What should i mine

what should I mine as I am an alpha player and need some help trying to get isk

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I will give you three options:

  1. Be a ninja looter, only steal… steal and steal, then keep stealing

  2. join Factional Warfare and avoid fights in the beginning

  3. Exploration


Q: What should i mine?

A: Salty tears

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If you really want to mine, leave high sec. Ventures are dirt cheap.

Once you have money to burn, you can try gas mining. It has a higher starting cost but can make a lot of isk.


you can mine almost anything. If you have a specific isk goal in mind and mining is something you want to do, then you can start with the basics of mining veldspar in a high sec system.

A tip, if you look at your agency under resource harvesting you can find what area has ore belts at them. They go quicks sometimes depending on where you are though.

Also, if you look on your map and look on the small icon on the top left you can change the statistics of what you see on the map you can change it to show the amount of jumps in a system which is useful for finding systems that haven’t had many people in them.

That and MTU hunting removal.

This is how I got my start.

Interestingly enough, all the garbage I looted I melted down I then used to build ammo and consumables that I sold at level 4 mission hubs for a premium. It was quite the racket. Selling ■■■■ to the players that I stole ■■■■ from. It made me smile every time.

I highly recommend this as a career starter path.

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Join a corporation with miners. You’ll learn alot and perhaps find some good friends. I see you are in your own corp and that’s why after 5 months in game you are asking basic questions.

If you are mining for pure ISK, without regard to industry, moon ore and ice are the best in my view. Veldspar is good also but requires alot of work. Veldspar has small rocks relative to moon ore and ice. Joining a good corp with a bunch of miners will get you in fleets with fleet boosts that will increase your yield dramatically.

good luck.

Probably not. Most miners are not dynamically rounded and focus on one thing: mining. Which is extremely narrow career path in EvE.

This is true. EvE is a social game and joining a corp is a good way to socialize.

What’s so hard about sitting in a high sec belt, targeting an asteroid and pressing F1?

If the market is over saturated with veldspar causing your selling power to decrease, I recommend increasing your selling power by preventing additional veldspar from reaching the market via ganking competing miners.

Avoid advice from people telling you to steal and gank. Its just dumb advice for a new player learning the ropes. The only solid advice here was joining a corp with a mining divison. Thats what i did and theyre the most friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable group of people. I went from mining high sec and making maybe 3-5mil an hour, to mining WH and moons. Last night for an hour’s work mining, my ore was immediately bought for 65mil. I was also given 100mil in implants that made my skill queue decrease by 35days. Taught how to make jump clones, given ships and mods. And we did FOBs the night before that and i made 120mil.


Are you asking about mining purely because you need the isk or because it somehow captures your imagination?

If you want to be a miner then you would be best to join a mining corp or atleast look up the eve wiki pages on mining. The corp will likely exploit you as much as it helps you which is a relationship you can trust in a way.

If you want to mine to get into industry, don’t assume you have to start the production chain at the beginning. Plenty of people do industry by buying the resources they need.

If you just need the isk to do other things, then I would seek almost any other form of income than mining. The reason being that mining skills can only be used for mining where as the skills for pve combat or scanning can be rolled into pvp which is the bulk of the player experience in game.

If you need isk do just about anything but mining. There are so many people doing it afk at scale with multiple accounts you wont be able to make much as the little guy.

If you really must mine then train into scanning and gas harvesting asap. There is money in gas.

Why is that?

It’s how I learned the game.

Is it because it’s a play style that you personally don’t like? I mean, I personally can’t stand blob fleets but I would never tell a new player that they should avoid advice from people telling them to join a null alliance and blob.

Why not? Those blob fleets are actually harming your chance at getting content. If you blob people your kills will be easy sure but there will be so many fights you miss out on just by virtue of it not being worthwhile engaging you and if they do decide to get rid of you they will outform you with HACs and Logi etc.

If you form up with a reasonable engagement profile, sure you risk loss, but you will also learn more and get more fights.

I get something like ganking and MTU shooting. These are gateways to a wider world of pvp. However blobs are like starting down the darkside of the force. There are not many charachters who will develop out of that without dying.

I’ll make it simple for you, Sport.

I enjoy solo pvp frigate combat.

Let me emphasize the solo part here. I enjoy playing this space ship game with just myself, and only having to be responsible for myself. or possibly one (1) of my corp mates.

I however, do not enjoy listening to mouth breathing, cheeto munching pepsi slurping FC’s.

I do not enjoy being told who to target and when to press F1. See, I enjoy thinking for myself rather than some FC doing the thinking for me.

I hope that made it clear to you why I despise blob fleets.

With that said, I would still never tell a new player not to try it. I would encourage them to try it, along with all sorts of other game play styles so they can learn which niche they enjoy the most.

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Yeeaaah, I’m pretty convinced from reading that and all that followed that you didn’t actually read what I wrote and just reacted.

I’m glad you enjoy solo pvp, I’m not good at it but I do enjoy it myself. I however think blobbing or over forming is something that can harm the new player experience. Its not just about trying different things. Its about the experience shutting them off from some things.

I’ve literally seen players in big nul alliances who’ve never known anything else complaining nothing ever happens because its always just form and counter form and whoever has the least stays out of the others way rather than risking a loss or both sides don’t want to engage because victory isn’t assured.

Amending what you said to include encouraging other things is a great edition and very much changes the tone.

Gas is valuable and you can mine it in a venture once you’ve learned Mining IV and Gas Cloud Harvesting.

You can find gas clouds in low sec and wormholes – both places that are dangerous to be. But gas clouds prevent people from cloaking inside them, which gives you some safety if you sit in the middle of the cloud, pay attention and warp away when you see trouble. It’s safer to do this in a venture than in a mining barge since you can get to warp faster.

In order to find clouds you’ll need to scan down sites with probes in an explorer. Hacking containers is also good money (10-30M ISK per hour depending on your luck finding sites).

While low sec is a lot safer if you can cloak (you can warp to a safe spot, cloak up, and wait for hunters to go away), I think it’s also doable as an alpha if you use warp to stay safe.

You might have trouble getting through gates without the cloak + micro warp drive trick, but you might be OK trying it in a fast-warping scout frigate or a venture with a warp stabilizer.


Whatever you want to choose to believe, Tiger.

Thanks. I suck at it too, but it is fun.

And more reasons why I don’t do the null alliance thing. It is fun yeeting into Null with a filament and seeing how much destruction you can cause before taking the clone express home!

Gas harvesting in WH space is fun. Never really knowing who’s watching. But it can make some nice isk. Lots of youtube tutorials on how to do it.

You want Gas Harvesting V in order to fit T2 harvesters, which huff at twice the yield of T1 harvesters. Especially if you\re ninja mining in a wormhole, you’re not going to finish your gas site anyways, and therefore don’t need to bother about residue.

I’ve seen (as in “I’ve blown up and seen the killmails of”) people who used faction harvesters in lowsec, but I would not recommend this. There’s plentyful of gas, and despawning a site causes another one to spawn inside the constellation, so once you finished running all sites you had scanned, just dock up, reship to your scanning ship, and rescan for newly spawned sites.

Most “pvp”-ers in lowsec are expensive killmail hunters and zkill padders, they won’t care for a venture because they get the same security standings hit for it they also get for a marauder, but the later is more points on zkill and more loot to pick, and they’ll care about the venture if it’s in a site they need to scan down first…

blinging the venture to be a multiple hundred million isk killmail even when empty, however, changes their point of view.

There’s no “safe” location in a cloud, but some are better then others. Sitting in the literal middle of a cloud makes you an easy kill: A bomber can fly to a ping, bookmark the cloud you are huffing, which gives him a bookmark in the middle of your cloud, and warp to the bookmark rather then the cloud, which puts the bomber into the middle of the cloud before decloaking it.

Sitting on the border of the cloud, from the direction of the warp in beacon of the gas anomaly also makes you an easy kill, as the lurker can warp to the beacon and then approach at subwarp.

You instead want to be at least 12km (i.e. outside overheated scram rage) away from the clouds’ midpoint, but not towards the warp-in beacon or a celestial, as the ganker can warp there, and return using warp to xxx km distance. Your counter to the celestial bouncing is to stay moving, while staying away from the cloud midpoint, and avoiding repetitive movement patterns , especially “orbit”. A bomber bouncing at a celestial can’t be back within less then 30 seconds, so if your movement pattern is too unpredictable he’ll just expose himself w/o getting you into scram range

Hacking boxes is alot more then 30M isk per hour.

Remember any anomaly you despawn will respawn at a random system in the constellation after a few minutes, so prescan and bookmark everything + pathfinder it, while running the sites, and drop off loot regularily in case you get attacked in a site or at a stargate.

If you’re too professional at content denying, by leaving one unhacked box behind in each site for the site not to respawn, thereby denying other players from the ability to explore a fresh site full of loot before removing the junk you left behind, you end up forcing yourself to leave your constellation and go elsewhere, too.

If you’re able to stay inside your constellation, your toon will remember the signatures you already scanned (and pathfinder will remember them even if your toon doesn’t, or if you use multiple toons), so you only need to scan newly spawned sites, making the process of finding signatures quite efficient when compared to having to scan through all wormholes and combat sites in another constellation, potentially only to find the relics there have been run and left behind by another pro-explorer, too.

If you have an exploration cruiser, such as a t3c or a stratios, you can also do the gas data sites in lowsec and the superior sleeper site that spawn all over new eden. The gas site is 40-100M in most cases and takes about 5 minutes to run, while the superior sleeper site is 200-500M and needs about 30-45 minutes, though you’ll need guidance for it the first time you do it.

There’s also “covert research facility” sites, or ghost sites, which blow up if you fail to hack a container, and have nasty rats warp in after a short time. They’re really good income, especially in highsec, where boxes are easy to hack and therefore unlikely to blow up, but if you get too greedy or click on things too randomly, you lose your ship. Recommendation would be to grab a box and warp out if you’re using a cruiser, and try grabbing two boxes then warping out if you’re using a frigate. You can run it in a group and do all, but you need to coordinate.

Gankers don’t go away. They live in low.

Also, Alpha clones can’t use cloaking devices. Before the introduction of the Mobile Observatory last year, getting cloaky afk eyes covering as many solar systems as possible was the primary reason to have many omega accounts.

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When you have five Hulks with max skills feeding an Orca with max skills plus max boosts, 30 drones and implants the little Veldspar rocks don’t last long at a combined ~ 15,000 m3 per minute. I find it best to mine individual targets with +300,000 m3 like moon ore and ice. Once or twice a month I go out a get Veldspar but I need to handicap the fleet.

I build T1 and Faction Battleships ships plus certain mods and components so I don’t sell any minerals except Pyerite which stacks up from moon ore mining. The most interesting times are killing such things as Triglavians and Autothysian Lancers for the loot and salvage that go into ship building.

Veldspar mining is pure tedium. Instead of ganking a miner, I’ve branched off a toon into FW whose SP far exceed my PvP skills but I’m working on catching up.