New player vs. High Sec Mining Bots

I’m just starting out and I can’t seem to find any asteroids to mine in high sec due to what I assume are mining bots. It’s a group of ships that seem to mine everything in the area and warp out simultaneously to a new belt when the current belt is empty. They just warp around the system looking for asteroids to mine.
As a new player, how am I supposed to compete against that?

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Try other security systems, try gas cloud mining in Wspace like a ninja

Scan and roam for abandoned high value drones around after down time in ice belts, these can net you huge isk


Hang around perimeter or a gank gate with a fast hauler ready to loot and dock up, big isk here if you get it

I have tried 5 jumps out and haven’t found an asteroid to mine. I don’t know what gas cloud or ice belt mining is. I assume I don’t have the skills learned for that yet. I assume I don’t have the ships for ganking even if I wanted to. I just want to mine some veldspar to pay for some decent equipment. If feel like I’m stuck in the starting area with no way to progress in the game.

First don’t mine, if you want to earn money and you aren’t a high-sec carebear there are much better ways to raise capital and not be afk. There are many activities that pay more such as ratting wormhole exploring and all that, you really should just do what is fun. You don’t really need the most expensive stuff. About what linux man said about ganking, he meant loot the ganks. Gankers will not salvage wrecks and you can swoop in and get some money.

Also the ice belt drone thing, just go to agency > resource harvesting > ice belt requires no skill to steal other’s stuff. Also, for asteroids look in the overview tab for them, usually when you warp they are like 70 km away.

Don’t worry, the start is hard for everyone. Just stick to what you find fun and isks will follow.

Keep going out then. There is plenty of ore in highsecs. Maybe not next to a trade hub, but only a fraction of the 1000+ highsec systems get mined out daily.

Also, make sure you have belts and asteroids on your overview. Maybe you are just missing them.

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Not everyone who mines wants to get isk-rich. If your purpose to playing EVE is to amass ISK then it’s your problem.
I mine to build things and I don’t build things to get isk-rich either but I do it for fun because, y’know, it’s a game and games are for - you guessed it - fun.

Which system? I want to mine and build things for fun too, orca/hulk fleet at the ready

This is what we call “competition”

I assume that people want to make money when they say they need to pay for decent equipment. I know its a game. If he wants lets say 10m to buy modules I am sure the average person would want to spend 10 minutes getting that instead of 4 hours mining.

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Oh… he wants to get isk-rich too.
Never mind, my bad.

Look at the map and look for dead-end systems, they are usually fairly empty of players. You can also look at the map and there’s a setting for number of pilots in each system, or at least number of jumps, etc.