Are all the corps the same?

You read it right, and that’s my hot take. There are only 2 corps in this game.

The first kind has a mile long list of “what we offer” and proceeds to essentially hand the game over to you without any work, jumping straight into PVP

Either that or it’s a bunch of dudes chillen smashing rocks with lasers (which, is fun sometimes, but not the main reason I play this game)

First time I joined a corp all we did was mine Not manufacture, just mine. That’s what was “most efficient”. Fought one person.

Second time I joined a corp, they said “hey come on out here and fight in this battle”, and replaced my fledgling destroyer with a fully stocked cruiser, with more buttons and modules than you could shake a stick at

How do you guys find groups to actually play with, like gather resources over a period of time and carve out a spot in a system?

Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Call me crazy, but I feel like this game is sooo much more than most people make it… like if you’re not flying a ship that you earned, you’re not going to be scared to lose it. Right? That fear is what makes the game interesting imo

because corps tend to have a focus the better idea is to look at alliances and the corps within them. For example, my alliance IRC has a number of corps. some of them are entirely indy pve. mine, build etx. another corp is all about shooting things. They spend time at the war front and fleet up for home defense. they also fly cover for our moon ops. what you are looking for is the right community and then join a corp within it. if you want to talk recruitment , contact dorfsorc in game.
We play to enjoy EVE with all its nuances.


Too bad if that’s your reason for liking the game.
I like it because of the complexity, that you can try and discover a lot. If the game was 100% PvP, I would not have started. PvP in Eve is a joke. Employment for narrow-minded. As a variation ok, but only do PvP? Would hang me.

PS: This statement is of course an exaggeration, you do need brains to succeed in PvP if you don’t do it with the masses against a target. However, as the only one activity, it would be quite monotonous for me.

No, not at all.

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Oh don’t get me wrong, that’s not the SOLE reason I like the game

I agree with you, the complexity and depth is what’s most appealing, but part of that complexity is the risk associated with living in a universe that’s not safe.

The PVP just enhances all aspects like a spice. Exploration and mining would be like watching paint dry if there were not the threat of some unknown human lurking out there.

To circle back to the original post, if I were able to opt-out of PVP by joining a PVE only server… I feel like that’d kill the game, the real premise here is EVERYONE is in the same server… creating a PVE only place would almost certain draw new players away from the PVP environment

PVE only games are essentially theme parks… ever play WoW on a PVE server? It’s like walking thru fuckin’ Disney World lol

Yes, I did for 16 years. In the top raids and very good Arena/BG teams, don’t ■■■■■■■■, you have zero idea about.

Wait, isn’t Arena/BG PvP?

That’s what I’m saying, you couldn’t play WoW ONLY as PVE for 16 years… PvP (in some capacity) is ESSENTIAL to online games

The emphasis is on “in some capacity”. You are right.
But for some it seems to be the reason for life. :v:

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100% agree, I see SO many corps that are just “ALL PVP ALL THE TIME”, like there’s more to it than that XD

@leavwiz sums it up nicely.

A corporation often has a focus, be it combat, mission running, mining - and is normally set up to focus on it’s main area of interest.

An Alliance is a group of corporations coming together with a common very high level objective, but each corporation tends then to specialise. You’ll have miners and resource gatherers in one, industrialists in another, combat pilots protecting the flock and the structures in another, explorers and so forth. Some may be quite niche: capital ship construction, or quite general in their approach.
There will be logistics groups, moving stuff around on behalf of the alliance, or supply groups providing the equipment and facilities others use.
Imagine an Alliance as a big organisation comprising different business areas and departments.

A good alliance communicates and allows the members of the corporations in the alliance to work with each other - for example, I’m an industrialist - I make things: ISK and other things the wider alliance uses. I fly with our combat groups when I want to or need to. I mine with fleets in the mining alliance when I need to.

An alliance will have an objective, possibly as simple as “we want to hold on to a small area of space we can call Home” or a wish to expand and become more dominant, or to improve general quality of life and operations in a particular region. It’s often the alliance and it’s aims that you want to look at when you join a group.

@Mister_Jekyll: There are a lot of corporations that exist in isolation. It sounds like you are looking for a role in an alliance with an objective to hold and build a bit of space of their own. How you find that group I’m not sure (it’s not something I’ve looked for). It might be worth posting in the recruitment group on these forums.
Or look at Eve University - they have different groups doing different things with the aim of helping others build their own places.
Or look at one of the bigger alliances in null and approach some of their companies and recruiters. The space solidly controlled by a big alliance is often as safe as high sec for their members.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply!

That makes sense, Alliances are the end goal of corporations which specialize.

But you nailed it, I want to join a small corp with an objective of building and maintaining a home in space, before branching out and joining an alliance

Honestly, I’ve had more promising luck starting my own corp. Made one for shits and giggles and already got someone interested.

I know people say you shouldn’t start a corp until you’ve in one for a while…

but people have also said “mining is the only way to make money” and… well… they don’t play anymore

To hell with “proper procedure” lol


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Sorry, but you really should not.

That is indeed a silly thing to say…but doesn’t really change any fundamental principle of the game because someone says weird thing, eh?

Well. it’s more a thing determined by the collective experiences of all the folk who have played this game…but good luck to you, friend.

What about looking into WH groups, or perhaps some of the small unafiliated alliances that are trying to carve out a piece of nullsec for themselves (such as the United Federation of Conifers). It sound like a lot of these guys have to fight hard to keep their holes/space, and they are small enough that you’ll likely feel like you’re making a meaningful contribution to their tactical and strategic goals.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about any of them to be able to make any recommendations, but you can always check out the recruitment section of the forums.

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On the other hand people that haven’t experienced PVP might be scared to lose something and for them that fear might make them not try PVP. Some people don’t want to work for something and then have it blown up in an instant. You have to get them over that fear and give them the taste for blood.

We give out free ships to newer players because we want them to get into fights and not be scared to lose something. They can always “earn” their way to more bling. Once they have some experience under their belts they learn to accept loss and also get a feel for the capabilities of different ships in PVP situations, making them more comfortable to try out their own ships.

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Old and simple question with a long and complicated answer.

The gist of it is: It’s just like dating or finding a new friend. Lots of mis-matched fits, loneliness, terrible people that you only realize are terrible long after you have committed, etc, etc.

My opinion?
The best way to find a group is to do something YOU like and talk with people along the way.

There is no rule that says you have to join a group that you initially meet.
Get to know people. “Interview” them by flying a few sorties and doing stuff together. Build some trust.
And even if you don’t exactly jive with said people, don’t “burn down bridges.” Odds are, someone in the group may be able to point you in another direction via THEIR connections.

Lastly… be up front about what YOU want to do.
Believe it or not, there are some PvP corporations out there that don’t mind a miner or industrialist in their midst so long as it is fun and there is some degree of benefit for both of you.**

**(NOTE: As a miner/industrialist, a PvP group may not come and help you over every issue or incident. But if you are supplying things to the group and give a decent heads-up they will be MORE than happy to defend or help rebuild the infrastructure to get things going again)


No . You don ‘t know RvB


No you dont have to be a someonelses foot soldiers and pawns and F1 monkeys. To defend their profit and fly what they told you to fly and give your hand when thet told you smash the buttons…l and learning PvP build up mindset knowledge and understanding grounly takes long time . What you describe there is not 1/100 of real PvP.

Everyday i wrote on rookie chat at least dozen times : mining is the least efficient way to make isk for new pilots!

This is how you describe meaningfull game play ? This is nothing different than what you have been doing in fact… again… you dont know RvB …

Absolutely True ! But that deepness and pleasure is only for the players who enjoy complexity and intellectual stimulation along with know how to share a community light hearted banters and spirit…

You cannot find those people within a group all they know is profit profit profit… to fight with profit… ■■■■ other side for profit…

There is shitloads of people in this game they play to make profit ingame but doesnt really know enjoy and emrace this game real beauty

No … i do pvp over a decade … my favorite ship is executioner and fitted for 12 mil isk. And i did killed many bigger size ships with that one had crazy funs and still its my golden… i did used over 300 bil to train new pilots into pvp over years … but i enjoy and have crazy funs with my beautifull executioner ! … i enjoy the fights itself i love to make decisions in 30 sec fights between life and dead … micromanaging my modules controlling my range piloting my ship every second is calculated in my head like 30 sec progressed years of experience reflects in 30 sec fight in slow motion like minutes you experience…

We take fights against each others … we share same comms scream and overheat our guts and laughters together we banter and smack talk and do all kind of deceptions and pull all psych war tactics against each other… … we fight against each other and find our best friends on the other side…
I had started as blue… but reds trained me most into pvp… took years for me to grow understanding and strong roots… worth to every second… 12 years old community tradition … we are still together and training new people… still we enjoy to kill each other and sharpen each other non stop…

Because we constantly learn each others fits tactics strategies… we all capable to build and change and constant growth and nature of our enjoyment nurtures and makes us better

Nope you dont know RvB definately …

There is ■■■■ loads of corps and aliances in eve… but there is one RvB totally unique concept institution , out of box old tradition and legacy …

What you afraid to loose ■■■■■■■ flying titans .? Expensive ■■■■?.. Officially flying coffins… slugs… you will be tied and bend to aliances orders … you cant even dock it up wherever you want stretched your legs … there is much more better places to use isk for funz

Oh but EGO EGO…

You know… what ?? This is between us :rofl: whenevr i see samone who make in their ayes having big expensive and blinky shits proud of and showing off ! Underestimating and belittling elders : T1’s Only one thing pass through from my mind…

“ GOOD ! Another small dick trying to compansate the situation with his big expensive flying ■■■■ “ …

Well sad but true… ( i know may be it sounds bit cruel… may be even bit unfair… but thats precisely first thing pass from my mind when i see someone like that , cant help it !)
this is note to you from decade old female solo PvP pilots perspective …

Dont be that dick…


I do respect a solo frigate pilot who go around and take the fights far more than some heavy sluggs…
What could possibly go wrong …

Lolololol !

1 titan costs how much aprx 100 bil fitted ?

You can fit 50.000 ship for the new pilots so they can experience PvP … 1000 of new to eve pilot can take fights against each other non stop for weeks and have funns… and i love and enjoy to be with them guide them through give them tons of different fits and ships to olay around … different play styles, !
And be happy ! Simply beautifully happy…

But many of those titans now lying death or alive in m2 f as a victim of someonelses EGO and HUNGER for being BIIIG! …

They are just small… so small… so tiny didy bidy…All of them deserves what happened there… as result of their greediness! While rest of community suffering …

The best way to find a group is to do something YOU like and talk with people along the way.

I wanna scream this from the mountain tops for all newbros to hear, this is what I’ve been doing for 2 days now and I’ve already met 3 great other pilots. Fantastic advice

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