Suggestions and recommendations for a Newbie

I just got into the game for a few weeks and besides doing all the beginning career missions and some other agent missions not much else. I’m probably doing most things wrong, but bear with me:
Algos with 2 blasters, 2 rails, both on antimatter ammo, and 5 drones (3 hobgoblins and 2 hornets)
About 6mil currency

What things should I do now? And I would gladly join a corp (no mic, sorry bout that :frowning:) I haven’t really researched this game thoroughly. Any suggestions I will definitely take!

Thanks in advance!

Ive personally started mining the venture frigate (ORE) is great for this if you can I highly recommend getting a miner 1 or better. Id outfit those along with some shields or your choice of defensive systems. A typical run can yield about 300,000 ISK (full) . I typically mine in high sec low sec mining yields much higher of course with the risks being higher as well. Feel free to pm me on discord Ironman30212#0384 Id be glad to put you in touch with others who have helped me.

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welcome to eve
a few comments:

  1. yes join a corp, a newbie-friendly one to teach you the basics. You can join eve-uni, or post in the recruitment section of the forum, and look at recrtuitment posts from corps there
  2. you should first wonder “what do i like?” and then find the correct fit for that. You like mining? explo? ratting? pvp? etc. Don’t focus on isks/h, eve is not a job, isks are a mean to fund the activities you like to do
  3. your algos fit seems weird: you are not supposed to mix weapons types. What you need to do is find what you wanna do and adjust the fit specifically for it. You wanna do ratting? decide where, look at npcs types, their resists and damages, and find the weapons that match it, and the hull which goes with. Etc

Good luck and welcome to eve!

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Welcome to New Eden, hopefully you are finding it an interesting place!

@Wyk_Bathana is right, don’t focus on ISK as a score or a measure of achievement - find out what you enjoy and what interests/challenges you. Most activities in Eve can make a steady income. As always, “risk v reward” exists - and where your risk appetite lies is down to you. But I would recommend going into wormholes and other less safe areas with a cheap explorer (an Imicus or similar) and seeing what you can find. New Eden is a big place, go and explore it - get lost for a while and see what you find.
You’ll possibly loose you ship, you’ll possibly get out with a few million in loot from sites.
Safety : Can i warp to this site ? | EvE-Scout Forums (C1-6 are different classes of Wormhole systems) - “Safe” means the site won’t kill you. Other players? well that’s a different story…

Mission running, mining, trade, manufacturing - all have their own delights and routes to profitability.

Yes, join a corp.
Eve is a social game more than anything else. You can play as a solo player, but the friends you make and the tasks you can complete by working together are where Eve really comes to life. Eve University is a good place to learn, but there are others that are good places to start or develop in. You don’t have to settle permanently in the first corp you find - keep your options open until you are comfortable.

Whichever why you go, do things you enjoy rather than turning Eve into a grind.

Fly as safely as you wish.
Good luck.


Thanks! For corps, I noticed many have SP requirements, and I’m lagging a bit behind due to me not taking a referral, the only way to get it is just training, right?

Thank you!

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There are specific corps that help with newbros and those typically don’t have sp reqs, mine definitely doesn’t.

Algos can be a great starter ship. I’d look into running the sisters of Eve epic arc. You cana age the entire thing in that ship if fit right and you get to travel and see a lot of high sec space.


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