What's the point of being part of a Corp if... you are doing exactly the same things you were doing before: Missions!

The title says everything.
I am wondering what is the reason of asking to people to enter a corp and then leaving them alone doing exactly the same thing they were doing before: missions or exploration or mining…
Why instead corps are not asking to be part of a fleet and see if they are able to have fun together?
I can tell you that after 14 days, the majority of corps I met are just behaving in that way.
So there’s no reason of entering in a corp

Forming a corp is a great way to glean taxes from unsophisticated rubes.


instead of empty tax loss to an NPC corp, which you will never see a return on, joining a corp that has a tax, you can potentially gain that back in either as ISK or a ship replacement program, or some other usefulness than as an isk sink to CCP.

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well, let’s say that if the presentation would just “hey come with us, we don’t give a f*** about you but you’ll have lower taxes”, it could make sense.
But the reality is that those corps are presenting themself as the school where you’ll learn how to play the game, with classes you have to attend, pvp roams, etc…: what I have see is… #waitforit : a discord server and 1000 people playing alone

If you are doing exactly what you did before you joined the corp then the corp is an issue.

I assume they don’t do things together, there are no planned content drivers (even if it is something as simple as yeet into null with a thrasher fleet), or “op” so to speak. Then yes… corps that just let people still do what they please without group activity is the cancerin EVE.

Joining a new corp is always a hit and a miss. You might join 10 corps before you find the one where you are on comms with them everyday, even if you are doing nothing other than ship spinning in EVE. But keep looking… you will find your spot. :slight_smile:


Easy, collect taxes or worse slave labour from newbies. It’s a quite common scam. If you see an all purpose corp heavily advertising in highsec, you likely have one of those. Also if you get invited by mass mail, it’s a red flag.


I think some corps get stagnant. They don’t change or try anything new. The older players can do on their own everything they want to do and so don’t want new players running around messing up their missions/mining/ISK per hour. And yet they keep doing what they have always done… recruiting.

My advice is find more out about a corp before joining it if you can. Ask to be involved in some of the activity’s they “claim” to be doing, be that exploration, worm holes, mining or missions if nothing else a new starter can hoover up the wrecks and collect the loot. Ask to be added to voice coms and chat channels, see if they are silent all the time or if they are actually a vibrant community. Do they have a forums and if so are they active or has it been days weeks or months since anyone posted.

In my experience recruiting is not easy and I’d not be surprised if some people just tell a recruit what they want to hear just to get them through the door.

I’ll be straight up with you, if you were to join my corp/alliance you’d find yourself amongst a few highly independent, knowledgeable and casual players. We play when we can and don’t worry about it too much when we can’t. Apart from mining Op’s where we all come together to mine you’d find yourself pretty much on your own. One thing I can say is that we are all connected via WhatsApp and we talk all the time not just when we are on eve.

Keep looking and you will find the right corp. (ps… I’m recruiting at the moment)


First question: What do you want? If it’s solo mining and missioning, you should be fine. Probably your corpmates see you doing that all the time, so they don’t care anymore.

Second question: What can you offer and still have fun?
My first Level 4 missions were in a Noctis (my first special ship ever, yay!), and it was really fun for me as a newbro, because I like salvaging. This means missioning doesn’t have to be a one man show. Same with Nullsec roams, the Thrasher fleet into the unknown is also fun. But the problem is: They are not god given, but need folks to organize and attend.
So talking and organizing is the key. Waiting doesn’t help.

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If it seems a corp you joined isn’t active in doing what you like, you could always be the one to engage others… sometimes when a corp is stagnant, it takes fresh eyes to bring excitement back to the corp etc.

but i do agree to stay clear of “do it all” corps, because most likely, they don’t do it all, or they do it all and are really really ■■■■ at it.

you really wanna find a corp that focuses on one or main things, which is what the new corp advertisement is supposed to do, to really help find a corp that does what you want.

While the “corp” i joined is into PVE missions, none of us mission together since we are more of a service to raise standings for others, so i joined it just to make isk while doing missions.

It was clear that I’d like to do PVE and PVP.
It was clear that I flight only ships of a specific faction.
No activities planned for weeks.
If I am new I have probably difficulties in organizing something I don’t know nothing about? What do you think? Do you have children? Are they able to organize a game that they don’t know nothing about or do you guide them teaching some basics and then live them experimenting? If you are calling your Corp “blah blah blah University” I am expecting you behave as a teaching group, otherwise you can call the “Agglomerated group of people not playing together and not teaching nothing”

Keep in mind it’s holidays for some

You don’t have to run the show. But if you are already an experienced mission runner, you can take some fellow players with you. And if some corp members of yours are more experienced, you can ask in corp chat if you could join mission events.
What I’ve really appreciated was PvP training, where the basic tools and mechanics were explained and trained. Did you ask for that and nobody reacted? Then the corp may really be dying, that’s perfectly normal. Find another one - perhaps ask some fellow miners in you favorite belt?

What I just want to make clear is that corps are not a service for you but always some players who also want to have fun. So as soon as you are part of a corp, you are part of the content.

This is quite easy to change, and you really should diversify. Each faction has cool ships.

@Emmeno_Seventio - sounds like you have unfortunately encountered bad corps. It should be more like you say where you have the opportunity to fleet up with others and do things.

The principles are still good.

Or just join EvE University…learn the game and if running missions is really what you decide you want to do then you can simply do it.

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Without saying it, I think thats the corp that the OP joined. “blah blah blah university”

have you looked at their itinerary on the website? class schedules?

judging by this, they have several classes going on in the next few days that are up your alley. get in touch with their teaching staff.

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Oh…maybe so…“no activities planned for weeks” doesn’t sound like them, though…

@Shipwreck_Jones …I think you may know a bit about that alliances’ activity level?

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their active calendar has nothing on it, but the link i provided to the forums suggests otherwise… whoever keeps up with their calendar is just not keeping up with it… I think OP is just misunderstanding on what EVE U is and isn’t… Not to mention, their calendar has nothing for 2022 on it, so I may be like a one year only calendar and when 2022 hits they’ll have a new calendar and classes etc lined up. idk just speculating at this point.

Not sure if OP really means EVE Uni, there are many “University”-Corps out there from whom I sometimes receive adverts in Highsec.
To me it sounds like a dying Newbro helping corp, which is a pity, but quite normal: Exactly the same happened to my initial corp, but I witnessed good starting months with cool corpmates from all over the world. So a few months can make a huge difference.

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Sorry, but before saying that sentence “blah blah blah university”, I checked the number of corps with that suffix and they are so many.
Because you mentioned EVE University and it’s taking some indirect blaming, I can tell you that it is not the corp I was in. But I’ll refuse to answer to other posts mentioning other “xyz university”, because that’s not my point.
My point is: the game can be played alone and this is what you learn doing career agents.
When you create a corp I think you should create an environment where the player can find the “social” part of the game.
That “social” aspect cannot be relegated only to the discord.
If you do not have the time to create events, there are alternative things you can do I think, such as connect cadets of you corp telling them something they could accomplish in the days when the veteran members are offline…

Refuse away…*shrug, whatever…

Yes, it can, but one is depriving themselves of a lot of potential fun by not at least trying out the social aspects of EvE.

Personally I think many things in EvE are more fun with others. I’ve done and still sometimes do some things solo…but group play is very often worthwhile, imo.

If one decides they don’t wish to do that always or even ever then fair enough…but having a frame of reference for that decision seems practical.

I agree. If a corp is not doing that then they are a bad corp.

Well…dunno about that always…there are a number of formal and informal groups where the players use chat channels and/or discord channels to be social as they mostly do their own thing. Signal Cartel comes to mind as an example of players doing that a lot but also coming together to help each other out or for some other purpose.

Agreed…but I would be wary if my corp was not doing much.

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If I carry on that thought, it has to be an active corp as long as it exists, like a job, someone has to offer office hours and response times.
Experience shows that this is mere theory. Actually there is a huge amount of inactive or somewhat inactive corps. It is bad luck if join one that is getting inactive, but as I said, they either hope to get new active members and/or misconceive their own grade of inactivity.

As mentioned before, if you don’t like the lazy lot, look for a new one. It’s only one click away.

And now I carry on killing towers of corps whose last kills were 8 years ago :wink:

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