Mining in a corp

I am mining solo, I need to know if it is really worth the bonuses from being in a corp to mine when I would loose most of my ore after mining it to the corp I would be with, I would never really get anywhere in EVE when the corp holds all the cards. Giving all I have to help only to be left with nothing in return.

Why would you lose most of your ore in a Corp?

Any Corp that would take the ore isn’t worth joining. Many will accept contributions towards command burst charges, or industrial core fuel, but taking ore is a pretty crap practice.

Also many will offer to buy ore at a discount on Jita, but in the process save you a lot of time, so you can mine longer and more than make up for it.

All I have been doing is Ice mining, I guess that being in a corp would mean I could join a group from the corp mining a low sec area. Finding a reputable corp that is on, most of the time I would be on, is next to impossible as there are not that many people playing this game in WA USA That being said, I am not apposed to being in a corp.

Born 16 months. Never been in a player corp. Spent that time playing as solo miner. Including in low sec. Including on ice. Getting free boosts is a hit and miss affair, but getting them especially on ice fields (or perhaps now 0.5 moon belts) is still a high probability… maybe 50:50 if an orca is present? This is especially true if you are flying an obvious noob ship. Orca pilots just love noobs. Don’t ask me why … just be grateful. Perhaps “shop” around, as some fields are just more friendly than others? And yes, some of those might represent decent corps too.

If someone is taking more than 15% of your ore, then theyre a scam corp.


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Check what corps offer for what they ask. Simple command mining bursts are free. But most appreciate if you give small donations on occasion. Nullsec corps might have about 15 ÷ taxes and might require you to be present on one or more operations per month. Also if you don’t feel happy feel free to leave and find another where you enjoy playing. If all fails try Ascee.

Greetings… Depends on the corp you are… we, for example, buy ore from our members, a little bit cheaper than jita, yes, but still better price in region, so our members make a good profit, and also get bonus from our mining fleet. And even our tax is way lower than the abusive NPC tax (11%) if you interested, send me a mail in-game

Let me translate this for new players, so they fully understand how they are being milked.

“we, for example, buy ore from our members, a little bit cheaper than jita, yes, but still better price in region”

Means: “We build stuff on a scale our members don’t even realise but we don’t want to have to haul minerals from Jita nor do we want to pay Jita prices, so we created a mining corp and filled it with fools who will mine in the area we need our minerals at and are dumb enough to sell it below actual value, all we have to do is make up some story about how it’s actually beneficial to them. The morons”.

"And even our tax is way lower than the abusive NPC tax (11%) if you interested"

Means: “lol, lets milk them some more, we just need a reasonably logical explanation to get away with it”.

If you have a corp full of active people and you skim 5-10% off the top from all of them then that actually results in a massive income.

Let me put this for you : no one is forced to sell the ore to us, and even that way we do provide mining bonus, and even more: he will be selling cheaper to us by not having to haul the ore to jita himself, Wich will be less profitable specially if flying a venture for example. So y don’t know a penny about our Corp, we give ships , equipments, training(I spent 2 hours last time teaching a new one the basic mechanics) all our taxes are converted to buyback program, so it goes back to members . all the profit we have are from stuff me and few others build.(Wich generates some good courier contracts for new players too) so, do some search before spitting ■■■■ from your mouth in forums. ( And this will be the only reply, spit any more ■■■■ you want I don’t care) I, am trying to help new players in this activity I like so much, if they get bored and want go null or low do something else, fine no one is forcing them stay.



Its situational, depending on your setup you may have fuel costs to deal with. Or the corp may be using some of it for SRP.

If theres not fuel or SRP being used, then yeah, there shouldn’t be any taxes.

I’m pretty sure that 99% of the player base will gladly take a 5% profit cut to not try and haul their stuff through 30 jumps of nullsec, or pay moderate JF fees.

But if you are such an ISK pincher and have plenty of time on your hands, then go for it.

Ah, damage control.

As I said in previously post, ALL TAX IS CONVERTED TO REBUY PROGRAM, so we are not EXPLORING new players as our friend said earlier

Read the entire post first, services were implied with things like SRP.


Not saying you were talking I explored players, but Markus Reinhart did

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Well that was interesting and some what informative I thank you all :beers:
I will look for a corp close to where I am and try to research them so I know what I am getting into.


O7 mate good luck! Feel free to add me as contacts if you ever have any questions

My experience of corp based mining is as follows

Corp runs a mining Op
You mine ore/ice and it’s collected by designated transporters
Mining Op ends
You receive equal share of the profits after it’s been sold

Corp has Ore/Ice/Salvage purchase program
You mine Ore/Ice & store at local personal hanger
You sell directly to corp (Standard Market Order or Contract)

Corp runs Mining Op
You mine ore/ice and it’s collected by designated transporters
Mining Op ends
You receive equal share pay out.

A nulsec corp that doesn’t have a resource purchase program is one that you want to avoid
Some highsec corps run them too, but you generally get better deals selling yourself directly to market
Mining in a group is more entertaining, mainly as you have people to talk to on comms :smiley:

Hope this helps

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