Newbie need advice

Hello guys,
I started to play EVE Online last week. Right now i watch a lot ot tutorials and try to read a lot of article related to EVE. I’m a little in the mist. For this moment i need a simple advice. Right now i have 1 Venture, 1 Velator, 1 Incursus and 51 mil IKS from mining. The question is : if you are in my place, what do you do next ? Now i need to wait 2 days for finish skill Industry V for to be able to buy mining barge. Of course, i dont want to mining all my life in EVE…

Thank you for any advice


P.S. : i’m 42 years old and i have a lot of exeprience in the games world

if you don’t want to mine than why keep training it? you can almost buy a battlecruiser. you could stay cheap and buy an exploration frigate too, or get cruiser and work missions to make more isk.


To be blunt, I’d recommend skilling up combat ships and running missions for a little while. Test out a few different low cost ships to find what you like to use for combat, and then start to flesh out a training plan. Have a look at the Eve Uni wiki.
Perhaps when you have an idea of what you like, you can apply to one of the newbie friendly corps.


Welcome to New Eden! There are so many things in EvE you can do, obvious and not so obvious, your imagination is the only limit in the sandbox. When I was a fresh player I trained a bit of everything (level 3 is sufficient usually) to get a taste, before specializing in something …

… and if you do mining not for fun but income, it’s the least effective income source in highsec because everyone can do it. Professions which need real life skills usually earn you much more, like exploration in nullsec or market PvP. With already 50M in your wallet you can start risking something …

… and be careful with the “newbie friendly” corps, keep your common sense switched on and leave when people just want to exploit you as a cheap drone for their profit.


I would recommend to run this mission arc:

It will give you some ISK (IIRC it was like 40 mil last time I tun it)

Then train some Combat skills for a Caracal or a Vexor and either run a missions or try to run combat anoms in high sec


Welcome, Nicolas!

For some reason, there is this perception that mining is THE way to get started - perhaps it’s inherited from some other MMOs where resource gathering is the only/most accessible income stream, because the crafters/industrialists have the know-how and the designs/recipes and experience with game mechanics that require time to develop, while going around picking daffodils and what-not is usually available at entry level. While this is not strictly speaking untrue in EVE, it is not the only in you have open to you.

As others have mentioned, mission-running can be quite effective early on, especially “security” (ie. combat) missions. At first glance, these don’t look very lucrative, because (especially at level 1 and 2) the explicit mission rewards look measly - BUT: when running missions (especially at levels 3 and up), your mission reward fee is but a small portion of the total lucre: you end up making more from the loot, potentially even more from the salvage, and often even more from the bounty you are paid by killing the ships you encounter in those missions. (An alternative approach is to “blitz” missions, going as quickly as possible straight for the mission target and more or less ignoring the rest, cashing in on the reward fee and the Loyalty Points as quickly as possible. Personally, I don’t favour this approach, but by all accounts it can be equally viable - I simply don’t like to leave all that unseized potential lying/flying around.) The Loyalty Points you earn in these missions can also be turned into ISK, by allowing you to buy or produce specialty items, some of which fetch respectable prices on the market. A beneficial side-effect (and also a requirement) is that you end up improving your relations with various in-game NPC entities. Pick an NPC corporation that appeals to you for whatever reason (this early in the game, you won’t really have developed proper criteria for this - don’t worry, just pick one or two and stick with them until you figure things out) and work up your standings/reputation - this will open up more lucrative (higher-level) mission options for you. With your current bank balance, you are already more than comfortably set to take on level 2 missions as soon as they become available, and you’re already well on your way to affording a ship suitable for level 3s.

Alternatively you can engage in trading across the various markets. I have only limited experience in this activity, so can’t offer any really useful advice, save perhaps that it’s my perception that you will want to familiarize yourself with the markets thoroughly before doing this - that requires a relatively broad base of experience, so I personally wouldn’t advise it for a novice (except, perhaps, if you have a natural or real-life talent for commerce, in which case you might be able to get it right. If you do choose this path, at least you already have a modest but respectable starting capital.)

One of my favourite PvE-based income activities that I generally find enjoyable is exploration and site-running. You can specialize in data and relic sites (though the returns in Hi-Sec are quite modest - good to learn the ropes, though), or combat sites and their spin-off Escalations (which can be VERY lucrative, but require some at least half-decent hardware [ship and equipment, I mean] and combat skills), or mix both. An advantage of this approach is that you are likely to familiarize yourself with the layout/“geography” of New Eden doing this, as you will find yourself travelling around quite a bit.

I’ve literally only scratched the surface of the surface here, but at least that’s a couple more options to look into. Avaelica’s link to the EveUni site is an excellent starting point, by the way - do make sure you peruse there. The advantage of that resource (despite it being a bit out of date in some regards here and there) is that it will allow you to direct your learning in the directions that draw you and at your own pace. Tutorial videos are all very good and well, but you are at the mercy of the “tutor’s” biases, and many of them focus on specialized topics that may not be very helpful if absorbed out of context. The EveUni can provide you with that broad context, so that you don’t feel as overwhelmed.

Good hunting! :slight_smile:
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Cloaking > Mining

Get an exploration frigate or Cov Ops and find an adventure


Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Great community. I’m in the mist for moment but i will go out :slight_smile:

Good luck and fly safe :slight_smile: (or fly fast and take chances - whatever floats your boat!)

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If I were you, I’d say “hello” in the Federal Navy Academy corp channel. In fact, that’s what I’d have done FIRST. But be careful. A lot of people are full of [expletive deleted], and they will sell it to you at a terrific price.


All too true. If you’re a new player with some ISK to risk there’s always someone willing to take that cash off your hands. Be especially wary of public contracts that sound too good to be true - many players promise shiny things for a good price and if you don’t check the contract you’ll end up with a bag of coal.

Otherwise good advice offered already, good places to start your journey. One additional thing to consider is not blowing all your cash on the biggest ship you can buy - losing it will sting. Leave some in reserve and drive a cheaper smaller ship instead, until you have more of a buffer. You’re likely to have higher skills for using it anyway so it will be more effective. Why jump into a battlecruiser with lvl 2 skills if you can drive a cruiser with lvl 4-5 skills?


Hi Nicolas, welcome to EVE \o/.

51 Mil ISK gives you a good amount of opportunities for the early gameplay.

I would personally recommend to try three things:

  1. Buy an exploration Frigate, should be the IMICUS in your case, and try finding Relic Sites using your Probe Launcher. Do it in Highsec first to get a feeling. Then, if you want to make way more ISK, look out for Wormholes to Wormhole Space (J-Space or W-Space) and run these sites in there. Make sure you understand that sooner or later you will lose your ship doing that. Get smart, read about evasion tactics and never stop reading about mechanics. For instance: jumping into an empty clone using a Highsec Citadel before going out to explore, will prevent you from losing your implants.

  2. Try running Security missions. I personally don’t like them, but they give you a certain feeling for your ships. Just never make the assumption that PVP content works in any similar way and you will be fine. My suggestion would be to do it only for a few days or a week, because after that, it gets boring. Look online for Epic Arc missions, run one of these and get a few ships and modules.

  3. Think about joining a corporation. Actively looking for contact to people is a great way of finding new opportunities in the game. If someone catches and pops you while Exploring, don’t insult them, but speak to them and ask for hints. Eventually you’ll come across someone to your liking and start flying with them. It’s maybe the most game-changing thing you can do: fly with others. Also look out for larger communities, on Twitch or in public channels. There are some corporations who are great at taking in New Players and giving them all kinds of support while providing opportunities. There are also some streamers who organize public fleets and everyone can join them. Ask if anyone can help you out with a ship for joining the fleet and you’ll always find someone who can.

Ah yes, for training: do not train Industry V just yet. Train your Frigate to IV, Destroyer to IV and then invest Skill training in your favorite ships weapon system. Also invest a day or two in Navigation, Engineering, Armor, Shields and Drones. For starters that is.

Fly dangerous


^ This! ^ +1x100000

@OP: Quite possibly the most important piece of advice so far (damn! :smiley: ) As the old adage goes, it’s best to spread your eggs around various baskets, and keeping a reserve is vital. You’ll need it in case of setbacks, and you may also find yourself wanting it if you find a particular opportunity or direction you’d like to take. However, given how you’ve kept to modest means and squirreled away a tidy bit of ISK, I don’t think you’re one to squander blindly.

That being said, there’s also an argument to be made in favour of not skimping on the tools for whatever you undertake. A sensible balance is the way to go, in my opinion (I’m not one to take all-in gambles unless I’m VERY sure I’ll win! But then, that’s not a gamble anyway, is it?)

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Let’s see…

You have 52 mil iks…

Step 1) stop training industry junk
Step 2) train into exploration to make some more iks
Step 3) train into a catalyst
Step 4) purchase catalyst with iks
Step 5) find a 0.5 system
Step 6) shoot people in ventures/conveyors
Step 7) go explorating in low sec or null said to make more iks
Step 8) repeat step 6
Step 9) repeat step 7

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I highly recommend you train up Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers of your faction up to level 3/4 each. Then their tank modules (shield or armor but not both not yet) then their weapons.

You can run security missions while you train up as stated above, lvl 1= frigate, lvl 2 = destroyer, lvl 3 = cruiser. All perfectly doable in T1 ships. Also build up your faction status at the same time so you don’t pay so much taxes on the markets etc. If one faction statrs to go down too much then switch, for example run Caldari for 2 weeks for Jita market, then Gallente to offset that, then Ammar, then Minmitar.

You also need faction for jump clones. You can have multiple clones, each with different sets of implants. For example for starting PVP I would recommend have a clone with no implants at all, or cheap arse tanking / cap implants. For your PVE clone you may want to go higher and go with primary weapon / navigation implants etc.

During all this time you will be able to afford T1 frigates and do some basic PvP as well, just count on losing / dying a lot at 1st and I do not recommend starting solo in a low skileld ship.

For your training I would recommend the following route:
Cybernetics up to level 3 or 4, then get the level 3 or 4 implants. This will significantly reduce all your further training times. Remap your stats. Go full on Perception, Willpower, some Memory if you intend to play mainly combat, ditch charisma and intelligence.
Take all applicable skills up to level 4: Capacitor, CPU, Powergrid, Afterburners, Microwarpdrives.
Take your tank skills either up to level 4 or until you can use T2 modules (many only require lvl 4, not 5)
Frigate, Destryer, Cruiser up to lvl 3, then the one you use the most up to lvl 4. Probably the cruisers, but there are some people that take a different route.
Your primary and secondary weapon skills up to level 4, including all weapon support skills such as tracking, missle range and velocity (if you use missles) or drone stuff (drones are super useful)

For genral QOL take your base transport (huller, the one with base 2500 cargo capacity) up to level 3, some basic trade and social skills. Just so you can move some of your own stuff around and can comfortably use the markets.

By the time you are done with this, you will have a pretty good idea of how the entire game works and which direction you wish to take and which skills to take up to level 5. And keep in mind that things such as cybernetics, engineering and navigation skills you will use on all ships, no matter what you fly and no matter if its PVP or PVE, so you are not losing anything.

For exploration, it wont be any good until you can get into the T2 explo frigates with a T2 cloak. That may be a long path. Otherwise you’ll be pretty much a sitting duck anywhere outside of High Sec and High Sec explo sites unfortunately truly suck and are completely not worth the time. Again 100 times better to do basic security missions.

Thank you again for all sugestions

Udate : Because i’m stupid and i buy and dont use 10 Alpha injector in the first day when i start , now i sell all and i have 428 mil ISK. For moment i already buy Frigate Astero and i try to upgrade to lvl 3 …

A miner is better as an alt.
It will earn you a fairly stable, but low, monthly isk income, but is very passive and uninteresting unless you have bigger goals.

If you want to stick with mining for the immediate future, I recommend you specialize in Ice mining. This will help increase your isk revenue at least, provided you learn where and how Ice fields spawn (its not rocket science).

Aside from that, I recommend you:
-Train an explorer, if you like solo non-aggressive play.
-Train an industrialist, if you like that kind of play.
-Train a combat pilot, either for combat exploration or faction warfare, or opportunity PvP (the latter needs more creativity from you).

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