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I’ve recently joined a corporation (hi-sec) and I’m looking to understand some of the benefits of being part of a group. I’ve played MMOs for over a decade and have always appreciated the group aspect, but I have some questions about it in Eve. The corporation suggested that I relocate from Amarr out to our headquarters, which I am in the process of doing. Aside from being close to my corporation, what does being closer to HQ offer me?


  • My corp talks of mining together. Something about moons or belts being “up.” I’m not sure what this means and if it’s important for me to partake in the mining when this stuff happens.

  • If I am joining in on this mining operation, do i earn isk? What do the materials I mine provide the corporation?

  • My corp talks of tracking ore donations on a spreadsheet. I’m assuming this is to see who is and isnt donating

Welcome to EVE.

This is going to highly dependent on the corp and what they offer, but generally it will mean you have access to the corp assets and direct assistance as it is offered to you. This may include equipment or fleet support/boosts depending on what you do.

It sounds like they have a refinery that is mining a moon. This spawns a special type of asteroid belt that needs to be mined out in fixed time frame. When they say this, they are looking for miners to assist in the mining operation.

This completely depends on the terms that the corp offers. Some offer to buy your ore, some let you keep it. You should ask your CEO for clarification on what the terms are.

Probably, but again, this is something that is best clarified with your CEO.


Thanks Leah. I had the thought to reach out to the leadership, but I hadn’t seen anyone online last night.

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No worries! There are no hard, fast rules for how people manage their corps, so there is a lot of variation on policies and how people handle some of these things.

Good luck with the corp, and if you have more questions feel free to ask.


So, this is a common way people sort of scam new players.

Before selling or “donating” your ore, check how much it’s worth. Just copy and paste the amount at

Do not “donate” your ore for anything less than 95-97% of the sell value because that’s a scam.

Instead, either take it up with the Corp leadership, or haul it yourself to the closest trade hub.


A big +1 to this. As with all things in EVE, always consider that you might be getting taken. If something feels funky, then it probably is. Absolutely always independantly confirm the value of your ore and assets that you are giving to the corp.

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Ok. I’ll look into this Solonius. Good info for a new guy. So many things I do I worry I’m getting taken on. Heck, I even look at the corporation tax and think to myself “stop taking my money.” (Our corp tax is at 4% which I believe to be pretty low.)

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It all depends on what the corp is offering.

Do they give you free ships and skill books?

Do they have structures that they own, that allow you use exclusively without tax?

Stuff like that can take isk, so it makes sense to tax.

But if they offer nothing, then what’s the tax for?

And remember, you can always leave any time. And join a better Corp. Like eve university.


Well, I’d say don’t be too suspicious, you should enjoy the game.
EVE is a game. First and most important aim is to have fun. If you feel like a badly paid worker, leave the corp, it’s just a few clicks. But don’t underestimate the help you receive there by chatting and talking about the game and the fun you share by social intercourse.
Normally, you are not forced to give your ore to the corp, you should be able to do what you want. And if you are a very new player, your donations won’t be a big help, to be frank. But they offer to buy from you (after the first million m² of ore you might be thankful about that) and everybody likes donations, of course.
But more generally you have to find out if you like mining. They should also offer roams and Newbro training for some adventures in Nullsec, because PvP is not always just a choice.
And after some weeks you just see if it’s your way of playing EVE or if you prefer other ways of action.

But first of all, start being friendly, have some nice chats with your corpmates and directors and learn. Have a set of every day ships in the station. You still can leave much stuff in Amarr, in a few weeks you will see how small you wealth is atm.
And remember: You can leave your corp any time.

BTW: For moon mining and other structures your corp needs fuel, and that’s kinda expensive for highsec miners, so that’s mainly what they need help with.


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