier said than done, eh?

I hear ya on the corp search…I myself went through several dozens over the years and the best were either groups I was in from the start (e.g. we build something) or it was a smallgang PvP group in low-sec.

The ugly truth is that “end-game” content appears to be seen by most as sov-space in null-sec or living in Wormhole/Pochven space. Those corps/alliances/coalitions have an established method that works for them often with years of “tried and true” requirements. The risk of spies and saboteurs is real enough that most take the easy way out and require voice-comms. If you want to get into that “end-game content”, that will very likely be a requirement.

However, the beautiful silver lining of Eve is that the game is complex enough that you CAN do things differently from everyone else and stand a decent chance of making it work.

There are communities that don’t rely on corporations at all and fleet up for PvP roams, incursion fleets, etc. You may find some good friends in a group like that.

There are groups that really focus on empire space (and somehow that seems to make voice comms less important)…often they are feeders to larger alliances/coalitions, but they can be self-contained groups with their own goals.

It is a sandbox game, as you know, and most of the kids play one or two specific games with specific rules (i.e. null-sec), but if you build something you enjoy doing, other kids will come over and see what you’re doing.

Have you considered Eve University? They are some great people that can help you develop skills valued by any kind of corp, and make connections with people spread all over the galaxy.

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Thanks for the replies guys! Ill talk to a few ppl ingame today.

Old post but the principles apply:


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