Journey of a noob, first impression

Short background.

I used to play EvE for about 4-6 months back in 2005 and haven’t played since, so I started this journey with a tiny bit of knownledge from back then.
I thought it would be fun, writing down my experiences with eve as a new/returning player as I progress into the game, and see what the future brings.

Day 1.

After fiddling with the char-creating for about 45mins, I finally decided on a gallente toon. I already have a goal in sight, which is a focus on trading.
I recently started having an interest in stocks in rl, and with a market as complex as the one in EvE, I thought this will be a fun challenge to see, if I can make some isk playing the trading game.

So I finally log in, and start completing the tutorial. I found it quite helpfull, getting to know the controls, and what all the buttons om the interface means.
I did a few missions in the starter hub, and decided, that since I like to semi afk due to kids and RL interrupt my gameplay, mining would be a decent start to my adventure.
I purchased the “silver pack” to get some plex and omega status, as I quickly noticed the limits of beeing an alpha pilot ( skills )

I sold some of my plex I recieved from the “silver pack” and with the starting cash I made from missions, I bought my first ship. a Venture and fitted it with:

Mining Laser Upgrade I

Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
1MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
ML-3 Scoped Survey Scanner

EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser
Salvager I

Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I
Small Core Defense Field Extender I

Hobgoblin I x2

I spend the next few hours mining veldspar and scordite in my starting area of Couster, figuring out how to process the ore.

Day 2:

More mining, I spend a long time looking at the market, as its quickly becomming clear, that the venture and t1 mining lasers are dreadfully slow, i’ve decided to aim for an upgrade in a retriever, but the lack of skills needed to fly one has put a stop to that for now. 2½ more days of skill training before I can even fly one. I flew around buying the skillbooks needed to fly a mining barge and quede the skills.
I chatted abit in the “rooking help” and got a few offers to join random corps, and tons of people trying to get me to remake my account using their “refeer a friend” link, im having none of it. I dont know anyone, and dont feel like I can neither commit or add anything to a corp yet.

Again, I spend alot of time looking at the market, and then I saw the price of a retriever. 36mil isk. Ouch!
Building it myself might be the way to go! so I went off mining again, it’s nice and relaxing in highsec and I could pretty much stay afk until the cargohold was filled ( which take 20ish mins with my ineffective mining lasers ) I dont fear loosing my ship, as it’s pretty worthless.
After a few runs, processing the ore into it’s refined counterpart, I thought i had a decent stock to start taking a look at how to build a retriever, and what other materials I would need. Once again, I spend some time looking up the stuff on the market.

Retriever Blueprint.

Sweet mother of all that is holy, Eve just kicked me in the nuttsack, 2.2bil isk!
I think I need to rethink my strategy, maybe getting into a hauler of some sort buy low, sell high in different sectors, I dunno.

I spend my last isk, grabbing a “Strip miner 1” blueprint, as I will need em if/when I do get a retriever. with a price of 16mil for the blueprint vs 5mil for the strip miner 1, I thought this could be a start.
If I can gather the materials needed to build some of these, I’ll have strip miners ready by the time I get a retriever, and I can convert my raw materials into something sellable on the market.

I went on a trip to 0.4 in order to mine some Jaspet, as that is one of the resources required for the strip miner. I was abit worried of players attacking me, but went anyway.
As I warped to the astroid belts, I was greeted by some npc rats. Luckely I had my 2 hobgoblin drones, which I hoped would take care of that problem.
"You cannot launch drones as you lack “Light Drone Operation 1” skill
I then abandoned the idea of mining Jaspet today and went and bought the above skillbook.
decided to call it a night after that…

Day 3:

I bought another ship today, an Atron to do some combat, as most of the missions involve combat in one way or another. spend a good hour fitting it for close combat with cheap T1 stuff ( no rigs )
I then started on the Business career agent, and spend the next few hours doing quests.
I managed to get to the last step. craft 1000 rounds of anti-matter charge ammo.
After recieving the blueprint copy, I took a look at the materials needed, and was pleased to see I had everything needed, except… Nocxium.

After abit of searching, I found my answer. Jaspet… aka… time to hit lowsec and see if I can mine enough Jaspet to finish this final step.
I jumped into my mining fitted Venture ( with the 2 mighty Hobgoblin drones, of which I currently only have the skill to launch one ) and started on my 7 jump journey to the nearest 0.4 sector which… according to the agency --> resources tab should have Jaspet.

As I entered the system, I switched to the local chat, so far so good, only 3 other people in this sector.
I warped to the different astroid belts, but all of them had been mined out. I practiced some fighting with an npc cruiser, speeding around it with my 1 hobgoblin slooooowly killing it… or so I thought, cause after it finally chewed through the shield, it was not able to do enough damage to go through the armor. I aborted the fight, recalling the drone, and decided to head deeper into lowsec.

Next jump took me to 0.3
5 people in local this time, this is scary… I warped to an astroid belt, and see 2 wrecks, but in this sector, the ore is still here.
I warp to the next belt and find no players or rats. I quickly lock on to some pure Jaspet and start mining, while keeping an orbit with afterburner on, so I can hopefully warp away if someone shows up. I keep a close eye on the overview.
5 mins pass, and I managed to get the first 500 pure jaspet into the hold, and then… ■■■■ hit the fan.
a player shows up on the overview, and I immidiately hit warp to 0 to the stargate.
I am hit. once… twice… thrice with rockets. Shields go all red, armor next, the hull… takes the 3rd blast.
“Warp drive active”
I escape! I cant believe my luck shield and armor are gone, and my hull is held together by luck and ducktape. I decide that i’ve probably used up my luck for today and head back to my agent.
Thankfully there’s no expire time on the last part of the quest, so I’ll see what I can do about the remaining Nocxium I need tomorrow…

Day 4

I started the day where I left yesterday, and processed the Jaspet that almost killed me, while wondering if I should just buy whatever Nocxium I needed to complete the quest. To my astonishment, I had miscalculated, and 500 pure jaspet processed yielded more than enough to craft the 1000 anti-matter ammo to complete the quest.
30mins later, and the quest was completed.

I am now only a few hours away from beeing able to fly a retriever, while waiting, I decided to run a few combat missions from career agant in Couster. The Atron is a beast against the rats in lvl 1’s and I quickly did a few missions without problems.

a few hours later, i logged in again. I now had the skills to fly a mining barge. I started searching the interface for “contracts” as I wanted to get my hands on a retriever BPC, so I could see, as suggested, what the cost would be for making it myself, vs. buying one from the market. After alot of searching, and hair pulling, I figured I was lacking “Social 1, and Contracting” skills, so I bought both and trained them. ( about 20mins total) I then found the contract tab, but no Retriever BPC was available, instead i grabbed a BPC for a Procurer for 200.000isk. I made sure I was at the right station before buying, as I had been warned some people like to scam with contract, by making people by from stations you cant dock at.
After recieving the Procurer BPC, and noticed the amount of materials needed, I decided to just buy the Retriever from the market. Maybe I can craft a Procurer and sell it later for the materials I will gather with the Retriever…
I bought the 37mil retriever, another 3’ish mill for 2 T1 strip miners and some mining upgrades, and set out to test my new mining beast, and holy s… it handles like a Bathtub, its slow, and by slow, I mean im pretty sure I saw pedestrians walk faster than this thing fly… Sadly, the astroid belts in couster were already depleted, so I jumped to Algogille, which still had plenty to mine.
What a difference!! in just a few minuts, I had mined what had taken the Venture 20mins, and in 30’ish mins I had my first full ore bay, with close to 250.000 veldspar. a quick calculation shows that if I sold the veldspar at market value without even processing it, at 18isk pr. unit, that would yield a total of 4.5mil pr. run. In total, around 10 mining expeditions should cover my investment with abit to spare. It’s slow going, but its a start.

Day 5

Food for thoughts.

today have been one of those days, re-evaluating my life as an eve pilot. What the heck am I doing? and where am I heading?
I noticed my “assets” in “my” station has started to be filled with all sorts or random stuff I dont need, so I decided to trash and sell a large portion of the random things the agents had gifted me, for completing missions. I noticed that some of items sold for ridiculous small amount, and I pondered why that was. Then it hit me… everything in market is player-driven, so of course, some scoundrel had made “buy orders” for next to nothing in order to get close to free stuff. I need to look into it, setting up my own buy orders, but what kind?

I started pondering more, and came to a few conclusions. The majority of new people ( like myself ) tend to go down one of two routes when they start. EIther as a pew pew, action missions pilot, or a more casual miner, slowly getting some steady income.
Miners will be selling ores, and the combat pilots will be selling loot/salvage. I need to look more into setting up buy orders for these things at very low prices, maybe I’ll get lucky and some poor soul will sell some stuff at ridiculous low prices to me too.

Another thing i’ve pondered about all day, has been the skill-wall. Everywhere you look in eve, you are hit by the wall of skills ( or I should maybe say, lack of skills ) to perform the desired tasks.

Want to trade? well tough luck, cause… corp taxes, sales taxes and broker fees will eat up your profit
Want to mine? tough luck, you need a big mining ship, and effective mining equipment to make it worthwhile
Want to craft? too bad, 50% of your ore will be lost while processing due to lack of industri skills
Want to hunt rats and do lvl 4 and 5 missions for profit? too bad, you need bigger, and more powerfull ships. and once you have them, you cant fit them due to lack of skills to use the desired equipment.

I feel forced to picking a route, and planning months ahead, to what I wanna do “end game” simply playing the game, switching abit back and forth, will make me a “jack of all trades, master of none” and I can understand why many people might give up long before beeing able to do any of the desired things eve has to offer.

I feel like I am at a crossroad, undecided as to which direction I should go.

Day 6

I’ve decided to go back to my original idea of becomming a trader, and have started setting up market orders around stations with higher level combat mission agents.
The first buy order I made, I made the error of asking to buy too many items, which in turn drove up the broker fee significantly.
For the next 20ish buy orders, I took a more casual approach, setting up buy orders for around 1000 units of each. I picked a duration period of a week, and will re-evaluate if the money I am paying in broker fees, will be worth whatever profit I might make.
In total I have invested around 15mil isk setting up buy orders for salvageable loot, which I hope to pickup and sell at a profit later, only time will tell if my plan works.

I have picked a skill-focus for the next long while. Broker relations, Accounting and Retail.
If I am to become successfull at playing the trading game, I need the ability to setup mass amount of buy/sell order, and I need to drive down the fees and costs of setting up the orders.
I know that im in for a long wait, hoping someone will sell low and meet my low prices getting rid of their useless junk, in turn for a quick profit. As I wait, I am considering if I should take a slightly more risky approach, doing some active trading. Traveling far around ( sticking to high sec for added security ) to see if I can find an expensive item, and make a profit by selling it again in another area for an even higher amount.
I have a feeling it’ll be hard tho, as I need to make more than 13% profit to make a single isk.
buying an item will be price + 4,06% broker fee

Selling said item will be my asking price + 4,06% broker fee and 3.9% sales tax.
on top of that, there’s always the risk of loosing my cargo while traveling between the sectors.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day traveling between sectors looking at some high prices items and take note of the prices. Maybe compile a small list of items I might be able to buy, and sell at different places with a profit. Only time will tell.

Day 7

My buy orders seems to fail, not a single item has been aquired so far, either noone are running lvl 4 missions from the station with the federal agent, or people are holding on to their salvage loot and selling elsewhere.
I have now finished all but one of the career agent missions in Couster. Learning how to scan took awhile, and I had to do a google search for figure out the HUD. after that, it became easier, but besides the tutorial missions, I seem to be unable to find anything in other sectors, as I do not have the +25% scan strenght to analyze anomalies, and I dont have the skill to fit items able to boost my scan strenght. I’ll consider looking into it again in the future.

My market strategy seems to fall flat, and I am considering if I should maybe focus on just one type of salvage loot, and setup orders all around the nearby sectors. I also need to raise my standing with the agents of the stations once I actually find a good place I can call my trade hub, but for that, I think I need to be able to do level 4 missions myself in order to raise my standing for station discounts, as some of the hubs only offer those.
As far as skilltraining goes, I have put my business skills on hold, and are currently speeding towards BC training. I probably wont be able to fit it very well, and it’ll most suddently require addition skills to train, but I think im gonna need to train up to a BS eventually and do level 4 missions, in order to aquire standings with the staton agents in the long run. I might be going around this all wrong, it wouldnt be the first time.

Since I have finished all the quests in Couster, I have decided to move on abit. ( still not moving into low sec, as I feel like I have no reason to go there at all currently )
I read somewhere that the “sisters of eve” had a long and profitable questline, so I have decided to try my luck in Arnon. I’ll try setting up some new trade orders around the sectors all around, and run some missions for the sisters.
I am also undecisive as to whether I should invest in a cruiser for mission running, or if I should wait, until I can fly a battlecruiser.
While I am sure I could do lvl 2 missions with ease in a Cruiser, I am unsure if the same apply with lvl 3 missions. The price of a cruiser aint too bad tho, so im sure it’ll pay for itself long before I move on to level 3’s anyway.

I feel like im falling into the same playstyle I had 15 years ago when I last played. All i ever ended up doing back then, was doing the same lvl 4 missions over and over again. I mustn’t fall into that same trap.

I’ve also been searching abit for a corp to join, but I still feel at a lose. I tried to join the corp recruitment channel and chat with some people to see if someone could sell their corp-invite in a way I felt intriqued, but all the corp adverts seems the same, Join new player friendly, pew pew, 12mill sp required, Become a pirate today, etc
All attempts of chat simply drowned in the massive clusterfack of advertisements beeing spammed, and I closed the tab soon after. They really should install addblock to that particular channel… in short, I still haven’t found a corp to join, and I still have no idea what I could possibly add to a corp yet.
I dont wanna join to have someone hold my hand, and gift me ships and equipment, so I feel obligated to pick a route to fly said ships.

I’ll start with the sisters of eve questline, and maybe setup some tradeorders around the area for now, and MAYBE buy that Cruiser to ease the mission-grinding. ( im looking at you mr. Thorax, you sexy beast )

Day 8

The sisters of eve questline.
I did it! all 52 steps in 1 go. ( I don’t recommend doing it in one go like I did ) I read through every single conversation, trying to get hooked on the storyline, I wasn’t too impressed with the plot i’d give it a solid 4/10 as far as storytelling goes.
I was maybe alittle dishearted by the fact that every step simply yielded isk, isk and isk. In the first 15’ish parts of the questline, I killed everything in my Atron, I’ve switched out the afterburner with a 5mn microwarpdrive, which has greatly increased the speed of running these missions, closing the 20-30km gaps. I killed, looted and salvaged everything, but after the first 15 or so missions, it quickly became a question of, how fast can I complete this bulls… Warp to deadspace, find my target, orbit 500m, lock target, blast it out of the sky, warp out before having to deal with the 10-20 other enemies and onward with the next step.

Dagan, the immortal.

Fastforward 51 steps, and I have finally reached the last step of this nightmare. I can’t wait to see what mighty reward awaits at the end.
I switched out my Atron with a Catalyst destroyer which I got for free in “daily starter gift” fitted it as an “active armor” tank ( armor repairer ) a cap booster and 7 small ion blasters with anti-matter. The dps upgrade should take care of everything in a flash once within the 1000 range.

or so I thought.

I warped to Dagan, the final encounter, and did what I had done sooo many times by now in the 51 steps prior to this, engage the target, ignore the escorts, but I was barely leaving a scratch on my target, and after a few minuts, I had to disengage and warp out with my tail between my legs.

After a few repairs and restocking of ammo and cap boosters, I tried again, this time I took out the escorts first, which made staying alive alot easier, but still I was barely leaving a mark on my target. every few seconds, Dagan would “heal his shields” for an insane amount. and the dance orbiting around my target, lasted for nearly 20mins. In the end I had to abort. again I had ran out of ammo and cap boosters. my target was down to 50% armor.

I now had a few choices. Either invest in a cruiser or battlecruiser and try again with the added firepower ( although I doubt I even have the skills to fit any weapons on these yet ) or… ask for help
so I did.
Within a few minuts, a kind pilot came to the rescue from 8 jumps away. We fleeted up and he made quick work of Dagan, blasting him to pieces within a few seconds.

I thanked him and we parted ways.
Now to complete this nightmare questline, and… 1mil isk.

To summarize. in 40mins, I could have jumped in the retriever, mined two full cargohulls of veldspar, sold it at the market, and made twrice the amount of what 6 hour’ish had taken.

I am not impressed.

Day 9 + 10

I Joined a 0% tax corp today, Certifed Demons is the name. and so far they seem like nice people. Everything seems to be centered around Jakanerva, so… moving time.

and my god moving all the asserts I have accomulated over the last week was a pain. 15 jumps back and forth, with fast ships, slow ships, bathtub-slow ships on autopilot ( most of the way was through high sec ) All in all, I think it took a good 10+ hours moving everything. I am using Perimeter as it seems like a good place to use as a trade hub, and its only 2 jumps away from the corp. I can only imagine the pain of moving everything to a new hub for players who have played for months, or years…

Everything seems to have decent prices here, and I feel like I can sell most things from this location at a profit, granted I can find em cheap elsewhere.

Ice mining.

I noticed the price of “white glaze” almost by accident, and investigated. Turns out these valueable materials comes from ice mining, so of course I was off to try and make a fortune from this.
Turned out, I ( obviously ) needed “ice harvesting” skill, which I had to buy and train, then replace the strip miners with ice miners, and I was off in my mighty bathtub, aka Retriever to make my newfound fortune.

The ice belt was filled with other miners, skiffs Orca’s, Procures and Endurance’s ships seemed to be the name of the game in these ice belts, and I actually felt fairly safe mining in the middle with all of these larger and more valueable ships, and I could happily semi afk while my new ice strip miners went to work. Should disaster strike, and pirates/ganker’s decided to drop by, I would likely not be the prime target, as the retriever is valued much lower than all of the countless others around me.
After awhile I noticed I only got 1 “white glaze” pr. cycle of the strip miners. abit of a change from veldspar, that usually yield 10.8k pr. cycle, this is when I facepalmed and noticed that my mining upgrades did absolutly nothing when mining Ice, so off I went to store the mining upgrades and buy some ice harvester upgrades to reduce the cycle time when mining ice.

I noticed some of the bigger ships using mining drones aswell, and since I felt completly safe, I decided to bring my mining drones to the party. My thought were, if I only get 1 pr. mining cycle with the ice strip miners, then 4 drones would yield an additional +4 every drone cycle, effectivly trippling the mining yield from ice!

Fast forward, and my mining drones did nothing, cause they where in fact mining drones and not … Ice Harvesting drones…

back to station, find a skill book, buy skill book, train ice harvesting drones.
I then bought 5 ( eventhough I can still only use 4 drones ) aaaand… mistake number 3 in a row. Ice Harvesting drones takes up 50 m3 each. Having only 25m3 of drone space in a retriever… I think you know where this is going.

But here I am, in a new corp, in a new place I now call home.
I’ll start doing some missions around perimeter/jaka in the next few days, raising my standings. I also need to redo all my market orders soon. Only one of my market orders seems to be succesfull. selling Veldspar at an npc that requires said veldspar. The profit is minimal, but it’s a small start to a bigger business dream.

Day 11

I’ve started doing some missions around perimeter, but noticed that it was counterproductive to my standing with the gallente federation, so I decided to grab my Catalyst and fly back to Gallente space to do some missions.
I like to switch it up between Distribution and security missions. I have a feeling that security might be the more profitable one of the two types, but i’ll see soon enough.
Currently doing lvl 2 missions without problems, but my catalyst is taking a beating in some of the lvl 2 security missions before I can close the gap and get into close range. I think I need to upgrade to a cruiser or battlecruiser before doing lvl 3’s.

Most of my trade orders have now expired, only 2 out of 28 seems to be moderately successfull. The one selling veldspar ore at an npc demanding veldspar for a quest, and I managed to grab a few hundred “Burned logic circuits” at 90% below regional price, which yielded a decent profit.

My financiel state seems to be decent, 210M so far (100mil was donated to me, so can’t really take credit for earning them myself) I am still mindblown by the generosity, thanks again.

on a sidenote, I have decided that mining sucks, it have become my “go-to” thing to do while doing stuff around the house. Find a belt/ice belt with other miners, turn up the volume abit so I can hear shooting, place myself in the middle, and start mining. I honestly dont care at this point about losing the bathtub retriever. a full haul of ore yields a rough profit of about 4-4,5mil isk and takes about 30mins. I fully expect it to be blown up at some point, so I got the platinum insurance.
worst case scenario, it’ll be a 13mil isk loss. Why do people like mining? it’s just watching your laser hit a rock for 30mins straight? are they lying when they say they enjoy mining? it’s about as entertaining as watching paint dry…

Hopefully I’ll get enough standing with the gallente federation to start getting lvl 3 missions sometimes tomorrow, and I have thought hard on what ship to upgrade into. The people from my corp suggest a Myrmidon for security missions, and posted some good fits. Sadly I have the skills to use absolutely none of the awesome T2 fits, but I have started changing my skill-training towards a mission running Myrmidon build.
I spend a good 25mil buying most of the skillbooks I lacked in order to properly fly it effectively in the future, but we are talking many many months before I’ll reach enough skillpoints to fully fit a Myrmidon with T2 stuff.

I am also starting to look at purchasing the actual ship. It’s about 82mil at the market, but I see some people selling it as cheap as 60 in contracts. I might take the deal tomorrow, but wont accept a contract unless I have traveled to the station and actually docked, so I know I can get it. Might need to talk with the corp and get some advice before doing so tho.
I am also alittle worried, that I might need a 2nd ship if I wanna continue doing distribution missions on the sideline. The cargo capacity of the Myrmidon aint great from what I can see, so I doubt i’ll be able to do lvl 3 and 4 distribution mission in that, I do enjoy the courier aspect of mission running, it’s a nice change which I like. I can obviously do the missions with a Myrmidon, clearing the area of baddies, and switch to a Kryos/Nereus and do the actual hauling afterwards, but maybe there’s an alternative.

Day 12

Today I had the day off, so I joined up with some corp buddies and mined for 5 hours in my bathtub retriever ( oh how I have started to hate this thing ) all in all, I got ore worth about 25m total. I decided that I had enough mining for one day, and switched to my catalyst to do some missions.
I thought I’d switch it up abit, and grind some more standing with the lovely sisters of eve.
After searching through the agent finder, I found some lvl 2 security missions in a 0.7 area, and off I went.
“Mission of Mercy” was the name of the mission I accepted. 280k isk and another 350k if completed within 6 hours, easy peasy! oh boy was I wrong.
I got to the location, and was faced by 10-12 cruisers, and 8-10 destroyers/frigates, all clustered together in some unholy ritual.
I tried everything, trying to seperate the cluster so I could fight some of them at a time, but they would have none of it! My weapons are close range, so I couldnt snipe them from afar, more than 5 times, did I manage to warp out in the nick of time, with less than 10% structure remaining after only a few seconds of fighting.

This aint working, it’s time for a bigger ship with more firepower, and thus, the Vexor was bought.
15m isk, and another 10m getting rigs, railguns, drones, cap recharghers etc.
I spend a good hour looking up fits I could use with my limited skill-pool and finding the cheapest places I could pickup the items, and then another 30’ish mins jumping around fitting everything.

The Vexor was slowly comming together, I had managed to fit all the items I bought from across the sectors and was now underway to my stop, the last railgun which would complete my new ship. Oh how I couldn’t wait to get back to my mission and get revenge on those pesky cruisers!

It was a dream that was not to be. One of my last warps took me through 0.4. It was a trap, the pesky pirates had lured me into a clever ambush, selling a railgun ( or one of the other items in my fit ) at a ridiculous cheap price, and was now waiting at the gate in a Hecate and Legion for their unsuspecting buyer.
Young and stupid, I stumbled blindly through the gate ( no autopilot ) but before I got into warp, I was jumped, mauled and beaten silly by the 2 lions waiting in the grass for the unsuspected gazelle quietly grazing. It all lasted less than 10 secs, but in that time, I saw my new pride and joy vanish in fire and explosions.
My pride was bruised, this wasn’t even a fight, it was a slaughter, 2 hours of planning, jumping, fitting and 25m (roughly) down the shltter. Welcome to eve Helba.

One of the two opened a chat with me afterwards, turned out, he seemed like a nice guy. They had noticed my young age, and gave me a few pointers on how they lure idiots like myself to their location. We talked and laughed abit, and went on our merry way, and I was actually invite to their corp. I’ll consider it in the next while, but for now, I feel like I am in no condition skill-wise or isk wise to throw away ships, pvp’ing, maybe in the future.

I ended up back in my catalyst, and in the same problem I had prior to my Vexor “adventure”
After many many attempts, I managed to gather the cluster of ships at my warp-in point, and I was able to warp in, blast a ship to pieces and warp out before the whole cluster managed to kill me.
I took roughly 2 hours of warping back and forth to a station to repair and replenish my shields, but in the end, I finally completed the mission ( and even got the time bonus yeeeaaah ) but my days doing lvl 2 security missions in the catalyst are over.

I’ll be spending the rest of the evening, buying a 2nd vexor and see if I can fit it without any more mishaps.

Day 13


I remember I also wanted to be able to use Mining Barges asap, but it was more than 2 days to skill (about 9 days), so it took some time and in the end I flew the Noctis earlier than the Covetor :wink:

Blueprints: What you found on market were Blueprint originals (BPOs), these are expensive, but can be copied and developed, so they are powerful items. The cheap version and more than enough for your purpose is a Blueprint Copy (BPC), which is only sold via contract. In fact, as a noob I got my ship BPCs in Dodixie via an advert in local chat, and was very happy with that. But I’m afraid getting all the minerals for building ships is more expensive than it used to be some months ago. But as you are already venturing into Lowsec - have fun!
And don’t neglect drone skills, you’re proud Gallente!


Updated with day 3.

i just have to follow this topic and :brown_heart: it @Helba_The_Infamous. Such a fun to read and totaly in the same boat here.

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Day one:


Day 4829:

I hate everybody playing this game…yes including myself. I hate all your mothers for spawning you squirming lot of vomit-encrusted cheeto-stained nerdlings.




Very worthwile read, will be following.

As said, if you are after making your own mining barge:

  • The market is seeded with “vanilla” (read: unresearched) BPO (BluePrint Originals). They are expensive as they are “permanent”. You can research/copy/use them as much as you want.
  • Check contracts, they will hold:
    • Researched BPOs (likely even more expensive).
    • BPC (BluePrint Copy) - these are (un)researched copies of their BPO, they have a limited (“x”) amount or runs before they disappear. The downside, you can’t research them to become better.

Another thing to take into account when you are looking into making your own barge:

  • Value of end product vs value or the raw products

You specified the ship is roughty 36 mil ISK. Make sure that when you go on to build your own, you do the following math:

The value of the Blueprint you are using + the cost of the station service you use to build it + ALL the value of the minerals you are using = LESS then 36 mil

If the above is not true, it might be smarter to just buy one.
The minerals you mine are NOT free, they have a value on the market. If the minerals needed to build that MIning Barge add up to 45 mil…It’s better to sell them, buy a barge and have an extra 9 mil ISK in your pocket.


Updated with a not-so-exciting day 4.

Helba The Infamous

Good reading and if you need any help in game just message me in game.

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Day 5.
Food for thoughts.

Befriend capsuleers in game that you can trust and a lot of your problems can disappear with the help of others. Like reprocessing loot/salvage/ores… Several pilots scattered throughout highsec has high enough standings with corps where it costs us 0 isk to reprocess anything in those particular stations, plus we have the highest skills etc to get the best return on reprocessing.

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Don’t give up and I recommend you watch some YouTube videos on all the different career paths. They can give you pointers on most anything. Nothing wrong with the jack of all trades approach. Keep grinding it out while trying to find people to fly with. Just because your skills hold you back don’t means you can’t do whatever, it just means you will have to try to find people to do it with. A lot of people will cut you in evenly on isk. If you need any help in game, I would be more than willing to help yea out. I’m mainly a miner but I too am a jack of trades. You can mine with me and I’ll give you some fleet boost that will help you mine a heck of a lot more which means more ISK for you.


Welcome to EVE. :smiley:

I heartily recommend joining a 0%-tax newbie friendly corp - it will save you a lot of money early when you need every scrap you get. You can also get access to services like a corp trade center with below-NPC tax rates on selling goods, corp contracts where players may offer starter ship packages at/below market rate for newbros, or blueprint libraries for free BPCs for budding industrialists. You may also find mining fleets with boosters to increase your mining efficiency, which again is more money in your pocket.

New player corps generally have minimal or no demands on their players and serve entirely to help folks get started in the game - so barring some potential social issues (because there are bad apples everywhere, that’s just life) it’s a win-win to give a 0%-tax corp a try - just make sure they are not war-eligible and have friendly fire turned off.


couldn’t tell ya last time i actually mined anything… over 100m SP and i can barely fly a dread lol. my char truly is a jack of all trades, except for ships above dreads.

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Day 6

Buy low, sell high?

Some considerations for your market adventures :

  1. Your standings with the corp that owns the station you are selling at determines sales tax; skills can also reduce tax/fees. you can significantly reduce your tax rate by improving standings, and earn money running missions in the process, assuming you enjoy that activity. Most serious traders will eventually create an alt just for selling goods, with high corporation and faction standings with their chosen market station and max broker- and tax-reducing skills.
  2. The broker fees are fixed-rate regardless of order duration (you pay the same percentage fee on a 7 day order as a 3 month order). Every time you renew an order, by adding duration or changing price, you pay an additional (albeit reduced for ‘relist’ editing scenarios) broker fee. You do not pay any additional fee for canceling an order before its end date. Therefore can be more cost effective to go ahead and set up your buy orders for 3 months - if you see ok performance but they are slow to move you don’t have to edit them and pay more fees just to have your original order volume fulfilled, but you can also still freely cancel them if you need to recover the escrow or shift target goods.
  3. Market research is your friend. Setting up near a Career Agent hub? Research the mission needs for Career Agents and the market prices - there may be opportunities to stock commonly needed supplies, or buy career mission-produced goods at a steep discount for resale elsewhere.

Good luck!

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There’s third party help for many eve problems:

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You are supposed to train dreads on an alt, not on your main. That is how the big boys do it, I hear.

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i go against the grain… I do think that other people find dispicable… like shields on a raven.

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Day 7
Moving sector

Day 8
Sisters of eve.