What is a new player supposed to do in the face of high-sec Trig patrols?

Hey all,

Basically, like the title says,

Should I:

A. Tank fit my barge, further decreasing my already none-too-stellar income?

B. Only mine in large groups where experienced players will watch my back?

C. Join a mining corp to even get into such large groups?

D. Spend hours with my eyes glued to the monitor, not being able to grab a cup of coffee or a take a dump without the risk of losing my ship, the replacement cost of which is not insignificant for a newer player?

E. Find a different activity, in which I will engage more with the world of EVE and will accept the risk that should be inadvertently linked to making any isk in EVE, like Station Trading.

For the record, I’m not an AFK-miner. I’m having a serious issue with the way the game seems to be punishing me for activities which it first introduces as a legitimate way to make isk.

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Eve is going through an experimental transition phase. CCP is attempting to “spice things up” for the older players. In the process, they are hitting hisec mining really hard. This also impacting newer players, clearly. People have raised this as a potential issue.

Hisec mining was never a good way to make isk, but now it is even worse. My recommendation to you would be to move towards some of the more “combat” related PVE activities. They require more attention, but they pay better. Mining in Eve really just sucks, even without Triglavians.


Hi mate , you can live in our system, and mine moon ores, even not joining the corp. The moon ores gives better isk , so should compensate for the tank fit. If interested plz send me an ingame mail

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Another option is to use the agency to find mining anomalies. They tend to have better ore (not as good as moon mining). I’ve been running a lot of combat anomalies with the Skilling Spree, all in systems with a known Triglavian presence, and have yet to encounter any of the Raznaborgs in an anom. The evidence is anecdotal and I’ve been running combat anoms - not mining but it’s worth a try.

To actually make reasonable ISK mining, you should join a corp that has access to moons, ice, command boosts and a decent buyback program. Also diversify your industry with PI.


You have two options, well ok, three:

  1. Use procurer - properly fit procurer will be able to survive against triglavians for long enough for you to come back from making yourself a tea/coffee and warp away (you may want to dock up for toilet usage tho)

  2. Don’t mine in systems where emerging conduit is present (triglavians only spawn there)

(3. throw up a hiss and quit mining/eve/whatever?)

I’ve seen trigs warp into relic/data sites, but it does look like the chance of them going to a signature is less than their chance or warping to belt/moon/etc.

First: D’aww.

Second: If you’re flying a mining barge in hi-sec space, you should probably be flying a tanked procurer.

I’m a hi-sec miner returning after a few years away. Still getting the lay of the land. I’m not sure how prevalent hi-sec ganking is right now: I haven’t had time to re-acclimatize and I know how to stay under the radar, so I’d be slow to find out if it’s still as prevalent a threat as it used to be.

As of a couple of years back, the risk/reward tradeoff in HiSec used to be gankers. Against gankers, a strong tank may save you, because:

  1. CONCORD may arrive before you tank runs out, or;
  2. If popping you before CONCORD arrives is too much work, most gankers will go after easier prey instead.

Note for 2 is that you can never rule out a suicide ganker deciding they just want to pop something with a big tank for the hell of it. It’s a thing. :smiley:

Update your expectations by adding “eventually a ganker will blow me up” into your risk/reward analysis now so you don’t get super salty later. There’s things you can do to reduce the chances of that happening from several-times-a-week to once-a-month-or-less. But even then, replacing your barge every now and again is just one of the operating costs of hi-sec mining. On a long enough timeline, it will almost certainly eventually happen. Start planning for it now.

If your ship getting popped by a ganker just for lulz is going to make you super duper mad and spoil your entire EVE experience… Then mining in hi-sec might not be for you.

TL;DR - IMHO you should be tank-fitting your barge anyway. Which in turn automatically solves your dilemma by making the decision for you.

Just my 2 isk.

E. Find a different activity outside of Eve.

I am making a good amount (not enough to PLEX my account but enough to get better ships and do more things) and I am doing it by High Sec mining. I dock up when I have to leave the keyboard. I fly enough tank, shield or other fit that along with paying attention give me a chance to get away from or fight rats or gankers. My very limited observations are that many people who mine in High Sec try to get away with either not paying attention or flying the EVE equivalent of a soda can.

ran into a new group in high sec. Blood Raiders. they took out my Battlecruiser in less then 15 sec. I am an 11 year player. there was absolutely nothing I could do. I was aligned and at speed and they instantly targeted and warp scram’d me. If this is the way its going to be now. I might as well just put my money into world of warships. At least there I have a chance.



Its been theorized that trigs are actually a new form of anti-afk, anti-botting control. ccp desperately is in need of an intelligent UX designer, because either clearly the one they have is trash, or the dont have one.

Im slowly growing of the opinion that ccp’s does not know what they are doing anymore. Its time for eve 2.

As i said in the past, eve is like a hole-ridden shirt. They are trying to patch it with other pieces of cloth, some work better then others and hold, some dont. What was eve in the past is not eve to day. I believe that some of the changes were good, but the majority of them lack any form of real investigation from a UX (user experience) Position.

It’s almost like ccp does not care and is just coding nonsense to put in the game. They really need to shift their focus to what is better, and makes the game more enjoyable. The way the game is being developed is like an all-in on developing a game for childish, douche bags.

All i have to say is

“no wonder why 70% of the games pop left”

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If you see any mean triglavians coming to get you just remember, kick them as hard as you can in the nuts, and run like hell screamimg at the top of your lungs “help help, triglavians are trying to rape me!” in local.
Also if you have a rape whistle, blow it.

pearl abyss reports it makes 1 billion in 4 years. ccp makes 1 billion in about 16 years. i am going to go out on a limb and say that they know exactly what they are doing.

im interested hit me with an evemail. ty

Die quietly… lol

Stop using mining barges.
Mine with drones from a mining command ship.


A, B, E

Proc is best to be safe

In a team you will do like +60% of your yield thanks to boosts.

If it’s boring, just stop.

what he said…we had an FOB in our system but we are all on Procurers, Skiffs and Orcas. Ho hum, here they come–unleash 30 Hob2 drones and watch them die. The other day I went afk for a bio break and came back to see triglavs hitting me. calmly collected my mining drones and warped out. You CAN tank a Venture to over 10K ehp, but why would you?

I dont think the trigs are leaving any time soon. The days of camping in one system for some may be gone.

It is not hard to tell what systems they are in. If they are close to leaving and a new one coming in. Spend a bit of time looking into the current activities of trigs. Then pick your system that will give you a trig free round trip from trade hub to mining.

If you do have to transport your goods through a trig infested area try using a hauler with speed/ fast align time. It wont carry as much but can buzz through these dangers. Not great for carring ore I know, but it is an option.

I mine in an orca and can burn down a four trig patrol with vespa 2s and Hornets 2s. They only get into about 40% of my shield. And that’s without any shield command boosts.