What should i mine

Overall great answer, though the question was “what should I mine as I am an alpha player” and for some of this the OP will need to upgrade to Omega.

I counted the word “I” eleven times. If “I” is your favorite word and you don’t like playing Eve with others, what motivates you to be in a forum with other…you know…people?

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So Ax’l the Omniscient, you know “most” of the miners in Eve and their thoughts. Wow, I suppose that comes through being “dynamically rounded” whatever that means. You saying miners focus on one thing, mining, is what is known as a tautology. Ever heard the phrase “you’ll know them by their name”?

One thing that I’ve noticed is most or all the sociopathic behavior in Eve ( that I’ve witnessed) flies in the form of gankers griefing. And they too might lack your dynamic rounding. Actually, people are different, everyone. In RL people have clothes, cars, hair color, piercings, opinions, hobbies, furniture, yards, tattoos, books and food that I wouldn’t touch with a 20 foot pole. Doesn’t mean they’re bad people per se or uninformed or not rounded.

@Mindahouf_Davaham Learn to probe down gas sites and put some gas harvesters on a venture, high sec has some sites but it will take abit to find which systems spawn them, low sec has a lot more but its only in certain area’s. Takes a bit of scouting and learning the systems.

And you will die a lot in low sec so make sure to harvest a bit at first and take some of the gas back and store it safely till you have some isk to burn.

I really could care less how much of an “uber-miner” you are. But thank you for validating my point. Mining in high sec takes, literally no skills from the player (the person sitting at the keyboard. Not in game character SP.)


Someone’s triggered.

Tell me, what did the mean gankers take from you? A venture?

False Equivalency fallacy, Kiddo.

Do try and logic better in the future.


I’d say start with veldspar.

I hear the tear and salt market is particularly spicing this season.

LOL, someone’s knickers in knots. Target. Flack. Bingo.

You do remember you made us sit thru your turn ons and turn offs regarding FCs? Right?

I didn’t make you do anything. Let alone sit through my “turn ons and turn off of FC’s”

You chose to read it.

Nice try playing the victim though.

So you do agree there were casualties…

Logic and reading comprehension aren’t your strong suits are they?

I think your Casualty was long before bumping into Ax’l thou.

You’ll want to go low sec and mine all the sht there or go null and mine the sht there. You’ll want an expedition frigate as well.

First you wanna mine Dense Veld in High as you skill into a Procurer for Ice harvesting.
get those skill books and you’ll spend some time mining Ice to get your Isk up as you learning to be social and find out more about the game mech.
after you have about 50 mil you wanna get the Gas harvesting Skill
so you can fit Ventures for Scanning and Gas huffing in low.
i took a yeah to do that aswell as skill into a Orca for HS ops.

but let me know how it goes for you

For starters, You’ll want to mine close to a major trade hub. That way the time to build a massive heap of ore in a station doesn’t take forever to haul to the trade hub to sell. Tritanium builds up quickly and actually makes a better profit, over time. Instead of wasting time hunting for the better ores at the beginning, mine tritanium, it’s everywhere.

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Mining close to a major trade hub is a good way to get ganked.

If that is your business model you will want to play very actively and factor the cost of replacing barges into your profit and loss.

Also get as much advise as possible on how to avoid ganks.

I would recommend connecting with whomever is the local mining corp as they tend to “own” systems. Hek mining association for instance will gank other miners “poaching” on their patch.

Tritanium is really good for early game anyway. There are some really good asteroid fields near the starting AIR base for Caldari. I would suggest getting an Venture. As that is the best ALPHA miner. Consider reforging? It is a good source of missile materials. By the way: Whats with the lasers guys?!?!?!? The laser ammo is so much harder to get then even lvl 2 missiles.

Go to Amarr. Pretty plentiful there.

When Narjana, whatever that system name is, fell to the Triglavians and got sucked into space hell, it added like a kajillion extra jumps from amarr to jita, so trade between the two hubs isn’t what it used to be.

Who would have thought that Amarr, the crown jewel of the Empire, would become the new Space Hek?

But whatever the case, CCP please bring back the trigs in high sec. Shutting down whole systems. And even sucking them into the void. That was a awesome event!

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