New Player Looking For Corp

Hey all, 24 hours new here… what a game! So much to learn, so much to do, where to begin? I feel that i have familiarized myself with some of the basic concepts of this game. I’ve been doing a lot of research, reading the wiki and guides when a question comes up or if i can’t figure something out. But one can only read/watch so much before the questions start piling up.

I’m looking to join a corporation that could help further me in this game. I can see myself as a long time player here and would love the opportunity to learn more about this game.

There’s still SO much more for me to discover in this game, I’m honestly open for anything. Everything is a new experience. I’m really just looking for some friendly people who don’t mind giving a few pointers here and there.

Things I’m looking for in a corp:

  • New Player friendly.
    -I’d love to be able to ask questions if i cannot find the answer myself.

  • Looking to make friends.
    -If i have to keep talking to myself out in space, i’ll lose my sanity…

  • PVP
    -Once I’ve figured things out, id love to engage in PVP.

Things about me:

  • U.S. Timezone

  • New, yet Active player

  • Discord/Teamspeak Enabled (with mic)

  • Team Player

  • I chose Amarr (I’m assuming you can only join corps within your own faction…)

  • Favorite food: Sushi

And don’t think your time is wasted on training a new pilot! I’m a huge team player. Show me how to do something and i’ll get it done! I’m in this for the long haul!

Thank you for your time.



You can join any corp, your starting faction only dictates your starting ship skills, you can buy and train skills to fly any ship in the game :slight_smile:

Give Eve University a look bud

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Nope, you can join anyone unless the players in that corporation restrict it (I know of exactly one group that does, and you’re lucky that they too are Amarr ;)).

Most corporations don’t have a faction as such, either. Factional warfare is a thing and some corporations / alliances have picked sides for RP reasons, but those are exceptions more than a rule.

You are welcome to take a look at Electus Matari. We try to be newbie friendly. And if you are looking for a roleplay / factional warfare group of Amarr may I suggest our arch-enemy PIE Inc?


Thanks for the response! To clarify, I chose the Amarr race but i am not bound to them. I can join any corporation and fight other race? I understand i can train skills to pilot any ship, but was under the impression that if i choose Amarr my enemy would be Minmatar.

I will give Electus Matari a look, thank you for the response!


RCJT has a 5m SP requirement, however another corporation in our alliance would be great for you! - Check out Brand Newbros in TEST Alliance Please Ignore

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We only make exceptions for OMEGA accounts with a serious commitment to skill into doctrine ships ASAP.

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