Ratting for fun and isk

Hey guys is it feasible to try and make a decent amount of isk by ratting in 0.8? Just trying to get some more fighting experience while I train up some skills over the next few weeks and figured this would be a lot less boring than watching my venture mine for hours. Is there an obvious way to make it more profitable? Any tips and must haves for a complete beginner starting out ratting? I tried jumping to 0.7 and was barely able to warp out before losing my destroyer so I’ll probably stick to 0.8 until I can level it up. Thanks!

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Can you define what a “decent amount of isk” means?

As a new player, you can develop your skills by running combat anomalies anywhere in highsec. Use the Agency (exploration tab) to look for Hideaways and Drone Clusters in nearby systems. Fit a salvager to your ship so you can salvage the wrecks. As your skills improve you can move up to more challenging sites.

A second option is to run missions. Level 1 missions should be easy to complete in your destroyer, Career missions will teach the basics if you haven’t already completed them. The SOE Epic Arc is also available and pays quite well by new player standards.

The best option is to join a corporation and fleet-up with experienced players for high level missions or other PVE content like Invasions.

If you salvage your wrecks, you can make a bit more by selling the salvage or you can use that salvage to manufacture rigs and sell them instead - another link in the value chain.

Solo mining is pretty boring but mining with friends in a fleet is both more enjoyable and more profitable.

Eve is the kind of game where you’ll still be learning how to play 5 years from now. Don’t worry about the destination - there is no defined end-game. Enjoy the ride!


Thanks a ton!

Sorry for the late reply, I supposed it would have been easier to say “will I be able to make anywhere near the same ratting as I can solo mining in the same amount of time”

If you run combat anomalies with a destroyer, probably yes.

Very effective for this can be a rail-gun fitted Cormorant (a bit better than the Catalyst). Or the Algos with a full flight of drones (a bit better than the Dragoon).

If you feel like adding some danger of PvP to it, you can also try belt-ratting in lowsec.

Hi Heeze, welcome to Eve and glad to see you post here!

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