How do you decide what beginner corp to join?

I keep seeing advertisements for beginner corps, but each corp I see looks more attractive than the next! I’m not sure how to figure out what a good beginner corp is. I also already joined a corp like, yesterday, so I think it’d be pretty rude if I left that quickly? But idk

I would join a corporation that has a solid new player on-boarding program as well as internal corporation infrastructure.

If your corporation communicates by in-game EVE mails and the only time you ever have contact with your corp mates is through random corp chats, imo, that’s a very bad corporation to be part of.

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Your character was created on July 10, 2004 and has been in the same player corporation since July 16, 2004 so, if you’re returning after a long absence - we’re happy to help, if you’re trolling, not so much.

An explanation of the discrepancy between your post and your history please!

@Do_Little 2004? I created my character yesterday…?
edit: I mean 2 days ago

…just please do not join a corp that sends you an in-game email. They are generally scams. Do some research, ask around, contact some players (randomly) of that corp and see if they would mind if you asked them a few questions.


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I think you are looking at the character ‘Alcor’ (with an L). This is ‘AIcor’ (with an ‘i’) and he is indeed a new character.

Welcome to the game AIcor! Most corps will have a public channel which you can hop into and ask their members questions (usually linked in the cor description or recruitment ad.). I recommend getting into those and getting to know some people.

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Apologies - upper case I (eye) and lower case l (L) are indistinguishable in the forum font! I’ll join others in welcoming you to Eve.

There are several well established new player corporations depending on the type of gameplay you are interested in. A couple worth checking out:

Eve university:
Brave Newbies:

Before deciding, you should complete the tutorial and career missions which will give you a taste of the different career paths in the game.

Good luck!


all others provided good advices
and tbh, you will have to try, do mistakes, be lucky etc
have a convo with a director, join the corp, and if you are not happy in the new corp, you can leave it when you want

As a rule of thumb, see if people are willing to help you, to answer your questions, to provide you some fits, advices, etc
A small tax on your activities is usual, but if the tax is too high don’t join them

I will just tell you how it was for me:

i joined eve 4-5 years ago. I created my character. Did the tutorial (but not carrer agents). I read a bit, saw that low and null sec were supposed to be less safe than hi-sec and decided to find a corp 3 hours after creating my toon.
I searched for a french-speaking corp (because i am french), in null, via the “corporations” function in game. Sent a mail. The director convoed me. They were 3 players in that corp, they lived in null, belonged to VOLT. They just tried to be sure i was not a spy. They traveled to Jita to escort me to null. Gave me a few t1 ships, taught me how to scan and hack. I started to do explo, spent time on mumble with my corpmates,.
Then we received an exciting mail from our alliance leader Corebloodbrothers (i love you, core ;)), about incoming war, asking everybody to get prepared.
I never left null sec. Our corp merged with another, we got new friends, Volt won some battles, then lost others, left Catch for Querious, finally our corp left Volt and joined Brothers in Arms, then Initiative, then joined a bigger corp where we got other friends etc.
I already lent my flat to one swedish guy from my corp for several days, i spent hundreds of hours talking with corpmates on mumble about eve, about family, about work, coronavirus, politics.
We organized some rl meetings to have fun

Tldr: try, if the first corp is not the good one, try another one, meet people, get virtual friends and find the place where you feel fine

The only risks, imo, are:

  • if the corp you join is not a nice one, you could get disappointed by eve and stop playing
  • keep your valuable assets in hi sec for a while, until you can trust your new corp, so that, if you wanna leave, you dont have your assets stuck somewhere
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my only advice is to NEVER join a corp that sends unsolicited ingame mails, they are invariably some form of sweatshop.


Like many things in eve, bigger is not always better.

Personally, I’ve never been attracted to the big newbie friendly corps, it seems to me its fairly easy to get lost in the masses there, and not develop properly. It’s like saying the best way to learn how to read is to join an elementary school where toddlers sit, en masse, with thousands in a stadium watching a recorded lecture by a teacher on how to read.

That said, I can’t speak from personal experience, as I never joined a corp like that. My first corp was a fairly small Dutch language corp that dabbled on the boundary of high-sec/faction-war switching in and out every few weeks. I wanted to learn pvp and this was a great opportunity.

My personal requirements for joining a corp are:

  • I need to like the people
  • I need to be able to learn more about eve from my corpmates (I basically use the “shoot then recruit” rule in reverse here, if they can kill me I can probably learn from them.)

So wander around, get shot by people, talk to people, see how you get along. Perhaps go on a roam or two with them before joining, people will generally appreciate it if you take time to make your choice if that means you hang around longer.
However, always make sure to check whether there are experienced players in corp. Specifically, this means they need experience with things you are inexperienced with. In other words, if you are a miner, avoid the niche “high sec mining only” corps, instead try and figure out what you don’t know and whether a corp can help you with that.

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EVEwho, Just another source of information, just if you wonder…
This guy looks rather inactive:

Different results “aicor”, confirmed :wink:

I second NC85’s guide. It helped many capsuleers before you to find a good corp.

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J’Pol? Oh wow.

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Yeah, guess who’s back😂

I doubt ISD likes that though

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