"Returning" new player, good mining skill char, 0 knowledge

I started eve around 3 years ago but i have less than 100h played, i have a alter with super good mining skills that can fly both rorqual orca or whatever. But ofc i dont want to do this since i have not a lot knowledge of game i made some isk in the past with exploration and ratting and i wanted to ask u guys what would your recommend me to mine,

was thinking into joining fleets/corp and mine with them, i just want something chill i can do to pay out my monthly plex, i have omega for 3 months y payed but would like to get some money mining and be able to sustain myself with mining and doing abyssals(im doing t1s in highsec and seems pretty fun) .

I dont know wich corp should i join to be little safe, since i dont want to get scammed join a mining fleet then those same guys gank me or something(have heard bad stuff )

PS: Im trying to export somehow my char skills so u guys can see them but i dont find where in eveboard - character sheets i need to give api key or logging with eve account to do so.

Try the recruitment center.

And, I’m not exactly sure what mining incomes are, but you’ll probably have an easier time plexing your account with abyssals, than with mining.

Check out this guy for various tutorial vids on abyssals.

Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

And welcome back.


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