New miner

Just need pointers for mining as I have never played a miner character im just wondering weather I should join an alliance mining core or weather I should just mine by myself and upgrade and get better stuff just looking for anything to help

There are pros and cons to both…read Xuxe’s link and then come back with some more questions if needed…

This is a pretty good guide for getting into mining, and what decisions you’ll need to make as you progress:

Mining in fleets is fun because, 1) they usually provide boosts which increase your yield, 2) they sometimes provide mutual defense from rats or even gankers, 3) they make what can be a very repetitive activity more social, and 4) they can give you more advanced advice on developing as a miner.

I love mining. It’s one of my favorite activities in EVE. May your rocks be large and plentiful!

Greetings feel free to mail me or add me if you need any help in industry

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