Difficult choosing corps or existential crisis? come help a newbro out

This large text wall might be too much for a question, but it is a genuine one, please help and comment if you have the time and patience to go through my rant.

TL;DR: one-month old player choosing corp, should I go for smaller corps or big alliances newbie corps? Also, how did you veterans out there cope with the learning curve of the game?

Hello, a bit info about me and what this thread is about:

I am a new player who started this game only about a month ago, with a few drunk nights and a few hundred bucks in, I am sitting with 10M SP, and the ability to do some T1E abyssal sites and a decent salvaging side job for the corp mission fleet.

I have contacted 3 of the active recruitment officers in this forum and even joined a corp but left a few days ago, so officers if you recognize my name and notice this thread, please forgive me, I have no issue against the organization that you are running, it is solely my own problem.

Now questions, there are so many corps to choose from, and so many of them promise great aspects of their corp and activities that they can provide, and for a new player, I wanted to try things out, I am most definitely interested in the PVP aspect of the game, primarily fleet against fleet, because I only need to anchor at FC then follow instructions, but not that “wait here for 5 hours before we engage” followed by “insta blown up after landing because of smartbombs or whatever” kind of PVP. So in this circumstance, should I go for a smaller corp with active PVP fleet action, or go for large corporations like BRAVE and TEST, I have heard so many people said something along the lines of “go be in a smaller corp you will have more fun”, but what if I want to be a piece of something much more greater than me, to be like a small chesspiece on this huge chessboard, a little rifleman in this huge battlefield?

In sandbox games I have played before EVE, I quitted mostly because I was too focused on getting currency, gold/silver/isk. and failing to achieve those goals, I felt heartbroken then quitted. How did you veterans out there cope with this fact that it would take a new player a year or two to make decent ingame currency and start small? I went through loads of Youtube videos on how to make ISK, how to run missions and abyssals, but nearly all of them need about a year training time to get decent, how did you guys do it?

Then I proceed to this existential crisis mindset, where I tell myself that nothing matters, “if you cannot do this efficiently enough you would be better off just not doing this”, in the recent days I would just hop on game and look at the ship tree for 5 hours straight, sighing at the ships that I cannot fly, which is messed up because you play games for fun, but playing games have made me more depressed than ever.

Glad if you finished reading through my thoughts, I hope my words will not impose any form of negativity on you, hope you have a great day or night, and fly dangerous o7.

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I’m Almwen, CEO of Defying Vision (DYVN). I happen to stumble on to your post and figured I would attempt to answer some of these questions that you have to the best of my ability. I enjoy helping out new bro’s to the game as I remember when I started and went almost a year without any guidance…back then in 2006, there wasn’t all these mission, etc. that tought you anything…it was a drop you in and let you go…

Now this is purely my opinion and these questions that you ask, I’m sure there will be many different views as some experience things differently then others depending on what kind of group they are with. Now as far as PVP…there are many forms of PVP in the game…there are big coalition style fleet battles…aka tidi battles…which typically means everything slows down as though you computer is lagging…its worse for some more than others…there are small, medium and large fleet roams…where you just fly around looking for a fight or trying to catch someone to blow up…there are Black ops fleets where a one or more members take a cloaky ship and hunter people down…light a cyno and a fleet drops on them…and then there are structure bashes and times, etc…basically the list goes on and on. Now flying a bigger ship, does not make it better…a properly fit frigate can destroy a poorly fit battleship. Depending on what kind of fleet you go on will determine typically whether there is a wait time…now I’ve never had to wait 5 hrs…but there has been instances where it was like 30 minutes or even 1 hr. There is alot to PVP and it can be taught if you get with the right group or person. However there are some things that you only learn through experience and they really can’t be taught. I recommend just finding the right group for this.

Now Isk…Isk is important in the game and now days its actually easier for new bro’s to make it starting out…however it may be a slow process. Now there are many ways to make isk…but typically the hard part is the prep work to make isk…whether it’s getting into the right ratting ship…building up your mining skills…finding a good place to do whatever it is you want to do to make isk. Once again…this can greatly be better with the right group in the right enviroment. So you have High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec and Wormholes…isk can be made in all area’s however depending on what you would prefer to do will determine how fast you make isk in each of these areas and once again…prep work and the right group to help you along with getting started, fitting the right kind of ship for the job and not only letting you know what skills to train, but why those skills are important to have. If you want to mine…then low sec, null sec and WH’s are the best way to make isk quicker…it you want to shoot NPC’s then I suggest low sec or Null sec…you can make isk on the market as a trade in the HS hubs, etc…the list goes on and on. Once again, some may have a different point of view on what the best area is to make isk…some will say Null sec…some low sec…some WH’s…Now isk is important if you want to pvp in the more expensive ships and be in big fights…or you can pvp in cheaper ships and still be good at PVP’ing with the right skills and knowledge…which brings it back to the right group or person…and don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t make a ton of isk in Low Sec, because you can…there is a pattern of people that think that and my corp/alliance is proving that completely wrong…you can make just as much isk in Low as you can in Null or anywhere else for that matter.

Now as far as small or big corps…or small or big Alliances. I find that its not whether they are small or big that makes the game fun…its the people and the group you join that will matter. My corp has lived in all areas Null, Low, WH and HS…We have been part of Small and big Alliances and Coaliton of Alliances. You have to just find the right group that suits you. If you prefer laid back, casual…then find one like that, which also meets you play style and has the infrastucture and isk making ability…some pilots actually pay to play…credit card warriors…where they buy plex, sell it and pay for skill injectors and ships to solely pvp…if that’s you…then go for it…My corp is all around…we started out purely industry and mission running and then got more into PVP and now we do a bit of everything…just depends on what we feel like doing at the moment we log in. You can be in a small corp and be in big fights or a big corp and be in small fights…its all based on the play style each group has and what they like to do PVP wise.

I can tell you and I’ve seen it myself…within a month of a new bro starting out…they can make hundreds of millions of isk. For example there is a new guy that joined a friend of mine…he skilled up into a mining barge and within a few weeks…he made enough to plex another account (which means you pay the subscription with ingame currency…roughly 1.3 bil isk or so). then got that character into a mining barge and not only plexed that account but started another account which he plexs. He now has 3 accounts that he plexs each month. He’s only been in the game a few months now… I’m not saying this to upset or make you depressed about your experience…all I’m saying, is that its possible. He found the right group for him that helped him to get started. I do the same thing with my guys.

Just keep in mind that things take time to build up and don’t try to go to big to quickly…It is a learning curve, but I believe you will figure it out and when you get with the right group…things will make more sense. Just don’t give up.

Sorry for the long spill…I hope it helped.

If you ever have any questions about the game…or ships fits…or whatever…feel free to reach out to me. Almwen is my ingame name…or if you want to hang out in my corps discord and ask question there…I will link it below. You don’t have to be in my corp to get more info or help learning…I’m not that kind of CEO. If you want to discuss that…I’d be more than happy to chat with you about it, but I didn’t post here with that intention. If you think my post is ignorant, then feel free to ignore it. I wish you good luck in your endeavors.

Almwen, CEO of DYVN

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thinking too much is just as dangerous or more than thinking to little, join the damn police force here and i’ll help you out in both PVE and PVP trainings no problems, ships for free for pvp so u can earn and train with no cosr, real life instructor here so youll get the best filtered infos and expect a steady and progressive learning curve… you call, but the best you could do i recon at this moment… :sunglasses: :v:

Thank you for your opinion, and I have read it several times now.

What I am getting is, “finding the best suited corp”, then proceed from there.

On the mindset side of things, I am terrified by the number of different things you can do in this game, and proceed to do none of them because I have a hard time choosing between things. But I will work on this, try to figure out what I value the most.

Thank you for your honest opinion and detailed explanation, I will be checking your discord (or perhaps corp) in the near future, once I have some specific questions to ask on certain topics.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, o7


You sound like me these days, your obviously smart; Personally i dont think you would enjoy the FC anchoring fleets as much as you think you will - i think you would prefer something a bit more challenging.

Im from a wh alliance, newbies can make isk simply mining gas in a venture; we also offer some training but we are a small alliance with other members living in highsec and some mostly running roams into nullsec when they’re online.

The ship skilling thing is a pita if your in a rush its true and it is nice to have some sort of direction; I assume your training towards a gila? and have probably found ‘the magic 14’ (most important skills?

Drop me a mail ingame if you have some questions, perhaps this 14 year old vet can help… sometimes the most dangerous silly things can be the most fun :slight_smile:

Classic choice paralysis. Eve has a way of doing that… Hence the ‘ship spin’ meme. Basically, you aren’t alone in the way you feel, OP. I think many people who play this game have felt like this at least once.

I don’t have good suggestions for overcoming it, but I deal with the feeling a lot, too. Tasks feel out of reach, behind walls of ‘steps’. I don’t mind that too much personally but to irl friends who normally play shooter games? “Hey guys lets sit around and scan/mine/rat/camp for awhile” vs instant gratification matchmaking button. Suffice to say it’s been a hard sell

I think it’s that eve is intended as a very ‘dry’ experience. Activities are generally done for their own sake, the isk is just there for incentive + sustaining the activity. I spend a ton of time outside the game, forums looking for answers to these challenges and the closest I’ve found is, ‘find the right group’. Just draw the rest of the owl, amirite?

But, you don’t need eve to enjoy the company of ‘good people’, at least I don’t. So not sure what purpose the game even has then… And the existential crisis rears it’s head again. it’s hard to talk about it honestly without coming off as negative sometimes.

So again, no good answers for you OP, sorry. Best I can tell, the game seems to want you to feel this way (a looming sense of anxious dread, space induced lonliness, what have you). Hopefully just knowing that what you’re going through is normal helps a bit.

as a player who is relatively new to the game (1.5 years) i have lived in all regions of eve and i can suggest you look for a low tier wh group … wh offer great isk and plenty of small scale pvp where your decisions matter. also in wh every day you login there is something new to do one day could be shopping the next pvp or isk making…

Thank you for your reply,

After a few days of thoughts I realized that what you said might be true, that I probably won’t enjoy the FC anchoring fleets as much as I thought, and with the other 2 replies below, I think a WH corp or alliance might be the choice for me, but I am still hesitated, or not really keen on taking challenges and exploring the unknown. I don’t know, might take a while to set my mindset straight.

As of the question regarding Gila and Magic 14, yes I can fly Gila at a decent level with decent missile support skills and such, Magic 14 - some 5 and the rest all 4.

I don’t really have any specific questions in mind, but once I thought of something I will make sure to get in contact, thanks for all your help and kind words!

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Thank you for your reply!

I totally agree with what you said, and it really describes my feelings towards this game, also about the ISK making things, it is really “you like doing it” and ISK income is just a side product.

All of this comes down to the “finding the right corp” type question, after reading through all the replies and thinking about it for a few days, I feel like a WH corp is my choice, but what do I know about “right” corps right? But WH corps comes with downsides as well, heh, maybe I am just to cautious about everything I do in this game and in life.

Rants aside, I think hearing people with similar experience makes me feel not “alone”, I hope you find you peace in this game as well someday, but until then, fly dangerous o7.

Thank you for your reply!

I have been thinking about WH corps and there upsides and downsides.

What I get from your words, is that you enjoy doing things with a group, with a surprise every single day and uncertainty, ISK income is merely a side product for you, it comes while you were enjoying flying with corpmates.

It would be the perfect choice for me if I am not this “anti social” haha. I feel anxious and worried while interacting with strangers online, even though they are my corpmates. I reckon once I get pass this mind barrier I would be happily looking for WH corps.

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