Newb friendly corporations

Hello im a new player and i played this game a couple of days now and i like it so much i am doing the agent missions and i am determinded to learn more things of this game and also interacte with this nice community and i wonderd if anyone has some good suggestions ( i like pvp alot also pve but the most pvp)

already thx guys

greetings from a newb pilot

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Suggesting a corp is really hard. The corp that works for Pilot A, doesn’t have to be a good fit for pilot B.

Read the guide linked above by me, it was made in the past on the old forums and luckily ported. Some stuff might be a bit outdated or obsolete but generally it all still applies.

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Greetings mate and welcome to eve. If y need any help about game itself , regardless of corp stuff, feel free to mail me

thank you guys i appreciate it :slight_smile:

Also, if you ever have any questions. You have found the right forum place to ask them, you won’t even be bound to the corp mates to answer them.

:+1: :+1:

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